When Is SEO Important?

when is SEO important

25 Examples Of When SEO Is Important

If you’re wondering when SEO is essential and when SEO services should be implemented in a business, this post will answer all of your questions and more.  Here, we’ll go over 25 times when SEO is important! But first, let’s start with the basics!    

What Is SEO?

SEO (otherwise known as search engine optimization) establishes an online presence to direct web traffic to a website.  In essence, SEO is a manipulation of the search engines and can lead to a connection between a web visitor asking Google (or any search engine) for information and your website or business populating as an answer to the question (or query) being asked. In short, the more optimized your website is with search engine keywords and phrases that relate to users’ searches, the better ranking you will have on a search page.

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Now, let’s dive into examples of when it is important to use SEO. 

25 Instances When SEO Is Vital!

Here are some crucial times that explain the answer to your question: when is SEO important. Read on to learn more!

1. Branding

Whenever people start a business, many do not realize how important having your brand recognized is. Once you have established your brand, use SEO services to increase your brand’s popularity within search engines

2. Starting a New Website

You’ve published a wonderful website with all of the most modern designs and have uploaded products you know everyone will purchase. The problem is, no one can find your site. For new websites, it is important to build SEO into the content as soon as possible. On average, it takes six months for SEO to give you the results you need.  Be sure to discuss SEO services with the web design agency you hire as well.

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3. Updating a Website

Over time, websites that are not updated with new SEO content find themselves falling behind others. Make it a point to continually update your site with new content that keeps your rankings higher in a search engine. 

4. When You Need Organic Traffic

Organic traffic makes up the largest majority of how people will find your website. Just think of how many times you copy and paste an actual link and go straight to a website every day. For those sites that you visit often, this may be the case, but the majority of visits come from sources like a Google search. 

5. You Want to Be a Trusted Site

Having a predominant place on a search engine’s front page gives you credibility to users. It lets potential customers know that you are a legitimate company and that you can be trusted. If someone searches for your site and does not find it within a search, it makes them leery of purchasing from the site.

Things like Google My Business (part of local SEO) and having consistency on that important platform will assist with increasing trust in web visitors. You can learn more about that on this page here.

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6. Local Businesses Needing a Boost

Many local businesses may be mistaken and think they do not need a website and establish SEO content. What they may not understand is that SEO can be adapted to local businesses. Even after a potential customer learns of a new local business by word of mouth, they will usually search for the company’s website to browse. Local companies can gain an edge over competitors by using local SEO

7. When You Need a Return on a Small Investment

You can obviously spend as much money as you are willing to let go to have website SEO. However, the truth is that SEO is a small investment that will have a huge return for most sites with quality content. 

8. To Put Your SEO Skills to Work

As discussed, in return on the investment above, you can pay someone to complete SEO for you or try it yourself. By learning a little about business SEO services and using an SEO plugin assistant, you can complete much of the optimization yourself. This isn’t to say outsourcing is a bad thing. The more you know about SEO yourself, even if you use an outside SEO and web design company, you will know what you are paying for.

9. When You Want a Long Term Strategy

There are normally two ways to drive traffic to your site. One is using SEO and one is direct advertising.  The difference between the two outside of cost is that SEO is for a long term strategy. When an ad ends, it is over. With SEO, once you have it built into your site and update it regularly, it continues to work for you within search engines without much change needed.     

10. You Want to Track User Visits and Usage

Being able to track users using analytics is best applied when using SEO. Advertisements will give you sharp drops and increases for short periods of time. SEO will show in your analytics more organically. As your website moves up in rankings due to SEO, you will see a steady increase in users over time.

11. If You Want a Better Website

Not only will SEO drive traffic organically to your site, but it will make for better content overall. SEO works by utilizing popular keywords and phrases that are searched for. By building each page of content around these keywords, it forces you to make the entire page SEO friendly and therefore easier for the user to navigate and read. 

12. Want People to Find Your Page

This may sound like common sense, but if you are looking for people to find your page first, then SEO is right for you. As good SEO finds better and better placement for your website on a search engine, more and more people will visit the site. Users will usually choose the first two or three sites on a search engine, and most do not scroll through several pages of choices.

13. To Attract a Targeted Audience

If you own a dog grooming service, you really do not need someone visiting your site that does not own a dog and is looking for auto parts. By focusing on the popular keywords and phrases that people search for within SEO, you will capture the attention of those looking for your services.

