Where Is My Website

where is my website

Are You Asking Yourself: Where Is My Website?


If you’re wondering “where is my website?”, sadly you are not the only business owner in this predicament.  And let me tell you the awful truth.  It’s very likely that no one can find your website online.  UGGGGHHH


You Found THIS Website

The fact of the matter is this.  You found this website so we’re doing something right, aren’t we?

THINK ABOUT IT: you found THIS website, didn’t you?  And how is it that you found this website but can’t find your own.  Well, to be honest we wanted you to find this website.  THAT’S WHAT WE DO!




When searching online for a webpage, the way that you should be able to find any given website is by inputting a search query in the search bar of Google (or whatever search engine you are using).

The only problem is this:  there are millions of other websites that want people to find them from that EXACT SAME SEARCH QUERY!!!!  So in order to be found on google, you must do SEO.

google search screenshot

this example shows that for the search query “personal injury lawyer NJ” there are 20,400,00 results


The above screenshot shows you a common scenario.  In this search query, the searcher is trying to locate a NJ-based personal injury lawyer.  They type in the keyword phrase “personal injury lawyer NJ”.

You will notice the number of results that are available for this search query.  Chances are, if you don’t have any SEO done to your website, your website is somewhere lost within all of these results!



So now comes the slightly confusing part.  But don’t worry, I’ll try to explain.  The question your asking is what is SEO and why don’t I have it?

The reason why you don’t have SEO and your website is lost is because you hired the wrong designers.  NJ Web Design Bizmap LLC always builds SEO optimized websites!

THE TRUTH IS THIS: Not many web designers do SEO to the websites they build.  This is really unfortunate because why on earth would you build a website that no one will ever see?

Most often they build your website but no one can find it (unless they have the exact web address or URL).  In most cases, this is not very feasible.

screenshot of the exact URL/web address of a website

SEO Makes Your Site Appear In Search Results

SEO is a complicated set of strategies that help your website rank in search engines.  It’s not really important that you understand all of these strategies because that’s what you hire an SEO agency to do for you.


However, when SEO is done correctly, you can benefit from tons of traffic that naturally lands on your website when people conduct a google search.  Imagine what that means for your business.  It means your website will start making you money instead of just costing you money.  It also means less money and work to go out and find customers.  Your customers would literally just find you!


Components Of SEO

1. On-Page SEO

Doing SEO involves a lot of different things.  There are things that are done to your website, such as putting keywords in the content and headings, restructuring URL’s and adding alt text to images. This is called on-page SEO.

2. Local SEO

Additionally, there are things that are done for local businesses to help boost local SEO.  These actions, such as setting up and optimizing a Google My Business listing, focusing on review generation, and submitting your business info to directories, are equally important.


3. Off-Page SEO

Finally, there are things done off of your website which are called off-page SEO. These actions signal to google that your website is relevant and should be found online.


NOW You Know Where Your Website Is

Now you know what happened to your site.  Sadly, it is lost online.   But don’t worry.  We’re gonna help you fix that!

With SEO we reverse engineer the web design process.  What I mean by that is we think of your business and we consider what web visitors might be typing into the search engine in order to find your business.


FOR EXAMPLE:  If you are a roofing contractor with a business in Paramus, NJ, there are a few queries a customer may use to try to find roofers in the area.  And it’s important that your SEO agency focuses in on keyword planning and analysis because it’s very important.

It is likely potential customers might find your website with the phrase: “roofing contractors Paramus” or “Paramus roofing contractors”.

search query

search query to find a roofer in Paramus, NJ

When we look at the results that come up on the page with this keyword phrase, at the top of the page there are ads.  Now, as you know, most people nowadays are not going to click on any of the ads.  This is because most people know that they will end up getting bombarded with emails and solicitations if they do.

Most people would scroll down to the organic results and start looking at websites.  This is important because a page of your website would need to be optimized for that particular phrase in order to come up in search results.

screenshot of optimized website search results

here are the search results that come up for the search query “Paramus roofing contractor”


What’s The Point

THE POINT IS THIS: If you want to be found on Google, you need to have SEO.    You don’t really need to understand how SEO is done exactly, you just need to find the right SEO agency.


Reclaim Your Website Now

You spent a ton of money on your website, right?  If you don’t plan to get rid of it, reclaim it.  Your site is an investment that should be bringing you money, not taking money from you.

So now that you understand where your website is and that it is lost in the word wide web, it is time to take action.  Start with a FREE SEO analysis and we’ll answer your important questions “where is my website” today!