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NJ SEO agency, Bizmap LLC, is a top-rated company specializing in search engine optimization.  We are located in Northern New Jersey, however we have customers all over the globe.  Choose us for SEO Parsippany, SEO Hoboken, Business SEO Services, Real Estate SEO and more!

FACT: SEO is the MOST PROFITABLE marketing process there is! The more consistently it’s done, the more phone calls, traffic and money you will make from people naturally finding your business online!

Our local SEO is great for business trying to rank in the Google maps 3 pack. We combine SEO strategies with reputation management for a winning combination!

Bizmap's organic SEO services combines both on and off page SEO with extensive keyword research and analysis. You'll definitely rank with us!

With off-page SEO, we'll build links to your site to increase online exposure. With this, you'll see rank improve dramatically!



A lot of people think that if you build a website people will see it.  Well, THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!  

Just because a website exists doesn’t mean anyone will see it.  THINK ABOUT THAT:  You can invest money in a website, but unless it’s properly optimized, no one will be able to find it.  Your website is like a needle in a haystack without proper search engine optimization.  Visit this link to learn what is SEO.

“Organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic,” (search engine journal).  What this means is that SEO is vital (unless your business is run completely on referrals).  Get started today and see the difference it makes tomorrow!

The Value Of SEO

SEO gets you more phone calls. Period.

Fact: most website traffic comes from “organic search

In Short: doing SEO will get you more website traffic.

You need SEO to get web traffic!


SEO Will Lead To:

Business SEO Services

How Is Your Website Is Performing?

    When You Purchase 3 Months Of SEO

    Get One Month SEO Maintenance FREE!!!

    Here are some of the main elements that will be included in your SEO package.  And guess what?  We’ll give you one month FREE when you choose to work with New Jersey’s Bizmap LLC!

    Free design Analysis

    When you work with Bizmap, we do extensive keyword research, mapping and analysis. We want to make sure we rank your business and get you the traffic you want!


    We will continually build out your website with new, SEO optimized webpages and content to improve rank. SEO content will also be created as part of the off page link building strategy implemented.


    Your website will be carefully structured to drive traffic and capture leads. This will be done on an ongoing basis as we continually build out your site.


    Your website's rank will continually improve. We target specific keywords however many kw's will cumulatively begin ranking. All will be outlined monthly via video and hard copy reporting.


    Link building is an important part of off-page SEO. We use different techniques for link building depending on the DA of a website.


    Traffic analytics and metrics are tracked in a shared client google drive file. We use Google analytics and search console in addition to Ahrefs, Serprobot and other tools to effectively monitor web data.

    Do You Want 100% More Web Traffic?

    Do you want over 100% more organic traffic and unique web visitors than you're currently getting? Request your FREE quote now and we'll tell you how you can get started!

      More Information On SEO


      What Is SEO

      SEO is the process of Search Engine Optimization.  In this process, a seo expert such as New Jersey’s Bizmap LLC, will do a bunch of different things in an attempt to rank a website.

      Website ranking does not happen by accident.  It is a process that includes over 200 different things.  Check out this article here on Google’s 200 ranking factors for more information on what SEO is and exactly who it works.

      With SEO, different parts of your website are structurally changed so that when the search engines crawl (or look at) your website they understand exactly what its about and the keywords it is targeting.

      TAKE THIS EXAMPLE: As an example, if you are a florist located in Parsippany, NJ, you want a customer to find you from the search query: florist Parsippany NJ.

      NJ SEO search query example

      What SEO Companies Do


      If you wanna know what SEO companies do, this article here is really going to help you out!  Let’s break it all down for you so you can understand exactly what SEO companies do for your business.  And if you’re a service area business that needs SEO, you’re in luck!  We can triple your traffic and get you results ten-fold!

      SIDE NOTE: Or maybe I should say it like this.  This is what companies that offer search engine optimization SHOULD be doing.  I can’t speak for everyone, but this is what NJ SEO agency, Bizmap LLC does! That’s for sure!


      On-Page SEO

      One of the things that is done first is On-Page SEO.  With on page SEO, the structural elements of a website are adjusted so that the search engines have a clear understanding of what the site is about.


      H1-H3 Heading Tags

      H1-H3 headings are going to be changed and keyword optimized in order to give search engines a clear understanding of the objective of your website.  For example, take a look at the image below.

      on page SEO new jersey

      Meta Description

      With SEO, NJ SEO agency Bizmap LLC will adjust the meta description of the pages of your website.  We do this so that your web page description is completely clear to users who perform a search query and stumble upon your site.

      The meta description should have your main keyword in it flush left in the description of the webpage.  Take a look at our example below to know what I’m talking about.

      NJ SEO meta description image

      Keyword Density

      NJ SEO agency, Bizmap LLC knows that the proper keyword density needs to be used on a webpage.  We write perfectly optimized SEO content in order to put your website in front of readers.

