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Bizmap is a NJ SEO agency with a home base in Parsippany.  If you are seeking a top agency for search engine optimization in New Jersey, we’re the one to choose!  We are committed to providing solutions that rank businesses just like yours!

Not everyone knows the value of SEO

Search engine optimization is the most profitable marketing process there is.  However, this is only true when you use the right agency like New Jersey’s Bizmap LL.  We know it’s hard to know who is best if you don’t understand SEO or have the proper tools to analyze your website and its progress.

With SEO, the technical elements of a website and the off-page signals pointing to a website are intelligently manipulated.  These strategies are implemented to increase a website’s traffic.

You NEED SEO to get web traffic


A lot of people think that if you build a website people will see it.  Well, THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!  

Just because a website exists doesn’t mean anyone will see it.  Think about that.  You can invest money in a website, but unless it’s properly optimized, no one will be able to find it (unless they have a link to the exact URL).  Your website is like a needle in a haystack without proper search engine optimization.

By changing the on-page and off-page elements and restructuring site data (such as meta data, H1-H3 elements, and image ALT tags), you can begin to see visitors to your site.

Proper SEO and web development is an vital part of ANY thriving business.  Below is info on Bizmap’s on-page and off-page SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Can Grow Your Business More Than 100%!

Yes- SEO can and will grow your business.  Think of a “snowball effect”.   As a snowball rolls down a mountain, it collects more snow and gains momentum.  Eventually, the snowball is huge and mows everything down in it’s way.

Well, SEO is that snowball.  When you hire NJ’s Bizmap for search engine optimization of your business website, you can expect your results to improve over time.  Furthermore, the authority and traffic to your website will continue to grow as long as you continue with SEO.

Now, if you are looking for a quick fix to your traffic woes, SEO isn’t instant web traffic.  However, Parsippany’s Bizmap LLC can rank your site pretty fast.  Faster than our competitors, at least. 

We consult with our SEO clients to determine the best strategy for ranking your website.  Everything we do, we will run by you first. 


On-Page SEO Includes:

  • Keyword research

  • SEO Content (written and edited)

  • Website restructuring

  • URL Restructuring 

  • Page title and metadata tag development

  • Paragraph heading and text content creation

  • Image file name and ALT attribute planning

  • Internal link building

  • Regular Reporting

Off-Page SEO Includes

  • Tiered Link Building

  • Social Media Development

  • Local SEO

  • Google Maps Set Up and Optimization

  • Social Bookmarking

  • External Link Analysis

  • Reporting


The Power Of Ranking on Google

If you want to learn more about what SEO can do for your business, I’m happy to tell you all that i know and try to explain it as best I can.  Bizmap is a Parsippany-based search engine optimization agency that can definitely help you rank and improve your organic traffic!  We are NJ SEO experts dedicated to helping other businesses rank.  Because of our knowledge, we know how to do it.  Whooo hoooo!

If you are curious to find out more about this vital marketing strategy, you have come to the right place! You can also learn more about SEO with this beginners guide to SEO by Moz.   Bizmap provides digital marketing services to businesses near and far.  We are a comprehensive agency that carefully analyzes your business to develop a strategy that works.  

As you may know, there are many factors out of our control that can contribute either positively or negatively to yoru website’s rank.  Some of these factors include what others say about your business (reputation), google algorithm updates, branding choices, off-page link building and more.  It’s important to hire the right agency to carefully look at your business and decide what is right for you.  Not all businesses are the same.  Each business requires a unique plan of action.

Search engine marketing and optimization can improve your business in many ways.  NJ’s Bizmap is here to help! The strategic optimization of your website will increase traffic and leads and generate better conversion rates.  Your business will see a huge improvement when you hire us.  Why wouldn’t you?

What Is SEO?

To break it down- On page search engine optimization are SEO techniques that apply to the webpage you are attempting to rank in search engines.  The SEO strategy to improve search engine ranking is pointed at specified search key word. In contrast, Off page search engine optimization is optimization techniques applied to “Off page” criteria.  Off page SEO would be the optimization that is done for your website on other people’s websites by creating links to improve search engine ranking. To put it in very general terms, off-page SEO is all of the information about your site from other sites.  It’s what the world is saying about you.

Overall, the off page search engine optimization requires managing any inbound linking structure of the inbound links to your website. The bottom line is that off page search engine optimization includes structuring your inbound links in such a way in that the search engines recognize your website as having more value than other sites.


On-Page SEO vs. Off-Page SEO

So how important is on-page search engine optimization? Liz Roncevic, founder of NJ’s well-known SEO agency, Bizmap LLC, was recently asked that question.

“On page search engine optimization is extremely important.  It creates relevancy and traffic to your website.  Without proper on-page SEO, your website wouldn’t be found in search (or at least not for a very long time).  However, on-page SEO on its own will not get you to page 1 of Google.  That is why it is vital to combine it with an off-page link building strategy. ” Says Liz 

You could have a website that has perfect structuring and on-page SEO but you still won’t rank (in competitive industries)!  It’s the combination of site structuring and tiered link-building that ultimately will rank your business.

Implementing a strategy with Parsippany’s SEO experts is well worth the cost!  We offer business SEO services that will put your business on the map.


  • increased visibility

  • better ranking in SERPs

  • more clients

  • more organic traffic

  • more “word of mouth” marketing from increased exposure

New Jersey’s Search Engine Ranking Experts

Bizmap is well known as an excellent SEO company in New Jersey.  People love our services. Here’s what has lead us to our AWESOME reputation. 

We Provide:

  • Expert On-Page Optimization

  • Quality Off-Page Tiered Link Building 

  • Engaging SEO Content 

  • Expert Site Analysis

  • Improved traffic and ranking by over 100% 

An SEO Agency That Will Make You Money!


If you are looking for SEO services that will get you results, Bizmap is the NJ SEO company that can help!  Our  web marketing agency specializes in the internet marketing services that will positively impact your online presence.  We offer corporate level SEO, web design and social media marketing, among other things.

Many of our clients are located in New Jersey- close to home.  However we have a number of clients in other states and countries as well.  Learn more about SEO Hoboken and SEO Parsippany.

Bizmap LLC is highly recognized for services including real estate seo services

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What to expect From NJ’s Bizmap LLC

If you work with Parsippany’s Bizmap, you can expect to see continued progress. Search Engine Optimization is not a quick fix.  It’s a long term investment.  Although results increase over time and aren’t visible immediately (it usually takes a few months) it is one of the most profitable marketing methods used.  And when done by an expert, SEO can really be a game changer.

Of course, Bizmap provides reports access to files in Google Drive so that progress is tracked throughout your marketing campaign.  You will see the results from the phone calls and leads you receive daily and you’ll also see what we’re doing, step by step in real time.

You Will See:

  • improved search engine ranking

  • improved website user-friendliness

  • increased organic traffic

  • a seamless user experience for website visitors

We are one of New Jersey’s most reputable agencies for search engine optimization. In fact, your NJ SEO, Bizmap LLC, will get you ranked- and we’ll do it fast, too!

Now You Know The Importance Of SEO

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