List My Website With Google

list my website with google

Frequently, I hear from clients, “Please list my website with Google!”.  This is a very common request, especially if you’re also wondering if your website will ever make money.

People often wonder who secures those valuable listings in Google’s massive index.  However, I’m here to explain what it takes to be featured on the front page of Google.  And it’s more than simply submitting a listing.


How To List Website With Google

If you want to list your website with Google, don’t worry.  In this post, I will teach you exactly how to get featured!  However, it’s MORE than just simply submitting a business listing.


You Need SEO

In order to show up on Google, you need SEO.  You might not know exactly what SEO is, and we completely understand that.  So why don’t you take a look at this article and find out what is SEO.  It includes a video and short blog post that really breaks it down very simply.

In order to show up in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) you need to do SEO to your website.

Well, actually- YOU DON’T DO IT. 

A skilled web design or SEO agency does it for you!  NJ Web Design Bizmap LLC offers business SEO services, so you can start by reaching out to them!

How Do You List A Website On Google Through SEO

So now that we know that it’s SEO that essentially lists your website on Google, what exactly does it entail?

SEO is comprised of several different things:

Keyword Analysis aims to list your site for different key search terms or phrases.  A keyword is a word that is typed into the Google search bar (or the search bar of any search engine).

The results that are listed when you hit enter or the search icon are listed due to the keyword research that has been done and the intentional optimization of the website.  It is rarely by accident!

search query

the keyword or search query in the above screenshot is “Paramus roofing contractors”

In the above screenshot, you can see that the search term is Paramus roofing contractors.  The businesses that get listed on page 1 of Google have been optimized for that search phrase.

Keyword research is done when an SEO campaign begins.  It is a foundational element of SEO that determines the success of any SEO campaign.  And this brings us to the second step towards getting listed on Google- on-page SEO.

On-Page SEO are the actions done to a website that improve it’s ranking (or where it is listed on Google).  So your website needs to be properly set up and structured well for it to be visible online to customers.

Additionally, Off-Page SEO is the stuff that is done off of a website that effects it’s ranking.  This includes link building which I will not explain in depth in this post.

Finally, Local SEO are things that improve ranking in the local maps snack pack or 3 pack.  These things include citation building, reviews, location and prominence.

image of google maps 3 pack or snack pack



Although you certainly should familiarize yourself with some of the SEO basics of internet marketing, your NJ SEO agency Bizmap LLC offers a FREE Video SEO Analysis!  This is awesome because we literally take you through your entire site through video and webcam and show you why your site isn’t listed on Google.

You can begin by requesting a FREE video audit of your website by contacting us (or at the above link).


A Skilled Agency Will List Your Site Online

Now, I know it’s tempting to think that you can do it yourself.  However, if your primary source of income comes from your business you will have a lot of competition to go up against.  Getting your website listed to show up in search engines is not an easy thing.

Of course SEO costs money.  However it is cumulative and you will see the results, traffic and phone calls grow over time.  So opting to take a stand and get your site listed on Google so that it ranks is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business.  SEO is the most profitable marketing strategy there is, so you should think long and hard about it.

So if your website is lost online and you want to be found on Google, I hope you’ve learned some key strategies.  If you’re wondering, “where is my website“, you should STOP WONDERING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  

You can get your website listed on Google if you understand what it entails!