      Content is created by a professional content writing team.  We do not use any type of spun content or content from content farms.  We have specialists who are well trained in producing content that converts visitors of your website to high paying customers.


      Image Alternative Text

      Image alt text is used to indicate what images are about. This is to signal to Google what the image is for and how it serves the purpose of the website.  With SEO, it is all about User Experience (UX).  New Jersey SEO and Web Design Agency, Bizmap LLC is well aware of this fact.

      The first image has keyword optimized alternative text to boost SEO rankings.  Bizmap LLC knows how to prepare your site with proper structuring to rank higher!


      Page Speed Optimization

      Page speed is optimized so that your site doesn’t get penalized for bad page speed metrics.  A site with good page speed will load in under 3 seconds.  You can use this free tool here if you want to know what your page speed is.

      Some of the tasks that are done to make your site faster include:

      • compressing images properly
      • minimizing requests (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
      • resizing files
      • reduce number of redirects

      For more info on page speed optimization, take a look at this post here on Moz.


      URL Structure Optimization

      NJ SEO company, Bizmap LLC, is well aware of the fact that improperly optimized URLs will lead to decreases in search rankings.  As an example, your URL should be clean and have your main keyword in it.  This is proper URL structuring that is done to every page of your website to ensure that it ranks.

      Page Title Optimization

      The page title of your website is the #1 most important SEO element on the page of your site.  Can you believe- a ton of SEO agencies don’t even get that right.

      With page title, that and the H1 heading tag should be optimized for the main keyword on the page.  This is a crucial part of on-page SEO you don’t want to mess up!


      Internal Linking Structure

      The internal linking structure of your website is an important on-page SEO element.  Basically, you want to link properly to other pages on your website.  This will transfer some of the authority and also lend to a better user experience for visitors of your website.  As an example, if you’re offering information about a service, and there’s another page on your site that supports the information you are providing, you should give access to that page to your readers.  This is done primarily through adding a backlink and anchor text that properly explains the page the link goes to.


      External Backlinks

      The external backlinks of a website should provide a better UX to visitors of your website.  What this means is that if there are any resources that can back up your content, you should certainly let your readers know!

      In addition, your external backlinks should be nofollow. This is so that you do not mistakenly pass authority to other sites you are just using as references.

      Local SEO

      Local SEO is another part of the optimization process.  NJ’s Bizmap LLC does this at the beginning alongside the optimization of structural website tasks.  Getting Local SEO right is a huge thing for local businesses.  It’s crucial to be displayed in Google Maps, but it’s not easy to get in the maps 3 pack results.

      Businesses that are displayed in Google maps get there due to a variety of local optimizations.  Below we will go over a few of them.


      Location Based Pages


      Creating valuable location pages for your business is a surefire way to get in the Google Maps 3 pack.  In your pages, you should have various location signals that tell Google a few important things:


      • You are a business that is located in a particular area
      • You service clients in certain areas
      • Your services are taking place in particular geographical regions
      • Your NAP (name, address and phone number) are all clear in your location pages
      • Directions might be included to signal important geographical information


      Location pages are very important for your SEO strategy. For example, if you are a dentist that is servicing Parsippany, NJ, you will want that to be very clear from your website.  Failing to do so can lead to problems in ranking in your area.

      parsippany NJ seo image screenshot

      Citations And Directory Listings

      Citations and directory listings are an important (crucial) factor that sends Google valuable location signals about your business.  It’s important for citations to be complete and consistent.  That means, if you are saying you are located at a certain address, it needs to be reflected in the same way across all of your listings.

      Errors in consistency could affect your local ranking.  And I really don’t want to see that happen to you!


      Google My Business

      Probably the mack daddy of all local SEO platforms is valuable Google My Business.  You can hire an agency (such as NJ SEO agency, Bizmap LLC) for Google My Business setup and optimization.  I would highly recommend that you do this, because setting up Google My Business is no joke when you’re looking to rank a business locally.  There are so many different things that need to be done, too.  You need to do it right!

      NJ Bizmap LLC GMB listing optimized

      Some of the optimizations that take place with your GMB listing include:


      • Adding appropriate categories
      • Optimized business description
      • Correct and consistent NAP
      • Accurate hours that are consistent
      • Review optimization
      • Responding to customer reviews
      • Image optimization
      • and more

      Off-Page SEO

      With off-page SEO, a lot is done that adds value to your website.  Basically, your showing the search engines that your site is important to others.  This happens by optimizing the number of backlinks going to a website.

      How is this done, you might be wondering.  It done through many different processes.  Every agency has a different method for increasing backlinks and boosting a website’s authority in the online marketplace.  Some methods people use are better than others, but any way that you get a dofollow backlink that points at your site is part of off-page SEO.

      There are some important things to consider, however.  If you have a low quality (spammy) website that points at your money site, that could mean trouble and penalizations to your rankings.  NJ SEO agency Bizmap LLC is a team of experts that literally analyze each backlink thoroughly to determine whether or not it would be a good candidate to use as part of our SEO strategy.

