Online Marketing Where To Start

online marketing where to start

Online Marketing Where To Start


Are you interested in online marketing and where to start? This post will give you some quick answers to your questions.  In this post you’ll learn everything about online marketing and where to start for best results.  So read on to learn more!


We’re In A Digital Marketing Era


If anyone were to look back at the world as it is now, the simple truth is this. We’re in a digital marketing era where there is so much opportunity to make money.

The reality is that if you’re not making money you really need to be because it’s just so easy to do!  There really is no excuse!


You Need To Get Online


No matter what approach you take, the bottom line is that you need to get online. Of course, there are recommended courses of action we would advise you to take.  But one way or another, whether you take a fast approach or a little by little, DIY approach, get your business on the internet ASAP!



5 Crucial Steps For Beginning With Digital Marketing


Below, we will go over 5 crucial steps for beginning your journey in the digital marketing arena.  Now, we advise you consult with a professional such as Bizmap LLC however, many of the steps below you can do on your own!


STEP 1: Set Up A Website


Step one is the first step and a very important one, to say the least.  You will want a professional website that portrays your business in the proper light.  In the event that you cannot afford to hire a skilled web design agency, you might want to consider putting payments on a credit card.  The reason being is that it is vital to get something professional going as it is a long term investment and a reflection of your business.


Most web design agencies are willing to work with your budget to some extent.  Many have competitive payment plans so you don’t need to pay all the money upfront.  Whatever you choose, you should consider hiring an agency based on a few factors:


  • Professional portfolio of work
  • Reviews from past customers
  • Referrals from people and businesses who have utilized their services


In any event, if you are doing a website redesign, many companies will offer a free audit of your current site where they will assess what needs to be done and where your site currently stands.




STEP 2: Get On Google My Business


Getting your company listed on Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most important things you can do if you are a local business.  GMB is essentially the yellow pages of the online world. It’s where people go to find reputable services in their location.

Here are a list of great articles you should read on GMB:



If you read these articles thoroughly, you should have a pretty good understanding of Google My Business and its importance.  While you can certainly set it up yourself, it pays to have a local SEO company do it for you.  Google My Business setup is of vital importance so it’s best to do it right the first time!




STEP 3: List Your Business In Important Directories


Another very important thing to do is to list your business in important online directories.  For example, and depending on your industry, you may want to consider the following online directories and sites as they have a very high authority and will give your business a lot of online exposure:



This is a small list for you to get started and gain a ton of more exposure online for your business.


STEP 4: Get Active On Social Media


Becoming active on social media is another important part of how to start with online marketing.  Now, not every social media channel is created equally. If you have a retail or ecommerce business, consider using a platform such as Instagram to market products and showcase some of what you offer. Instagram is a great place for before and after’s as well as showing off items such as clothing, beauty products and more.


If you are a professional offering a professional service, consider a site such as LinkedIn to begin showing off your expertise.  Share important updates and network with like-minded people for best results and increased credibility.


Here are some social media sites to consider for getting started:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook Business
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


STEP 5: Do Search Engine Optimization


Step five is a crucially important step for long term progress and growth of your business.  Search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO) is an important set of strategies that will help you gain authority online.  Hiring an SEO agency such as Bizmap LLC is a great thing to do as a foundational starting point for your business.


Investing in business SEO services, you can expect to see the following results:


  • Increase in web traffic
  • More organic leads and phone calls
  • More emails to your business inquiring about services
  • Increase in profit and revenue
  • More and better targeted leads


Choosing the best SEO agency is never really easy.  However, it’s important that they start with a free SEO analysis to indicate their knowledge and what needs to be done.


In addition, and if you don’t know a whole lot about SEO, take a look at these articles here to start:



Additionally, if you have the time to learn SEO, you can do so too.  Although if you are running a business you definitely won’t have time for that I don’t think!




Now you should have a pretty clear understanding of everything that needs to be done to put your business in front of customers.  This should have explained to you all about online marketing where to start.