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Startup Services – What are they and how can they help?

If your business requires startup services, you know how complicated it can be. Using a company that offers services for startups will minimize a lot of the steps in the process.

As an entrepreneur, some of the steps in creating a business can be tedious.  Furthermore, they can prevent you from focusing on what matters most.

Business startups engage the services of consultants on a regular basis.  This helps them take care of the early steps and provides expertise where necessary.

startup services

Bizmap LOVES Helping New Businesses!

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Bizmap is made up of professionals who have expertise on what is required by business startups to survive and grow to becoming a leading enterprise in their chosen field. We help business startups and the people behind them by deploying our unique expertise from our years of experience in providing them with practical solutions that have been proven over time that works.

A Starting point

The best time to seek professional advice and support is before starting the business. At, we will work with you to identify the most critical next steps and help you get started. We will be available to take your questions and advise you on ways to maximum return on investment.

The Benefits

When you engage the services of business consultants such as ours, we will help you better understand the early stages of forming a business and venture. You will gain faster expertise, which will give you an advantage in getting to the next phase faster. In most cases, we will help avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. We will also give you advice and clear much up for you.

With our expertise and knowledge, you will be able to focus on other vital elements of the newly formed enterprise. Engaging our services in business startup consultancy, takes away the burden from you, which would have been tedious for a new company. We will guide you through the startup process enabling you to focus on the long term business vision and goals.

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Bizmap’s Startup Services Also Include:

Business planning for Startups

businStrategy and planning

We will help you through analysis, statistics, and strategy. We will work with you as a trusted partner to plan the critical steps for your startup business.  We do this frequently for businesses all over the world.  You can trust us!  We have tons of experience!

Legal Business formation

We will advise you on legal business formation options such as sole proprietor, corporation, LLC and highlight the pros and cons of all of them, so you will be better informed to making the right decision in regards to the legal identity of your new business.

Business structure development

Bizmap will help you in the early stages of your business.

Aside from the above, we can also help you with the following services:

  • Vendor selection

  • Documentation to float your business.

  • Drafting of partnership deed/ LLP agreement/ Drafting of MOA.

  • Application for DIN/DPIN.

  • Application for the availability of name.

  • Filing of necessary forms.

  • Registration with statutory authorities.

  • Import Export code

  • VAT

  • Tax services

  • Accounting procedures and many more.

#1 Startup-Services

Professional Services For Your Startup


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Custom Web Design

Custom designed sites for your business

Social Media

Powerful influencers to market your brand

Logo Design

Logo design to enhance your brand and make your company stand out

Affordable webSites

Professional websites that won’t break the bank

Reputation Management

Online reputation management & enhancement

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