What Is Domain Authority + Free Tools!

What Is Domain Authority And Why Is It Important?


If you want to know what is domain authority and find out some Free SEO tools, this post is perfect for you.  Here you’re going to learn everything you need to know to understand the authority of your domain and so much more.

Your domain’s authority can be measured using different metrics and by looking at a bunch of different things.  Some of the methods for looking at a website’s domain authority (otherwise known as its DA) can be done very directly with tools that tell you the authority of a domain.  In addition to this, there are other ways to assess the authority of a given site.  These methods are indirect and take into account the innumerable list of ranking factors and variables that Google uses to assess the quality of a website and establish its online rank.

Why Is Domain Authority Important?


Domain Authority DA is a significant metric that is relevant if you’re an SEO agency trying to rank a website or a business trying to make more money.  If you want to know more about what SEO companies do and what SEO is, we recommend you breeze up on that prior to reading the rest of this post because it’s really important.


As you probably know, when we look at a website to assess its performance in the SERP’s, we frequently take a look at the DA of the site.  And there are a few different things a high DA will indicate.


Having a high DA Indicates Several Things:


  • Your website has a strong online presence
  • The website itself is a strong and authoritative website
  • Backlink profile is probably well rounded and established
  • Provides a metric for how easy it will be to rank a site amongst competitors



What Is Domain Authority


The DA of a website is a metric that was developed by Moz.  If you are an agency trying to rank a business organically, the DA is a very important tool that indicates how well your website is performing in SERP’s.


Why Should DA Be Taken Into Account?


As previously mentioned, Google (the most dominant search engine in the world) has over 200 ranking factors they use to determine whether or not a site should rank for a given keyword or term.   These ranking factors are calculated internally in Google’s algorithms and determine a website’s overall authority and position online.  Because it can be difficult to grasp the many factors that are in play when determining a website’s overall authority, metrics such as Domain Authority, are used to quickly determine where a website stands.


Using tools that check and monitor domain authority and page rank is a common practice of SEO agencies.  It streamlines the process of assessing whether or not a site is performing properly and adds ease to monitoring SEO metrics.


Your Domain Authority Is Relevant To SEO

A website’s Domain Authority can be anywhere from 1 to 100.  Generally speaking, most websites fall in between the 1-12 rating.  There are billions of websites online, and the truth of the matter is that none of them really ever get developed or built properly for better performance.

A low DA (under 10) indicates nothing has really happened to the website to enhance its performance online.  In addition, a low DA could mean that the site is poorly constructed, gets little or no traffic, and has a poor backlink profile.

Higher DA’s indicate an authoritative site that has a higher chance of ranking for keywords.  When looking at a website as an authority within a niche, websites with a high DA are more credible and receive organic visitors.  However, higher DA’s can happen natural overtime to a website that isn’t properly built or set up for success.   The age of a website is one of the things which will create a stronger domain authority, so this should be considered when doing any type of SEO analysis.


Raising Domain Authority

Raising domain authority is done using a logarithmic scale.  What this means is that it’s easier to raise a site’s authority from 0 to 10 or from 10 to twenty.  However, the more you try to increase it to the higher ranks (above 40 or 50), it becomes more and more difficult.

You can raise domain authority in a variety of ways.  But the overall goal is to do things to the site and off of the site (off-page SEO) which will lead Google to determine a higher level of prominence and more authority.

What this basically means is that a higher Domain Authority will give your website a higher chance of ranking in the SERPS.  Additionally, a lower domain authority will not be rewarded the same way and will often get outranked stronger competitor sites.

If you are doing SEO to a website, whether you are focusing on local SEO or not, it’s very important to focus strongly on raising DA.  Doing so will help you to develop and raise your online presence.  Here are a few tips to help you do so with ease.


Tips For Raising Your Website’s Domain Authority:

  • Choose your domain name wisely. A website with a relevant domain name that links it strongly to its niche could help it rank.  Consider choosing an exact match domain.
  • On-page SEO and focusing on the structural elements of your website could help to increase its domain score and authority. Pay special attention to H1-H3 headings, page titles, image alt tags, meta description and keyword density.  Also, be careful not to “keyword stuff” as it could be an indicator of a higher spam content and jeopardize your domain authority if you are penalized.
  • Create unique and high quality content that your web visitors will love. Creating quality (long-form) content is a great way to increase engagement on your website and improve its domain authority.
  • Check your website’s link profile frequently to be sure that there are no harmful links pointing towards your website. You can do so using a variety of tools to ensure link quality.
  • Make sure to check the load time of your website. Your website should load in under 3 seconds for better user experience.  Having a slow website could ultimately lead to a lower ranking, low DA and users leaving your site out of frustration.

SEO Tools To Monitor And Check DA


There are tons of tools on the market to monitor and check domain authority.  Many of these tools are free to use, which makes providing SEO very easy if you’re just starting out or want to monitor domain score for free.


Below we have listed the most popular tools to check domain authority online:


Tool #1: MozBar

Let’s start by talking about the biggie in the world of SEO tools.  The MozBar is a free browser extension that measure many of the important metrics and shows you the on-page SEO structure of a website very easily.  This tool was developed by the enterprise that coined this important metric and is probably the most widely used tool for measuring Domain Authority (as well as many other things).


DA checker tool MozBar
DA checker tool MozBar


The MozBar looks at three key things:


On-Page Site Structuring

Link Analysis

SERP Analysis


In addition to this, it can be easily used to diagnose major problems and for competitor research and analysis.


domain authority checker tool
domain authority checker tool


Tool #2: RankWatch

RankWatch is a great tool to use if you want fast reporting and a high level of accuracy.  RankWatch is one of the few tools that ensures you will get 100% accuracy with their sophisticated tool.

Choose this domain authority checking tool if you want great accuracy and other important benefits such as IP address look info and more.  RankWatch is certainly one of our favorite SEO tools and we highly recommend it.


Tool #3: Site-Analyzer Pro


Site-Analyzer Pro is a great tool and free online software option for SEO professionals.  It offers the ability to check the domain authority of websites in bulk, and makes for a very efficient and streamlined process.


In addition to this, site-analyzer pro is easy to use which is a big plus.  You simply copy and paste your URL’s into the tool and bam!  It’s as easy as that.


Tool #4: Linkskorner

Linkskorner is a great tool that easily checks and monitors the DA of your website.



Tool #5: Softo

Softo is a great platform that has over 200+ tools for developers, students and agencies.  It’s free domain checker is easy to use and efficient.


Tool #6: Search Engine Reports


Search Engine Reports is a great site where you can easily just enter a domain and a competitor site with some keywords and produces some valuable metrics.  I love this tool because you can check some important SEO metrics either via keyword or URL.  The reports it produces are very valuable and data-driven.

Tool #7: Prepostseo


DA checker tool Prepostseo


Another great tool we are a huge fan of is Prepostseo.  This tool is really amazing and offers huge benefits to users.  In addition, you can easily and seamlessly check DA using this tool and it allows you to check up to 500 links at a time! Wow!



Moz’s unique metric called Domain Authority should be considered a vital component for understanding the health and strength of your online property.  Every website has a domain authority, and assessing its score could mean the difference between ranking and getting lost in the  SERP’s.

Of course, there are many other metrics and things you should look at as well and your SEO agency will be well aware of these things.  However, Domain Authority is a fundamental element that should be at the top of you and your web design agency’s list.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post explaining DA and we also hope that you’ve learned about some great tools you can use to monitor Domain Authority and maintain the online presence of your website.