      How SEO Works (and why you need it!)

      Here’s Why You NEED SEO!!!


      So you’ve come to learn the mystical world of SEO?

      You’re in Luck!

      Today I’ll show you exactly how it is in the world of SEO!

      If you are a business then it is especially important to learn as you can start using it to monetize results.


      Let’s go over the basics:


      SEO = search engine optimization.

      You can think of optimization as utilizing certain tools. Tools that will improve your listings on a search engine.

      Today we will be specifically referring to the massive search engine known as Google. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it!

      The Editor

      Sometimes it’s best to think of Google as an editor at a newspaper.  When you get on Google, their algorithm decides where to place the website based on a myriad of factors from keywords, to content, to page views.

      SEO Gives You The Tools To Improve Your Business Search Results

      When you use SEO, you essentially alter the site and what’s happening around it.  You change the structure of the website itself, and you cause other online sources (such as blogs, directories, and social media) to create signals that point directly to your website

      Now, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty. The little things that make it all add up!

      There Are Four Categories To SEO

      Optimizing Keywords

      Google, just like a physical directory, has categories that are built in to consolidate and find information faster and more efficiently. So also like directories, Google uses keywords as a tactic. When finding out what keywords to use, an SEO agency will ask these questions:

      • What kind of style of keywords will customers be using.
      • Is there a specific location that the results should target (You don’t want to browse Los Angeles hair salons when you’re in New Jersey!)
      • What is the crux of what the person wants with this search result.

      From there, every word that is searched in the search bar is analyzed by Google.


      On-Page SEO

      If you think of your website as a physical location. Google needs to make sure that your website is user friendly, well designed and meets quality standards. The same as a city council sending food inspectors, making sure permits are in order, hearing complaints if there have been a rise of problems with your business, etc. If you have a website built so that the walls are falling down and the cash register isn’t breaking anytime soon, you’ll be good!.

      Hiring a web design agency in the best interest of someone looking to increase their online business significantly. They are experts in code and other parts of the website infrastructure.

      Main keywords and other keywords are unique to a page, so when the first two elements out of the four are combined it can result in different pages of website ranks at different levels. It’s always a good look to have most to all pages on website ranking highly. If we go back to the physical store comparison it’s aspects of your store coming together that make people interested. If the store has a good atmosphere, a good selection of items, in a nice building, with good customer service and an easy way to make payments you’re probably in pretty good shape. That leaves us to help improve the location!

      All web elements can then be optimized with other LSI keywords.


      On-page SEO includes:

      1. Page title
      2. Meta Description
      3. URL structure
      4. Page speed
      5. Image optimization
      6. SEO content
      7. Keyword density
      8. H1-H3 headings


      Off-Page SEO

      Think of off page SEO as your marketing and distribution chains. For a business to run properly you need that local jersey wholesale, good posters, good standing with the landlord and bank.

      In the world of off page SEO, factors can include social media signals, backlinks, referring domains, and press release distribution.  Ai is quickly changing this, but like any job, learning the fundamentals never hurts!


      Local SEO

      Local SEO is, as you would guess, VERY important to local businesses. If you have searched for anything logical recently you have probably seen a drop down for information in the middle of the page that includes a lot of important information about whatever you are searching. This is called a “snack pack” or “3 pack”. Think of it as when you ask a friend what the best burger shops are in New Jersey. There are probably about three that your friend would speak highly of, and have some more information on (location, phone number, what else they sell besides burgers). This is consolidated in Google – except Google is that friend. The 3 pack is important because a lot of times it is the first clump of results people look at when deciding where to go or what to buy.

      Local SEO Elements Include:

      • Google my business optimization
      • directory listings and citations
      • reviews
      • location specific pages


      It’s Combination That Makes the Numbers Fly!

      As most business owners know, when a couple elements of your business are lacking it can tank the operation. When all the elements are working together is when something truly magical happens! In this same way you need to have your harness fastened to climb up the ranks. In doing we highly recommend hiring an expert that knows the ins and outs of SEO and how they can help you succeed

      SEO requires a patient practice to fully learn the elements and we imagine you are quite busy running your business already to take up a separate job! Not to mention the changing landscape in which it exists. When you fully learn one part it may not be as relevant anymore.

      But with diligence you will see an inspired increase in traffic to your website, and with any luck to online purchases!


      End of Story


      SEO is a mess to explain! This being said when the elements are understood they come together nicely, and can give you the tools to grow your business quicker than you ever dreamed possible. The future is online, and bringing your business not just up to speed, but in a way the exudes quality and competency is so important.

      For all the little pieces it takes, it may not be soon that you will fully understand it. Educating yourself is a great first step in climbing up the online food chain.  We hope you learned something informative and perhaps necessary and would love you to reach out to NJ SEO Bizmap LLC for a FREE consultation today!