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Guest Post On Digital Marketing For Bizmap LLC

Do you want to submit a guest post and write for us?  Would you like your digital marketing guest posts to be showcased on the Bizmap LLC blog?

Great!  We absolutely love having knowledgeable experts from the digital marketing community write for our website! And guess what?!?  It’s possible that that could be you!




The Bizmap Team knows the best information about digital marketing comes from the people out there who do it on a daily basis. In addition, we value the opinions of people who are experts in online marketing and want to hear your experience, tips, perspective on news, and all about the products and technologies you use to make it happen.

Whether you’re a small business owner or if you help businesses with their digital marketing, we would love to hear from you. Your unique knowledge on everything digital is just what we need!

Our audience of professionals and marketing experts loves to read tips, reviews, and news from other marketing experts. So if you have something unique to share that fits in with our site, please send us an email once you have read through all the guidelines at the link above:

[ team (at) bizmapllc (dot) com ] with a few topic ideas.


Topics To Consider:


We are always open to hearing your pitches but tend to be a bit picky.  We want to preserve the quality of content on our website.


Here are some of the topics we love:


  • SEO (tips, news, and software reviews)
  • SEO how to’s and updates
  • Web Design articles, tips and how to’s
  • Web Design information on plugins, themes, etc
  • case studies
  • youtube marketing
  • business how to’s
  • social media marketing tips, news, etc
  • web design tips and trends
  • logo design and branding related articles


What Are Our Requirements?


Our requirements for your guest post submission would be to first have your topic approved by the Bizmap LLC team. Once your topic is approved, you can begin writing your guest post.

We check all guest posts for plagiarism with Copyscape.

IMPORTANT: We check all guest posts and pages on our site frequently for quality.  If we find duplicate content, we reserve the right to remove the guest post.


All FREE guest posts must have these requirements:


  • 2000 words minimum (we prefer your article to be around 2500+ words)
  • use headings and subheadings that spark interest – please see our template here
  • use lists
  • use short paragraphs (2-4 sentences/paragraph)
  • use easy to read sentences and words
  • use bullets and numbering where possible
  • fit in with our website content
  • no links within the content (we will add our own)
  • you will be allowed 1 dofollow link which will need to be approved by our content team
  • fully edited and checked for spelling
  • no images needed


***We will accept shorter posts and posts that do not follow our template for a fee.  Please see our full guidelines here for information on that.


Ready To Submit Your Guest Post?


If you’re ready to write for us and submit a post, we’re so happy you are contributing.  Please read through all of the above requirements as well as the step by step directions here.  prior to submitting your writing.  Also- you must use this template in order to be considered for the free guest post option.

We want you to contribute, however we also want to maintain the integrity of our blog.

Email: team (at)

Please keep in mind:


Bizmap LLC reserves the right to edit posts so that they fit in with the content on our website properly.