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Bizmap is an SEO Hoboken agency well known amongst its competitors!  Our company, located in Northern New Jersey, works with many clients just like you!

Hoboken, New Jersey is a mecca of popular businesses such as restaurants, bars and boutiqes, corporate institutions, and a hot-spot for working professionals.   Hoboken is one of New Jersey’s most sought out cities, as you probably already know if you’ve come across this page.  With it’s ecclectic mix of popular bars and restaurants as well as the city’s successful corporations, the beautiful city attracts professional and innovative minds due to it’s array of offerings. 

The digital marketing world is extremely competitive here in Hoboken.  Cities and popular areas are the most difficult to rank, as there are many businesses in line to be on page one of Google.  As a business owner, the rent is high and running a business in the community can be challenging.  There are many companies are banking on the much desired organic traffic that business SEO provides.  

Digital marketing is a industry with many facets and levels it’s hard to choose what to invest your money in.  However, SEO is important for every business and is the #1 successful digital marketing strategy there is that you can use.  Furthermore, it is a strategy that effectively drives traffic to your website and increases the money you make- ten fold!

In order to compete with this heightened entrepreneurial mindset of Hoboken culture, it is essential that you invest in SEO services for your business.  To put it gently, investing in professional search engine optimization services is mandatory.  If you don’t, you’ll likely encounter serious financial consequences.

For this reason, Bizmap’s Hoboken clients choose many different digital marketing services.  Bizmap LLC provides many levels of business SEO services that are effective.   SEO is a long term strategies that will enhance your business in many different ways.

On-Page Site Optimization

On-Page Website optimization is an essential first step to establishing your online presence.  Prior to any link-building strategy that is done to your Hoboken company, the Bizmap SEO agency will perform on-page site optimization.  For more info on a properly optimized website, check this out here.

On-Page SEO Includes:

Title Tag Optimization

Your title tag should have the main keyword in it.  This is crucial as your title tag is a very important on-page SEO element!

H1-H3 Optimization

Your headings must be properly optimized.  Your H1 heading should have your main keyword in it.  H2 and H3 headings should also have your keyword or LSI keywords, however it is important not to “keyword stuff”.

Quality Content

Your website must have quality content.  Thin or duplicate content on your website could end up getting your website penalized and negatively impact your rank.

Meta Description

Your meta description is what people will see in organic search results.  Your meta description should have your main keyword in it placed in the beginning of the first sentence.

Image Alt Tags

All images should have alt tags.  Alt tags indicated to vision impaired people what the images are about.  Your first image alt tag should contain your main keyword.

Media Elements

Media elements should be used to increase reader engagement, improve SEO and increase conversion rates.

SEO Hoboken

We’ll also help you with these crucial on-page SEO factors:

Page Speed:

The speed of your website effects on-page SEO.  If your website doesn’t load properly within 3 seconds, Google will notice and you could lose your ranking!  There are many different tools to check your page speed.  One of the tools you can quickly use to get a glimpse of your website speed is Pingdom Tools Website Speed Test.  Simply put your URL into the tool, select your location and press “start test”.  You will see if your website is in good shape or not.  Remember, ideally it should load in 1-2 seconds.  Anything over 3 could present major issues!

URL Restructuring:

Your URL structure is another important element of on-page search engine optimization.  Restructuring URL’s so they are optimized is an important element in your overall strategy. 

Keyword Analysis and Placement:

Proper keyword analysis and placement is crucial.  It’s not like you can just throw a keyword onto a site a million times and expect that the results will be positive.  There are Google Algorithms that can cause penalization of your website if the correct strategy is not in place.  This is something that only an SEO agency such as our skilled Hoboken team can implement!

How We Boost Your Website’s Online Visibility

Bizmap LLC has a strategic process to rank your website, and our Hoboken area SEO agency will get it done! It takes a lot to rank a businesss.  However, our skilled team of New Jersey experts have ranked many websites before.

The reason why our agency is so succesful is because we have a system that works.  Let me explain.

