My Website Doesn’t Show On Google

My Website Doesn’t Show On Google!

Have you ever said, “my website doesn’t show on Google!”?  To be completely honest, many of my clients say this to me before I begin working with them!  And they’re not very happy about it!


Unfortunately, this is a very common problem that happens to most people with websites.  And the fact of the matter is this: just because you have a website doesn’t mean that it will show up on Google.


Google Real Estate Is Super Competitive


Having a “ranking position” on Google, and occupying valuable Google real estate is super competitive and takes a lot of work.  If you want to know how competitive it is, why don’t you try this little test so you can see.


TRY THIS: If you want to know just how competitive it is show on Google, do a search.  Take this example: if you are a dentist in Parsippany, NJ, type in the keyword phrase: “Dentist Parsippany”.


Right under the Google header bar, you will see the number of results that populate for your keyword.  Take a look at the screenshot below for a visual.


where is my website on Google
website on Google and number of results

The fact of the matter is that this is the number of websites that are competing with yours for that sacred and cherished first page of Google!  Now, do you think it’s an easy job to get you to a ranking position that people will see?  Hell no it isn’t!


Why Your Website Doesn’t Show On Google


There are a number of reasons why your website doesn’t show on Google or anywhere else for that matter.  And in today’s day and age, not having a website online is a HUGE problem.


There are 200 factors that influence a business’s ability to show up on Google.  You can read more about that in this informational post here.  You can also read this great post by Bizmap LLC that explains exactly how to increase your online presence.


200 ranking factors Google

The fact of the matter is that it’s really not easy to rank a business website.  Especially in the more competitive niches.


Ideally, you will want to hire a skilled business SEO agency to do so.  It’s not easy to find a good one, but you can start by reading this awesome article on what do SEO companies do.  It will really be a great starting point for you and your business!


The benefit of ranking includes some of the following things:


  • No need for paid advertising
  • You can literally remove your sales team or any cold calling and emailing you’re doing
  • Little to no need for other traditional marketing
  • Results constantly improving
  • Organic leads and phone calls that come as a result of your business showing up online


How To Get A Site Online


Getting a site online is something that a skilled SEO agency can do for you.  In fact, you can read this article that will teach you how to choose the best SEO agency.  Of course, we’re a little biased and highly recommend Bizmap LLC!  But it doesn’t hurt to learn a few common methods for choosing an agency too.


The truth is that getting a site online takes a lot of effort, resources, time and money.  Well, time can be cut down by spending more money invested in the SEO process and the cost of SEO can be trimmed down a bit if you’re willing to wait a little longer for results.


search engine optimization image

A great article that goes over some of the facts of SEO costs is this one here.  We think it will be very informative for you to read before reaching out to SEO agencies such as Bizmap LLC.


Why You Need To Be Online


In today’s day and age, you really need to be online.  Most people find businesses and services by doing a search on the internet and the statistics regarding that are increasing year after year.


If you want to get some foundational information on how to get a business online, you can begin by reading this article on why use Google My Business.  We are pretty sure it’s the best starting point and you’ll learn a ton!


Without a business that has an online presence, you will fall victim to your competitors and get left behind in the dust. You will be limited in getting new customers too because you’ll only be able to get customers through referrals and other forms of marketing (which aren’t as effective).


how to get a business on Google maps


SEO Will Make Your Site Show Up In Search Engine Results


SEO will make your website and business listings show up in search engine results.  Basically, SEO is everything that is done to a website on and off of the website that improves its online presence and makes it show on Google.  There are many different things this includes from creating social media accounts in the hundreds to doing keyword analysis.


Don’t worry!  We’ll explain everything in a minute down below.


What Is SEO


Let’s start by explaining exactly what is SEO.  You can read this article on how SEO helps your business too.  I would bookmark it so you don’t forget because it’s a good one!


Basically, if you are wondering where is my website, you need SEO.  In addition, if you want your business to show up on Google Maps, you need local SEO.


why use Google My Business?

By the way, Bizmap LLC provides local SEO to companies all over the United States.  You should definitely consider them!

Basically, SEO reverse engineers what customers are searching for online through a process called keyword analysis.  Once it is determined the words you want your website to come up for in search results, SEO is done to make that possible.  Basically, things are done to the website on the website and off the website to make that happen so your customers can find you on Google and you can get phone calls without having to advertise.



