Why Use Google My Business

Why Use Google My Business


You’re wondering why use Google My Business, I know.  It’s a question I hear ALL THE TIME!

AND I HAVE TO ADMIT: I’m so surprised there are so many people who have businesses that don’t have GMB!  What a shame that is!  Do you realize the money you’re losing out on?

You don’t really need to understand all of the things that Google My Business can do to benefit you and your company.  However, you should know the basics.  I’m going to try to explain everything in this post!

why use Google My Business?

If You Have A Business, You NeeD GMB!

Google My Business (GMB) is so incredibly valuable to your business.  There are so many reasons that you need to be on Google (and pray to whatever god you believe in that it shows up on Google Maps).

But many business owners are reluctant to have their business listed on Google.   The only reason for their hesitation is that they don’t understand the platform and everything it can do.



  1. Google My Business is FREE
  2. It’s easy to set up
  3. Your business will more than double!
  4. Google My Business can literally change your life!


GMB will increase your revenue



Let Bizmap LLC setup and optimize your Google My Business listing! 



Google My Business is FREE!!! Yipeee!  And you’re gonna get tons of free traffic to your website and phone calls from it!



But it’s confusing to business owners who don’t really understand what is SEO why a business needs to be on Google maps in today’s very connected and digitalized world.


Why Should You Be On Google?


We’re going to try to answer your important question, “why use Google my business”.


Did you know that almost every time I get a new customer, they ask me this question?  I’ve had hundreds of business owners (like you) ask me what they should be doing if they are on google my business and if they should set up a profile for their company.

AND GUESS WHAT?  I always use Google My Business for my SEO clients!  It’s not one of those things that I’m like, “no, you don’t need to use Google My Business” because EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM IT!

But most people wanna know every little detail about how having a GMB listing can help.  And the truth is, it’s not easy to explain.


I say, “Don’t worry about it.  That’s my job so let me handle it!”

Of course I try to explain to them exactly why they need a close relationship with Google, but it’s hard.  Most businesses don’t know anything about digital marketing.  Trying to explain it is like speaking another language to someone who doesn’t understand.


It’s that confusing!


Google My Business Is Vital To Your Local Business


Even if I don’t do a good job explaining why you must use Google My Business to grow your business, I will try my best!  But let me just say this.  GMB is vital to the success of your local business.


THE TRUTH IS THIS If you do GMB optimizations correctly, you truly won’t even need other traditional forms of marketing!


The power of Google My Business is in the simple fact that most searches BEGIN ON GOOGLE (and most online purchases begin on Google as well)!

If you have a business that runs completely on referrals and you’re happy with that and don’t want to be busier, putting your business on GMB would not be a good idea.



Because if you put your business on GMB, local customers in your location will find you online.  And you know what that means?  Phone calls and more business!


So, for the 2% of the population who doesn’t want their business to grow, just keep doing what you’re doing.  Because Google My Business will cause your phone to ring and your business to grow!


But let’s get serious.  Most people WANT to see growth.  Most people WANT more money.  If you do not, your perspective is very, very rare…


But for the entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to get rich, you need to use Google My Business to do so!



You Need Google My Business


So the simple answer to the question why use google my business is simply because you need it!  There are many reasons it’s beneficial but let’s just keep it simple and say that without GMB listing, your customer will think you didn’t even exist!



Benefits Of Google My Business


There are many benefits to using Google My Business and below I will go over the most important ones.




Google My Business is a free online platform to use to create a free listing.  Being that Google is the most widely used search engine, it’s very important for your business to be listed on Google.  And why not do just that?  (Especially if it’s free!)



Helps Customers Find You


Google My Business is crucial for local SEO.  So if you’re a local business that wants to show up in search engine results (and have better SEO), it’s vital to have a business listing.


One of the ways that Google My Business works is that customers will find you when they do location specific searches or if they are located in your general area (or area of service).


TAKE THIS EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are looking for a florist because it’s Valentine’s Day and you want to get your significant other beautiful flowers.


You would go to the Google search bar and probably type in “florists near me” or “florists + (your location)”.  This is what you might see:

why use google my business local results image



Having a listing on Google My Business is crucial to your business SEO.  Search engine optimization is basically the process of perfecting your website and business listings so that the search engines understand what they are about and present them online to the customers who are trying to find you.

If you want to know about what are SEO services, you can contact Bizmap LLC.  We will explain to you how SEO works with a FREE website audit where we will go over presenting your site in a more effective way to Google.

Having a business on Google is extremely important to search engine optimization.  But that’s not for you to try to understand as of yet.  let’s just go over the basics!


Tracks Analytics

Google my business can also track analytics so you see who is visiting your site and how they are making it to your website.  This is very important to understand because once you understand how customers are finding you, you can capitalize on that and make more money.



Another reason why you really need Google My Business is simply because it’s convenient to both you and your potential customers.  When customers look for your business online, they can see a lot of valuable information from your GMB listing.

The info that is listed are important things such as your business name, address and phone number (NAP).  Additionally, GMB will display other important business information such as daily hours, holiday hours, business description, company information and images, services, reviews, and more.

Gone are the days where people would search through the good ol’ Yellow Pages to find a business.  It just simply doesn’t happen that way anymore.


Today’s “Yellow Pages” is Google My Business.  Now wouldn’t you want your business to be listed? 



Having your business listed in the largest online directory on the planet is really important.  I can’t stress that to you enough.  However, it’s equally important for your business listing to be optimized correctly.  In order to do this, you should probably contact a professional, don’t you think?  The life of your business relies upon it!

You can contact Bizmap LLC today.  We don’t charge a lot to set up a GMB listing and we’ll talk to you for free, of course!

If you read this blog post in its entirety, you should have a strong awareness of how SEO can help your business.  Additionally, you should understand how your Google My Business listing improves your SEO and will lead to growth.  We hope you learned why use Google My Business and wish you the best!