Complete Guide To 2 Top Cameras For Vloggers

top cameras for vloggers


If you want to know the top cameras for vloggers, this comprehensive guide will compare two of the best on the market RIGHT NOW!  Read on to learn more!


Memories make us. And going into 2020, vlogging is a great way to make memories (and improve business SEO too, of course!) Learn more about What Is SEO here.

Additionally, memories are a sure means to an end; living comes with making or having lots of memories.  Both good and bad memories, they are sure ways we live through life as humans. As we journey on, our milestones or more suitably achievements form a bulk of the memories we keep. 

Photography is one of the best innovations of the past millennium, as it has offered us a way of keeping our minds permanent. Photography has helped us in capturing the many moments that matter. Cameras form the bulk of the art known as photography, and in contemporary times, these amazing devices have been developed to capture unreal instances which make up these memories we so much cherish. 

Hence the main aim of this compilation; which was written with everyone in mind. This article would contain an in-depth analysis of two handy cameras. Highlighting their usefulness and giving the reader the benefits of the use of each of these innovative devices. 


Photography is sure more than taking random pictures. As the title rightly says, it is a way of viewing the world and the activities around us through unique lenses. It is more like a surreal way of making our memories permanent. It is a way of aptly visualizing our thoughts.

Cameras nowadays have been developed in diverse ways, From its use in taking breathtaking images to make videos that can serve a whole lot of purposes. The use of the output of these innovative devices ranges from its use in advertisement to digital marketing to Vlogging and “You-Tubing” no matter how trendy that may sound. 

Photography is an inspiring art; it comes as second nature to most photographers. From past centuries till now, photography has evolved, and we are down for the thrill this amazing art brings with it. 


Photography, as defined under sane climes, refers to the art of capturing light with a device known as a camera. This imaging can be done either with the aid of a digital sensor or a film. As humans, we capture images with our eyes and these images are processed by the brain, then storing them as memories that shape our lives in a significant way. 

Early inventors wanted a way to mimic this human interpretation of vision, hence the birth of the art from photography. According to history books, the first permanent photograph was said to have been captured in 1826, although some other sources make mention of the year 1827 by Joseph Nicephore  Niepe in France. 

From that first photograph, the art has developed a great deal since then; and now even NASA can take high-resolution photos of distant galaxies and other mind-blowing sights. 


The use of images, videos, and all other outputs from using photography devices has changed over time. Ranging from its use in advertising, in a bid to positively influence consumer decisions to digital marketing where one puts out himself or herself; to a growing internet, audience seeking for their opinions or hoping for positive public reviews that would push a brand. 

Images, videos, photographic recording devices are also used in propagating one’s views, creating forums about global topics of discussion. The former is the main aim of this compilation; the writer wants to analyze two vlogging cameras, namely; THE CANON EOS 5D MARK IV FULL FRAME AND THE CANON POWERSHOT G7 MARK II DIGITAL CAMERA. The devices above are amongst those mentioned in an allied digital marketing blog also created with the sole aim of pushing a brand. 

The writer aims to compare these two innovative photography devices, analyze their pros and cons, compare their Vlogging and You-Tubing abilities in a bid to arrive at the one best suited for the purposes previously highlighted. 



Canon; a commonly mentioned brand in photography circles, one of the top photography brands out there. Another famous brand is NIKON. One funny thing about the two economic rivalries between these two is that unlike the superman vs. batman debate or paper vs plastic analogy; these two brands do not surpass each other in terms of objective analysis or what have you, they only seem to better each other with each new model both company releases. 

So, choosing between these two brands only comes down to a matter of personal preference. These two brands are known trailblazers in the photo industry, and once you make mention of photography, these are the two names that readily come forward. 

The main focus of this write-up is to focus solely on the canon models mentioned earlier. The brand is highly regarded, and the way it has managed to remain relevant in the face of a growing improvement of smartphone cameras has continued to baffle economic analysts. 

The company originated in Tokyo, Japan, and in contemporary times, the brand has come to be known for its digital SLR cameras, which have helped to create amazing results for a wide range of users — starting from beginners to expert users of the camera.  Aside from the manufacture of cameras, the brand is also known for compact digital cameras, camera lenses, printers, and a whole lot of related accessories. 

The brand CANON has managed to employ the use of social media to its advantage. Advertisement and top-notch digital marketing without the use of trends on social media are just not it. The brand employs the use of massive social media impressions as a marketing strategy, and this is also reflected in the products it pushes out every year. This has helped to cultivate the brand’s awareness and helped to cement its position as a leading voice world over. 


