3 Great Themes For Your WordPress Website


3 Great Themes For Your WordPress Website

When building a WordPress website, there are a plethora of themes to choose from. In fact, there are so many themes it can often be overwhelming.  And deciding which to use takes more than simply looking at live previews or guessing what may or may not work.

There are tons of things to consider when choosing a theme.  If you are building a site from scratch, you should know what you are looking for prior to choosing a theme for your website. You should have a general idea of the overall styling of the website as well as other features you may need to have.

Searching online is not easy.  Especially if you are a beginner or don’t have much experience using different themes.  In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of relevant themes to choose from. By talking to other designers you can learn which themes are best for you to use.

I’ve used hundreds of themes for websites made by my web design NJ agency, Bizmap LLC. However, there are three themes I think are well worth the cost and the time spent experimenting. Below are brief descriptions of the WordPress themes I recommend to use and some information on what they offer.

Top 3 Themes For WordPress Used By The Pros


Divi, by Elegant Themes, is a great WordPress theme that is super easy to use. It has a drag and drop layout that is modern and simple.  The theme’s layout and features make it easy for those clients who want to maintain parts of their website on their own.


Divi is the flagship theme for Elegant Themes and one of the more popular and widely used themes on the market.  If your designer hasn’t heard of Divi, it might be cause for worry.  Because of the customization features, easy format, and sleek layout, this theme is clearly an excellent choice for any web designer.


Here is an example of a site built with Divi.  The site is for a moving company and it is built with one of the demo sites in the Divi Library.  You can see the the different elements and customizations integrated into the theme.  The overall look of the site is clean, professional, and modern.

Easy, Responsive Editing

Creating responsive designs is very easy using Divi. Responsive web design is a #1 priority when building a site, as most web searches are conducted from a smart phone.  Most designers value a site that doesn’t require too much customization and a “done for you” approach.

For responsive editing, it is simple to switch between mobile, tablet and desktop views of your website while editing. Divi makes it easy to maximize responsiveness independently on all of your devices.  What more could you ask for?

Online Training

Another great thing about Divi is the amount of information available online. There are tons of available tutorials you can find for free on YouTube if you run into any troubles. Because Divi is such a popular theme, it’s easy to find answers to any of your questions. This makes it even more appealing if you are a less experienced designer.



Salient is an excellent responsive, multi-purpose theme. I’ve used it on many sites for clients. With so many features, Salient is one of the most popular themes sold on Theme Forest.  I always get a great response as clients love Salient’s clean, modern look.

You can purchase a regular license for $60. I’ve found that this theme is well worth the cost. I’ve used the Salient theme on corporate sites, ecommerce sites, blogs and websites I’ve created for artists and musicians. There are a wide range of features and the theme is simple to use.

Below you can see a screenshot of a Salient demo site.  The top header includes a video and as you can see the site looks modern and sleek.



Another functional, multipurpose theme is The7. Its sleek, responsive layout is perfect for any type of site.

The7 is a highly customizable WordPress theme. There are over one thousand theme options you can choose from. With all of these options, it is not that difficult to create the perfect site for yourself or any client.

With The7, you can even use a pre-built dummy theme. They are easy to import and easy to customize. For $39, The7 offers a lot of value for the price.

Below you can see an example of a demo website using the7 theme for WordPress.

the7-theme-exampleAs you can see, it’s very modern looking and attractive.  They have a lot of options for different types of sites too.



These are my three favorite WordPress themes. I highly recommend them for your business website.

If cost isn’t a huge issue and you are a more advanced designer, you should go with Salient. If you are looking or a theme with maximum functionality and responsiveness that is simple to install and use, Divi would probably be your best bet. And if you are on a budget but want a stunning theme with beautiful dummy layouts for most businesses, The7 should be your go-to.

I hope you learned something from this blog post. Happy designing!