1. We Start With An Audit

Bizmap LLC provides a complimentary SEO audit ($350 value) whether you buy from us or not!  When you inquire about our services, we run your website through an SEO checker.  All you have to do is ask!

With the SEO audit, we will look at  a bunch of different metrics to analyze where your business website is at.  Some of the things we will look at are:


your website’s authority

your backlink profile

all elements of keyword analysis

organic traffic

traffic value to your website

site structure

competitor analysis

The above is a screenshot that shows one of the tools that is used to perform part of the SEO audit.  We use Ahrefs to analyze web traffic and to see the power of the domain, as per the metric “DR” or domain rating.  As you can see, the traffic value of the above site is $7.4K and the organic monthly traffic is 1.1K.  Additionally, by looking at the backlink profile of a website and referring domains, we can determine whether or not it is likely that we will be able to rank a website.

backlink analysis using Ahrefs SEO tool

The screenshot above shows how your Hoboken area agency, Bizmap LLC, can perform the backlink analysis portion of your audit with the same tools as mentioned previously (Ahrefs).  During the audit, it’s also important to look at anchor text and link diversity as they are indicators of what steps we can take to improve your rank.


The above screenshot shows another part of the SEO analysis process we will implement.  The Moz toolbar provides a quick glimpse of metrics and a starting point for the audit.  Other tools we will use are MajesticScreaming Frog SEO Spider and DeepCrawl (for much larger sites).


2. Presenting Your Audit

Once the SEO audit is complete, Hoboken area Bizmap LLC will present the audit through a personal video recording.  For the video presentation we use specialized software with a webcam and screen capture.  You can see an example pictured in the screenshot below.


screenshot of site audit presentation to client


The reason we use video presentation of the audit is simple.  Your site report will contain TONS of valuable information that you may not understand.  We’ve found that it’s easier for clients to digest the information when it’s explained in a full video that you can freely watch as often as you’d like.

Of course, Bizmap LLC is available for a phone consult regarding your analysis at no additional cost.


3. Recommendations

Bizmap will offer recommendations on our SEO packages and other digital marketing services.  Remember, we are not in the game of over-suggesting our services.  Packages are advised based on numbers and real facts.  We look at all the things that will truly benefit your company or brand and we seriously consider each service closely to decide if it will have a higher ROI than the initial investment of services.

Bizmap LLC is a team of honest workers known for integrity, value of services and expertise. When you win, it’s a win for us too!

Here is a PROJECT_PROPOSAL_SAMPLE for you to check out!  Remember, this is just a sample that has not been completed.  When we audit your site, we will have a project plan that is much more in depth and lengthy.  Furthermore, when our SEO Hoboken area agency makes recommendations, we look at a few different things to determine our plan of action.

a.  Your Bottom Line

b.  Analytics

c.  Buyer Persona

d.  Cost-Based Pricing

e.  Competition

f.   Lifetime Customer Value

4. Application

If you choose to work with Hoboken SEO, Bizmap LLC, our final step is implementing our strategy.  We will offer our time to you whenever you would like to touch base with us about your SEO project.  Additionally, you will have access to a Google Drive file.  The file will contain a project plan where ongoing reporting of all of our actions to your business website (on-page and off-page) will take place in real time.

Check out one of the project plans we use frequently here.   Remember, it is just a template and will be adjusted to your business as needed.  As you may have learned, search engine optimization is a highly indivudual process.  Every business requires different strategies.

If you look at the screenshot image below, you can see what one of the sheets (the opportunities tab) will look like as it’s being filled out.  You will have the ability to communicate through a commenting system as projects are being tackled and completed.


Additionally, we will set up regular phone calls depending on your preference and the frequency you would like to touch base.  Most of our clients text us regularly and you will have access to our personal numbers to be able to do that.

Bizmap LLC looks forward to hearing from you to begin the SEO process.  We are passionate about helping our clients to gain the online visibility they deserve.  It’s a competitive industry, but you’ve connected with the right team of marketing professionals!

Please contact us to request your FREE audit (of $350 value) or give us a call at your convenience.  We’re here to help anytime!


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