Why GMB Is Important

why GMB is important

Why GMB Is Important

This article will explain why GMB is important and why you need to sign up right now!  Here we’ll explain everything you need to know about Google My Business so you can get started fast!


Why Do I Need Google My Business?

I get this question all the time, and with Google being one of the tech titans,  I’m surprised it’s not most people’s go-to. The amount of money your business could be saving with Google My Business is tremendous.

As with most Google Applications you don’t need to understand every little feature to use it to your benefit! Still, I’ll be explaining everything below.


Google My Business (GMB) is invaluable to your business.  We will get into many reasons why this is the case over the course of the next couple pages.

Many business owners are reluctant solely based on a current lack of understanding for what GMB can bring to your business



  1. GMB is FREE
  2. There’s a quick and easy sign up.
  3. Combined with a couple other tools discussed below, your business should at least double!
  4. GMB can change your life! (not an informational).


How To Get A Business On Google Maps



Google My Business is FREE!!! This allows tons of free traffic and potential phone calls, and emails to flow to your site/business!!


It Will Help You Get On Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used map search engine online. You can read more about how to get a business on Google Maps before continuing on in your GMB eduction here.

When you are on Google Maps the chances that a potential customer in your area will find you increase exponentially, along with the likelihood of them going to your store. It provides easy access to your location, directions and a photo of what your storefront looks like.


Getting It Set Up Properly is a  Little More Complicated… SEO Skills are a Must

Setting up your GMB listing is important if you want it to show up.  You can hire a business for GMB setup services as this will help you see better results to your business.  Google my business is a huge part of business SEO that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Hiring a company such as NJ SEO agency Bizmap LLC is a great idea.

Below we’ll learn below what SEO is. When paired with being on GMB your business will start to really grow!



Google quite simply is such a massively used search engine that being on it is as if having another storefront. It’s your small business super bowl ad. The amount of attention is important because of common use of Google to find stores close to us.

How to combine this with SEO is another common question.

GMB Is Absolutely Essential To Keeping Small and Local Businesses Alive 

Forgive me if I don’t explain this well, I’ll do my best – just remember that GMB is vital part of will make your business flourish in the coming years and decades.

For the foreseeable future, GMB is so important to marketing that it may even make you abandon more traditional techniques. Even if your business is not local most online purchases start with a Google search.


The Only Outliers 

The only businesses that will NOT benefit from this are ones run completely on word of mouth – that if a herd of new customers came along the spike in demand couldn’t be measured up to. So for the small but mighty 2% of the population who want to sustain what they’ve done, just keep doing what you’re doing.  Because Google My Business will only cause the headaches of work overload.


Think of when you want to find a new dinner spot or something in the house breaks and needs to be replaced. That is what the people in your area will be doing for you business. That means more phone calls sent straight for your store. I’m in the New Jersey area and know most people are using Google and not the phone book to find new businesses.

For the entrepreneurs and small business owners GMB is a must!





So the simple answer to the question is that if your company is not on GMB than in the digital world –  it doesn’t exist.


There are many benefits using this powerful tool:




Google My Business is an extension of Google. As with most of Google like the amazing free word and presentation programs, Gmail, Youtube, Google Voice, etc. Google is free for the world to use!


Google My Business is a crucial cog in how local SEO works.  Another reason why GMB is important!

Contrary to what many people think, even if your company is successful in the real world, your website doesn’t automatically list high up – or AT ALL in the Google search engine. With my help, and being on GMB we’ll change that!

One of the ways that Google My Business lets customers find your business is through location specific searches.

EXAMPLE:  You want to find chocolates for your significant other’s Birthday.

You would probably type into Google “chocolatiers near me” or “chocolatiers (your location)”.  This is what you would see:



The importance of search engine optimization cannot be understated.  Search engine optimization is basically the process of perfecting your online listings so that the search engines bump up your listing to a higher place on Google. With the heavy competition being seen on the top of the results is incredibly important. This takes place with such techniques as utilizing keywords, keyword placement, content creation.

To know more about what SEO services are, contact Bizmap LLC.  We’ll give you the run down and show you how SEO works with a FREE website audit where we will present a more effective model to increase online traffic on your website.

Let’s just go over some other basics!



Everyone has a specific set of interests and personal identifiers. What clothes you buy, books you read, food you get delivered, movies you watch – Google keeps track of this to help bring the customers most ripe for purchasing what is on your site. Once you understand the concept then you can start capitalizing on it.



Another reason is the pure convenience of it being a google based program, which makes things much more simplified for you AND your potential customers. With the constant competition for eyeballs in this day and age, the simpler it is for a new customer the better.  When customers look for your business online, they can see a lot of valuable information from your GMB listing.

What will be listed are your business name, address and phone number.  Additionally, GMB has the ability to display other important information such as daily hours, holiday hours, business description, company information and images, services, reviews, and more.

This consolidates disparate and desperate ways to get the information from showing up and the store being closed, asking a friend to file through the yellow pages to make a phone call over.


GMB is the new Yellow Pages.

In The End


Having your business listed in the largest online directory is beyond important. I can’t stress that to you enough.

However, it is as important to optimize the tools available so that you can shine through that directory!

We hope you understand why GMB is important and wish you the best!