Yelp Business Reviews

Yelp Business Reviews

Yelp Business Reviews Can Impact Your Reputation!


Some Practical Steps for Businesses

Yelp business reviews can either make or break your business.  This is the unfortunate truth for many companies.  When businesses are unable to properly manage their Yelp accounts, they see an effect almost immediately.  You do not need to be a business that succumbs to this terrible reality.



Many business owners complain that negative reviews waver customer patronage.  The same business owners often buy Yelp reviews to counter the negative effects bad reviews can have on a business.


It is impossible to completely protect a business from negative yelp reviews.  Consumers have the right of freedom of speech.  Therefore they are able to post reviews whether they are true or not.  But it is not completely fair to business owners who work very hard to provide quality service.

Every business experiences hardship and their share of off moments.  In the business world, there is no such thing as complete perfection.  As a business owner, you strive to provide the best service you can.  That is truly all you can do.  When something goes wrong, you quickly correct it and see what needs to be changed to provide a better customer experience.

But yelp business reviews that are negative may be posted whether or not they are warranted.  And many business owners need to take immediate action when this happens.  But what is there to do? Surprisingly, there are many steps you can take when negative Yelp reviews damage your business’s online reputation.

Before discussing actions to take following reputational damage, I want to discuss something else that is vitally important.  It’s essential to consider what you can do to prevent these negative yelp business reviews before they occur.  Enlisting the help of an agency specializing in reputation management would be a great start.

In addition, you should always prepare for the worst.  There are many important factors you should think about so that you are prepared to handle any bad customer experience in a way that is positive.

Here Are Some Tips For Managing Bad Yelp Reviews:

Have A Script:

All employees should have a script to follow for any business transaction.  A golden rule of kindness and consideration should be implemented to any customer who does a transaction with your company.

If incident does occur, you should respond with concern.  Be sure to ask what can be done to make the customer satisfied.  Leading with the intention of complete customer satisfaction is important for every business.  Even in the event that a customer leaves a bad review, your business will likely be salvaged by a kind response.


Don’t Wait To Respond:

Once a Yelp business review is posted, it is important to respond immediately.  If the review is positive, acknowledgement is important just as it is for a negative review.

Sometimes responding to a review is enough to evoke a change of heart on the customer’s end.  If it is not, there is no need to worry as there are still many things that can be done.

Hire An Agency:

In essence, your Yelp business reviews are vital to your company’s success.  Whether reviews are good or bad, they effect your popularity.  It is important to maximize Yelp’s influence. It is an important platform to manage with the help of an outside source.  Yelp can be a great tool that every business owner should take control over.

Reputation management options for your business are everywhere.  Being proactive and responding to your negative Yelp reviews in a positive way can truly make a huge impact.  It’s important to do everything you can BEFORE you have to try to delete your Yelp account.


Focus On SEO:

The most effective and long term strategy is to focus on SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of controlling what other people see when they do a search for your business. 

Now, although this isn’t a direct method for dealing with bad Yelp reviews, flooding the internet with positive things about your business will help you a million times more.  Read more about What Is SEO.



You might be wondering why. 

The reason is that reviews and reputation are an SEO ranking factor, so properly managing a client’s reputation is a great way to boost local SEO.

Bizmap LLC provides business SEO services that also includes management of online reputation.  Call us today to find out more!


In Summary:

Let’s face it.  Every business owner will probably get a negative business review at some point or another.  The way you prepare and react is ALL THAT MATTERS!

Your Business’s Yelp Reviews Can Be Fixed!

You do not need to suffer and hide from your negative online image.  We can help you enhance your internet presence.  Your yelp business reviews can be repaired!