SEO 101 | Why NO ONE Knows Your Business Exists :(

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Not everyone knows the value of search engine optimization. In fact, most people don’t even really know what SEO is. In this post, we will break it down for you in a way that is easy to understand.  So even if you are not a digital marketer, you will really comprehend this vital marketing strategy.

SEO is the most profitable marketing process you can do for your business website.  SEO puts your product or service in front of potential consumers. But that’s not it.  The effects of SEO increase over time.  So although it isn’t a strategy that will receive immediate revenue, it is the best long term strategy for your company.

Of course, in order for SEO to be truly successful, it must be implemented by the right SEO agency. Furthermore, not many companies truly perform SEO as effectively as is necessary for real results.  While most SEO agencies do an ok job and get you on Google, it’s not that easy to get ranked #1 when there are millions of others competing for the same spot.  That is why SEO is so valuable a process!

With SEO, the technical elements of a website and the off-page signals pointing to a website are manipulated in a way that gives your website more exposure. The effect is that these strategies increase a website’s traffic.

If You Want Traffic, You NEED SEO

A lot of people think that if you build a website people will see it. Well, THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!

Just because a website exists doesn’t mean that it will show up in organic search results.  Your site is like a needle in a haystack without proper search engine optimization.

PICTURE THIS.  You literally throw a needle into a stack of hay then toss the hay around.  How easy will it be to find that needle?  Nearly impossible. 

When you think about creating a website, that’s what it’s like. When a website is designed without an SEO strategy, the site is literally thrown into Google among billions of other sites.  There needs to be a way for Google to see it and have it stand apart from the rest.  And how is it that you get noticed by Google?  You implement SEO strategy which tells Google that your website is valuable.

Well, that is what SEO aims to do.  And with proper SEO strategy, you can truly be noticed in the world wide web and begin to get the organic traffic every business owner dreams of.