The name NIKON has been earlier mentioned as the main competitor to canon. The sizeable pharmaceutical brand has not been left behind in the manufacture of trendy and easy to handle cameras that are highly suitable for Vlogging and You-Tubing.  The Nikon brand is responsible for innovative products, one of which is the manipulation of light with its range of digital cameras and NIKKOR lenses. 

This has over time helped to incorporate different scenery, and it is also helpful in landscaping. All these characteristics are made available just by changing the composition and angle of the camera being used, a testament to the versatility the brand’s products solely offers regularly. 

The brand has also effectively employed the use of apt social media hashtags and trendy narratives too push its objectives in an already stifling industry. The brand focuses on making perfect memories; this is with its statement on the creation of dreamlike expressions that can be created through the effective utilization of diffused reflections of light and dark light. 

So as an upcoming opinion sampling analyst, digital marketer or an expert vlogger, the Nikon brand is a viable alternative for you. Regardless of the new age, Nikon consistently aims to make use of updated optical technologies to expand shooting possibilities to allow for the capture of scenes and subjects that were previously impossible. This feature makes it ideal for your on-motion shoots. 

HOW GOOD ARE THE CHOSEN CANON MODELS? A review of the earlier highlighted products. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark Vlogging Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body




The Canon EOS 5D MarkIV astutely succeeded the EOS 5D MARK III, and it was announced fully to the market, later days of august of the year 2016. This device is one of the most recognized camera model lines of a rapidly evolving digital age. 

According to, this is one photographic device that appeals to a wide range of industry professionals and related enthusiasts. Published reviews of this product made mention that if one is considering a shooting devoid of poor image quality and thoroughly professional performance, this camera is your best bet.  

Its design is exceptionally flawless, and it is made to perform in every situation. This fits perfectly into whatever role you might need it to function, ranging from airing your views and laying down your opinions flawlessly through Vlogging and You-Tubing, respectively, and then to efficient digital marketing, this camera would suit your needs in more ways than one. The EOS 5D is beautifully engineered and is a true all-rounder. 

This device also pays a whole lot of attention to detail; according to, from the moment the light passes its lens, the device perfectly captures every detail, every nuance, just every color and detail. This is due to more exceptional dimensions brought about a newly added sensor, which brings about extraordinary clarity. 

The website further goes as to making mention of the precision this camera offers. The product boasts of advanced focusing features and top-notch metering, which helps in the capturing of moments, coupled with the ability to track them the exact moment they happen even in the worst of lighting conditions. This product is specially built for performance; with its superior build quality, its manufacturers have made a statement to high-speed performance and durability. writes that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is one of the most well-rounded and complete DSLRs that have been produced. With its compatibility with carrying out a range of functions, from sports and wildlife to landscaping activities. This product features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, an all-new full-frame CMOS sensor.  The pros and cons of this product as listed include:




  • An excellent sensor performance
  • Great connectivity options
  • Advanced AF system
  • A very responsive touchscreen feature
  • Live view AF performance




  • This camera is expensive compared to its peers.
  • The ISO range of this camera is yet to be increased.
  • The camera also has its 4k video options limited.



In terms of vlogging and you-tubing, which are highly powerful tools in digital marketing, the canon 5D mark IV does not lag in this aspect. The new product boasts of better auto-focus and low light quality.  The series of cameras released by the giant photo brand CANON marked a revolution in DSLR, and this has made it easy for anyone who intends working with a good camera. 

It is solely aimed at astute photographers and videographers, which makes it even better. In a video posted on, Jefferson Graham seeks to make a distinction between the outputs of the camera at different times of the day. 

Many review websites have picked the Canon 5D Mark IV camera as a top choice when considering cameras that are ideal for Vlogging and digital marketing. This product, according to is said to have it all. With only the major obvious downside coming as a result of its pricey nature. 

The product is undoubtedly one of the best DSLRs you can buy at the moment. Despite its expensive nature, it is said to be a long-term investment option due to its high quality and durable nature. It comes with a full-frame sensor that is perfect for low lighting conditions. 

It captures videos up to 4K, one of the first products to have this function. Finally, a lack of swivel screen has been said to be a significant downside to the use of this product as this can come handy if you carry out your vlogging activities on the move. 

Lastly, the autofocus of this device is one excellent quality it has that is unrivaled in earlier versions. Other versions had issues with focusing on the center image, but this version fixed that with a follow focus that worked so flawlessly. For always moving objects or objects moving back and forth around a central position, the focus of this camera worked very flawlessly. 

In some other versions, the full-frame image sensor is about 20 times the size found in random consumer videos, and a common issue mostly talked about by consumers was the continuous struggle for focus for video. This issue was sufficiently addressed in the CANON 5D MARK IV FULL FRAME CAMERA. 


canon powershot g7 xmark vlogging camera

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera W/ 1 Inch Sensor And Tilt LCD Screen


The Canon Powershot G7 XMark II is another innovative one from the giant photography brand. One of the must-have items for successful content creation is an excellent camera. This product provides a service of more than just a camera. 