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14. If You Want to Convert Visits to Sales

Since higher rankings on a search engine equal more trust in a company, this directly correlates to converted sales. People tend to avoid companies they do not trust, but once they find one they have faith in, they are willing to spend their money. 

Think of a well-known company on the internet and then compare it to the one you have never heard of and does not show up on a search. Which would you purchase from? Getting your name and brand out onto search engines translates into real money transactions.   

15. Looking to Understand Your Own Products Better                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Creating SEO content requires some understanding of the products and services that your website provides. By researching key phrases and keywords for products and services, you are bound to learn quite a bit more about your own. 

16. When You Need to Compete with Big Companies

It is hard enough to compete with the big box stores as a small company. One thing that can level the playing field for you and your business is to use SEO content on your website. When someone searches for what you have for sale, a search engine will latch onto your solid SEO content and display you right along with the big store. 

17. For Breaking Into New Product or Service Markets

SEO is essential for those business owners who are thinking of taking on new services or products to offer. Any new content pages can be established with the new service or product keywords without having to re-write your entire site. By having a site already established and adding new SEO for new products and services, you can cut your organic search placement time down significantly. 

18. Introducing More People to Your Social Media

SEO will not only make your site more popular; it can also promote your other platforms as well. When a company has their social media linked to its website, visitors are apt to follow them by clicking on the link. This will save your business money on ads to generate followers to your social media by giving them another avenue to find you for free. 

19. Improve Your Bounce Rate

There is not much worse than a high bounce rate. Bounce rates are usually found when you run an ad for your site. Someone will click on the ad, spend about 30 seconds there, and then leave. When users do this over and over, it creates a high bounce rate. 

A low bounce rate is preferred because it means someone has stayed on your site. When someone spends time on your site, they either are more apt to spend money or click on ads that you have monetized. SEO is perfect for low bounce rates since the people looking at your site have already shown their interest by searching your keywords and phrases. 

20. Help Your Users to Have a Better Experience

Have you ever launched a question on a search engine only to not receive what you are looking for? This is usually due to poor SEO that is only stuffing keywords into their site to get you to show up. Well, guess what? The next thing you do is click off the site. To help others have a good experience on your site, use SEO and in the correct way. When building your site with SEO, think of how you can make the person on the other end have a better experience by clicking on your site.

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21. For Growing Your Business

With websites, we must think big. The man in a neighborhood may be your customer, but the woman on the other side of the country may also be a customer. When you need to take your business outside of your local area, SEO is the way to do it. Whether living in New Jersey or Texas, someone is searching right now for what you have to offer. Why let someone else have the sale? Use SEO to engage businesses across the world. 

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22. When it’s Time to Get More Subscribers

Many websites use email marketing and newsletters to keep their customers updated. The chore has always been to find a way to keep getting new subscribers. Using SEO to drive traffic to your site, everyone that visits will have an opportunity to become a subscriber.  

23. If You Want More Content

SEO is a long-term play for users and requires fresh information overtime to keep you ranked high on a search page. This forces you to continue to add content to your website instead of ignoring it. Once a site is ignored, it will tend to drop below those creating fresh content for their sites. 

24. When you Need to Advance Past Your Competitors

Most small businesses are happy to have a landing page on the web that shows they have a website. By using SEO on your site, and even as a new company, you can soon pass all of the competition to those who do not use SEO on their sites. Building SEO into your site takes time and persistence; not all companies are willing to place that much effort into the process. This creates an advantage for you. 

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25. For A Faster and Smoother Website

SEO benefits your website in so many ways. Our final example is that SEO will help you create a faster and smoother website for your users. By using SEO to build your site, it will become organized in a way that is user friendly and faster to navigate. SEO allows you to give the answer to a user as fast as possible to their question during a search. Instead of loading your site with tons of media that slows down your site in an attempt to impress your users, SEO is simpler and more efficient. 

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From the list we have gathered together above, you can see why SEO is important for your website. Those who are using proper SEO are the same companies who are outperforming the ones who do not. NJ Bizmap LLC is an SEO agency that ranks high in search engines and understands the value of SEO.  By using SEO on your site, you will find all of the above examples apply to you and your business.

We hope you now know when SEO is important and wish you the best.