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If you need a kick-ass corporate logo for your business, band or brand, start here!  Bizmap would love to help!

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For your complimentary design analysis, visit this link here.  Bizmap will conduct a full, FREE branding analysis for your corporate logo project.

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Packages include personal branding strategy, design and marketing materials

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Bizmap provides corporate branding packages to our business clients.  We begin with a FREE design analysis and move forward to create the perfect company logo.

Our branding packages include all files for print, web and social media.  Business cards, stationary and flyers are included with branding service purchases on request.

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As you see, creating a logo is not an easy task.  But Bizmap’s design team has the skill and experience to do it with success!

For a free design analysis, including an evaluation of your current logo and brand identity, call us today!  We are eager to help you with your corporate logo re-design!


Company Logo Design

Professional business and brand logos

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Bizmap can create a logo best suited for your business and professional needs.  If you need a logo quickly, we can do that as well.  Just let us know when you purchase your logo service.

Even for logos with a strict deadline, we will take the time to thoroughly assess your company and brand’s values.  We will research your industry, target market and many other things to ensure your logo is a success.  

Bizmap’s corporate logos are modern, professional and distinctive.  We study your business from top to bottom to come up with the smartest design.  Our logos are effective ways of communicating your brand’s values to the world. 

We look forward to helping you create your company logo!

Band Logos

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If you’re looking for band logos, you have come to the right place!  Begin with our FREE design assessment, and let’s get your logo project started!

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Our team will create a brand concept and strategy that is unique and dynamic

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Creating the right corporate logo is a job that is not to be taken lightly. Choosing a logo may be one of the most important things you can do as a business owner trying to establish a brand identity.  By implementing the right pre-design strategies into your design process, you are sure to find success.  By considering important factors, you will have a logo that represents your brand and is appealing to your customer base.

There are numerous factors which play into whether or not your personal or company logo is a success or not.  Typography, the shapes used in a design, and color all play an important role.  Colors such as blue and navy may be more associated with corporate logo design and professional establishments, while a personal logo of a lighter nature may be designed using brighter shades and more creative images.

Examples of such branding technique can be seen in businesses all over.  The importance of creating a brand identity is very apparent. Walk down the street in a town and you will see examples of  different logo designs on streets and buildings. 

Bright colors such as pink or fluorescents might be great for some companies but not appropriate for another corporate logo concept. But these are matters which Bizmap’s design team can easily assess and discuss with you.

Let Bizmap Design Your Business Logo!

If you are considering designing (or re-designing) a corporate logo for your business, Bizmap would love to help! We understand the importance of a great logo design for your company or brand.  Our talented graphic design team is eager to take on your corporate branding project.

Your beautiful, business logo design will synchronize your brand’s values and your customer’s needs.  Bizmap designs logos for a wide range of businesses, brands, and artists. We look forward to helping you with yours!

Corporate Logo Packages Include:

FREE Design Analysis

Complete Branding Strategy

Band and Artist Logos

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Custom Logos Starting At $145

Do you want a beautifully designed, corporate logo for your brand, band or biz?  Begin with a FREE Design Analysis. Just click the button below!

Your FREE Design Analysis includes:

  • complete analysis of your branding strategy

  • analysis of target audience

  • competitor research 

  • color psychology, style and font

  • consideration of design trends 

  • A well designed, mock logo


New Jersey’s Top Logo Biz Is Bizmap!

Here’s what we offer:

  • design pre-assessment including a complete visual and branding analysis

  • development of a powerful brand concept and corporate identity

  • smart, unique design that will drive business

  • complete customization of corporate logo design

  • revisions as requested

  • all files for print and web

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Why You Need A Strong Company Logo

You need a strong corporate logo or you won’t get noticed! It’s a simple as that!  A strong biz logo is the key part of every successful business!   In fact, the design of your business logo is probably the most important branding investment your company will make!

Your corporate logo should quickly grab the attention of an audience. Isn’t that what you want it to do?  Furthermore, a logo should communicate your company’s core values in an interesting way.  Whether your logo uses typography, images, symbols or color, the logo for your company should communicate your brand’s message to consumers.



Most consumers judge a business based on its appearance first.  A solid logo will help to create a good first impression. The logo is the foundation of your brand identity.  It tells a story about your company and what you stand for in the most simple way.

Other branding elements such as a website and business cards are vital to your success.  Without these branding components, your company would never be recognized.  Of course, prior to building a website you need a company logo.  So let’s just start with that!



When it comes to business, public perception is everything.  For this reason, designing the right corporate logo should be a top priority!  


Brand recognition is crucial

People should be able to instantly identify your business by simply looking at your logo.  Your logo should be identifiable even without the business name on it. This is because symbols are an effective way of communicating important information about your business.


your logo is the FACE OF YOUR COMPANY

A logo is the face of your company which means that it is much more than just a mere image.  It is also a crucial point of recognition for you your clients.

Your clients will form an opinion about your company in a matter of seconds.  Designing a professional looking logo helps to convey that your company is trustworthy, professional and provides high-quality products or services.  When designing your company logo, it is important to ensure that it is distinctive enough for people to easily recognize.

Your corporate logo should also create a great first impression. Whether it is on a billboard, company website or even on a pen, it should have an impact on your audience.

Other Branding Projects

Let Bizmap help you create the right branding strategy for your business.  Our talented design team looks forward to creating your corporate logo!

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