Where To Buy Websites That Make Money?

where to buy websites that make money

Where To Find A Profitable, Turn-Key Website For Sale That Already Makes Money

Are you wondering where to buy websites that make money or where to find a profitable turn-key website for sale?  This post will explain everything you need to know!  Read on to learn where and how you can find websites that invest in that literally get calls right now!

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Starting A Business Is A Big Risk!

One of life’s greatest risks is starting your own business.  Backed by passion, drive, ambition and the desire to do something greater with your career, building a business can be the most fulfilling ventures of life.  However, not all businesses make it past the first, second, or even third year.  So starting a business is a huge risk.  Doing it in an intelligent way is of utmost importance!

Think With Your Head

When you go into building a company, think with your head.  Most people, when starting a business, make emotional decisions.  However, thinking with your head is super important as it can lead to better decision making and a stronger more profitable business.  Even if you inherit or buy a profitable business or website, if your thought process and systems are faulty the business won’t survive. But don’t worry, we’ll identify some of the things you should begin to do right now to think smarter and make more money too!

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your business:

  • Am I a specialist at what I do?
  • Is my experience and skill level enough or do I need additional training?
  • Is there a need in the market for what I do?  Are customers looking for my skillset or businesses such as mine?
  • Am I financially equipped to go into business?
  • Have I crunched numbers and have some realistic goals?
  • Have I considered marketing my business?
  • What type of marketing do I want to invest in?
  • How have I acquired clients up to this point?

Every Business Wants More Business

It’s every business’s dream to learn how to easily get more business.  However, most businesses need to do standard things, such as invest in SEO services, do paid advertising, or use other forms of marketing to get the traction they need to keep their business afloat and acquire new customers.

But what if I told you that you can buy websites that are already profitable?  This is a business in itself, and many marketing agencies build up business websites and flip them for a profit.  It’s common practice!

SEO is worth it and will make you money!

7 Tips For Purchasing A Profitable Website That Gets Leads And Calls

Below, we will discuss 7 tips for buying an already profitable website from an agency or vendor.  Please read through each step and you’ll be well on your way to owning a money making website in no time!

TIP 1: Ask Around

Tip #1 is a very important tip. Before you make any significant purchase, you’ll want to be sure that you ask around.  There are many resources for you to connect with people who may have information on vendors and marketing agencies that sell profitable websites (or flip websites for cash).  Be sure to check the following resources:

TIP 2: Check Metrics

Once you find a vendor or someone willing to sell a website to you, you will want to be sure that it makes money as they say it does.  You will want to see metrics and proof of the leads that the website is getting.

Most professionals will be tracking leads and not having access to such analytics should be a big red flag.  The other option, if they do not have metrics to show, is to ask to have the website for a period of 2 weeks to a month.  Calls should be forwarded to your phone number and leads forwarded to your email. During this period of time, you can assess whether the value of the website matches the cost of buying it.

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This is a great example of metrics from a money making website by Bizmap LLC!

The image above is a screenshot of proof of metrics from a website that is making TONS of money! This website was SEO-optimized by Bizmap LLC! They currently sell tons of websites just like this! Give them a call for information on purchasing a profitable site that will give you business right from the start!

TIP 3: Analyze Costs

The next very important step is to analyze the costs of apprehending the profitable site and taking over the business. You’ll want to delve into this, invest in someone who has a knack for business analysis, and assess what you need in order to begin running the business if you are in fact to get leads.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do I expect to potentially make on average per month?
  • What are my operating costs?
  • What exactly do I need to buy in order to begin operating?
  • What is the average cost of a sale compared to the price I am buying the website for?

TIP 4: Read Reviews

Once you find a company that can sell you a money-making website, you’ll want to be sure to read reviews from the company you are buying for. If they don’t have a valid business or reviews, ask them for either a personal or professional reference.  You’ll want to be sure you’re not getting yourself into a business transaction that won’t work to your benefit.

TIP 5: Ask For A Trial

You can ask that the leads from the website be forwarded to you or recorded and shown to you (using something like CallRail) prior to buying the site.  This will ensure that you are well aware of the leads the site is getting and whether or not they are legit.

Additionally, you can ask to take the site and have a 2, 3 or 4 week trial period.  Most vendors would be happy to allow this unless they are hiding something. Additionally, you can offer to pay them for any leads you get from the site during your trial.  This is an excellent thing to do to ensure you’re getting yourself into a transaction you are pleased with.

TIP 6: Analyze The Investment

Just as we spoke about with one of the previous tips, you’ll want to analyze the overall investment.  If the cost of the site is disproportionately larger than what you will make in a several month period, this could be a very big deal breaker.  In addition, you’ll want to figure out what equipment, licensing and training you will need and what that will cost and how that will affect your bottom line. Doing this in advance will help you make the best decision when purchasing a money making website.

TIP 7: Invest In Rebranding

Rebranding the website is important once you purchase it.  If it is generic, you will want to implement some of your own branding to make it more reputable and credible to potential customers.

You can hire a web design or branding agency to do a redesign of the site and incorporate your business branding within the website.  Doing so will help you get more leads by increasing customer trust and help with brand recognition too.


We truly hope this post has been informative to you.  Starting off with a website that already makes money can be a highly profitable thing to do.  This will eliminate much of the ongoing marketing most business need to do to begin getting sales.

We hope that you now know how to find and where to buy websites that make money and where to find a profitable turn-key website for sale.