This device is one of the most versatile photo devices in the online market community in recent times. With its fantastic photo results coupled with excellent video quality, there is no wrong with this camera. 

Social media aficionados and astute content creators must have a reason for preferring this camera over a whole lot of options, and the writer decided to highlight some important ideas that could be responsible for this. 

This compilation was done after painstakingly sampling brilliant online opinions and other related consumer information. So, the reader can trust all the information given out in the course of this write-up. The canon power shot is well crafted and entirely screams class.  It measures about 4.15 inches wide, 22.4 inches tall, and 1.6 thick. 

It is a compact device, and the rubberized grip in its making allows for excellent handling. It also comes with a control ring that enables its users to control its menus and other settings, and this is ideal for social media influencers, professional content creators, and digital marketers who are used to working with DSLRs as the feature above allows for easy use. 

For this device, a new user has to take time before getting to know about its set up. The setup according to, can be complicated for those who are not familiar with the workings of a digital camera. In terms of its display, this camera is adjustable and perfect for self-recording which makes it ideal for users who intend to use it for vlogging, you-tubing and digital marketing activities. 

The flexible LCD, which can be flipped 45 degrees or about 180 degrees facing the user, this further adds to the aesthetics of the product. The camera boasts of outstanding image quality, a fast and versatile lens, and excellent video quality, which many users still say can be better. made mention of the fact that this device is a whole lot better for video, better in low light, and a perfect fit for bloggers. 

Some of the pros and cons of this device include:


  1. A live streaming capability
  2. Flip-up screen for vlogging
  3. It also comes with a 4k video with no crop.



  • This product is quite pricey
  • It does not come with an eye-level viewfinder.



The canon G7 mark II is one fantastic camera that has proven handy for vloggers. It features helpful add-ons to help in seamless vlogging. It possesses a useful flip which allows the user to frame shots. Its video quality is superb with attendant high definitions. 

The pictures produced by this camera are outstanding; at about 20.1 megapixels, and this can easily be linked to your smartphone and accessed remotely. This can also be shared directly on social media, hence bringing to fore the social media awareness and compatibility the canon brand is known for in contemporary times to the fore. This device also comes with multiple settings that are modeled after the earlier DSLR cameras that have been released into the market. 

This hack gives the user the convenience of stretching your creative side by allowing for the random adjustments of the aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc. from time to time. This device is relatively lightweight and comes in at about 11 ounces.  The facial recognition feature that readily comes with this product is handy especially if the user is trying to stay in focus while vlogging. 

This is also perfect for digital marketers and content creators respectively though some users have made mention of the fact that this added feature can be annoying when the camera repeatedly focuses on other things surrounding the object in focus. Although overall, this is an exciting feature. Video blogging is a perfect way of sharing your opinions with the world, and with this camera, you can use this product effortlessly for this useful activity. 


Both the canon g7 mark iv full-frame and the canon g7 mark ii cameras are ideal for carrying out content creation. They are relatively affordable and comes through for whatever activity you might need. Either for creating you-tube videos, vlogging, and content creation. 

Canon has done a fantastic job in innovating and finally designing cameras that target budding YouTubers and upcoming social media influencers with fascinating features that make work exciting. Ideally both of these devices are great for video blogging, taking great photos on tour and producing outstanding images that further complements the user’s thoughts. They possess ergonomic features, which makes them handy.

Overall, this compilation was put together in a bid to analyze the two devices that were highlighted; Discuss their capabilities and the improvements they possess over earlier models. Time was also spent on their vlogging and you-tubing capabilities and how best they complement the actions of social media content creators, new age bloggers, vloggers, and digital marketers. 

The pros and cons of each were also discussed, all in a bid to positively appeal to the reader’s buying sense just in the slight case of you intending to buy any of them. This will solely help to influence your decision, and we certainly hope you would go after the type that perfectly fits your needs. Cheers!!


In a world that is daily being inundated with new development and trendy smartphone technologies, the use of the camera seems to be dwindling from time to time; but photography experts have found a way to adjust to the changing narrative. This is to make mention that although your phone may come with a very clean and clear camera, and you feel those are all you need concerning digital marketing, you might have to change your mind and latch on to an ever-changing movement. 

If you are new to blogging, starting basic with a smartphone camera may seem like the best thing to do; but if you intend to take things more seriously, you might need to get a dedicated camera to elevate your vlogs and ideas above the crowd. You might need to take your time to make the best digital camera choices out there.