The Different Parts Of Search Engine Optimization


There are different aspects of search engine optimization.  From the structuring of a website so that it’s easily understood by search engines to ever-so-important keyword analysis. You can begin with a free website audit if you want to know how search engine optimization can help your business.


In addition, we go over exactly what it takes to rank websites so that you show up on Google.


Keyword Analysis


Keyword analysis is the first part of search engine optimization.  It is crucial to determine which keywords you’re going to try to rank prior to beginning an SEO campaign.



In choosing keywords, you generally want to choose phrases that are high in search volume (average number of monthly searches) and low in competition.  From there, you can begin to implement SEO strategy to drive results!


Local SEO


Local SEO is crucial if you are a business that operates in a specific area. With local SEO, your business website and listings are optimized to show up in a particular vicinity or region.  Here are some of the different parts of local SEO.


a)Google My Business


Probably the most valuable part of local SEO is having a Google My Business listing.  Google My Business is a free platform where you can display your business and other relevant information for free.


With proper Google My Business setup and optimization, your business will show up in the cherished Google Maps Snack Pack (or 3 pack).  You will see benefits in getting more customers and phone calls as well.


google maps local SEO

Important parts of GMB include:


  • Name address and phone number (NAP)
  • Business description and services or products
  • Images
  • Business hours
  • Website
  • Review optimization


b)Location Pages


Location pages are built out as part of the overall SEO strategy.  With location pages, it’s important to signal to Google and the search engines that you are a business that operates in a particular area.



c)Directory Listings And Citations


Directory listings and business citations create powerful signals that tell Google more information about your business and where it operates.  Doing this is an important part of local SEO and helps boost rankings in Google Maps.


On-Page SEO


There are many different things that happen on a website (or on-page) to improve online presence.  Below we will discuss a few.  You can also read this great article on a perfectly optimized website by Backlinko.

Take a look at the diagram below for the different elements of on-page SEO.  In addition, continue reading because I’ll explain everything!

moving company- on page SEO 

a)Page Structure

With on-page SEO, the page structure of a website is optimized so that it is easily digested by Google and website users.  With every page on your website, you really want a hierarchy of headings and subheadings that utilize keywords properly.

Some of the on-page SEO structural elements include:


  • H1-H3 headings
  • SEO content
  • Title tag
  • Image alt text



Content should be properly optimized so that it is targeting keywords and promoting a call to action for web users and visitors of your site.  Content writers are generally hired for this as creating SEO optimized web copy requires a high skill level.


In addition, length of content and word count is taken into consideration.  Long-form content is of high value in the SEO world.


c)Other Factors


Other important factors include (but are not limited to) page speed, responsive design and user experience.  Creating a web page that answers web users questions and provides the information they are seeking is the ultimate goal.


Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO is the stuff that happens off of your site that increases page rank.  Below we will discuss a few of these things.




Link building is a process highly coveted in the world of search engine optimization.  Creating links that go from other websites to your website increase your site’s DA and rank.


People approach the process of building links in a multitude of ways.  By choosing safe, white hat methods for link building you will see long term benefits in SEO and rankings improving without harming your site.


b)social media


Social media can be approached in a variety of ways when it comes to SEO.  For one, you will want to have social media accounts to indicate the authority and relevance of your business online.  In addition to this, creating valuable content that others share is a sure-fire way to gain relevance and SEO rankings online.


Showing Up On Google Is Super Important


Showing up on Google is super important.  I just can’t stress this enough!  If you position yourself correctly for customers to find you online, you will be rewarded with the benefits of organic traffic and leads.  And this is what every business owner wants, isn’t it!


Being online is crucial as more and more customers seek out business by ways of online channels and resources. If your business is not online, unfortunately you want have much of a chance in today’s online arena!



Your Business Deserves To Be Online!


If you care about your business, you should certainly invest in its growth.  Your business deserves to be online and get the amount of attention it truly deserves.


Bizmap LLC Can Help Your Business Show On Google


Bizmap LLC can help you improve your online presence.  In addition, we will help you show up on Google, too.


We hope this post has been thoroughly informative.  In addition we hope you now have the answer to your question of my website doesn’t show on Google.