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Bizmap provides premier internet marketing services to companies large and small.  If you are seeking digital marketing and development of your online presence, we are the right team for the job.  Bizmap’s internet marketing solutions are comprehensive and tailored to your business’s unique needs.  We offer a range of packages in the areas of web design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, branding and more.  Call us today and get your business on the map!  The digital map!


Our Services


Show up in search results and improve your google ranking

Custom Web Design

Custom designed sites for your business

Social Media

Powerful influencers to market your brand

Logo Design

Logo design to enhance your brand and make your company stand out

Affordable webSites

Professional websites that won’t break the bank

Reputation Management

Development of a positive online presence

Popular Services

Bizmap offers a variety of internet marketing services.  We are conveniently located in Parsippany, NJ not far from New York City.  We have many popular digital marketing solutions for you to choose from.  However, our top services are SEO, Web Design, Reputation Management and Logo Design.

  • Custom Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding Services
  • Social Media Marketing Services

We pride ourselves in the digital arena and provide customized, quality services.  We are strategic, professional and results-driven.  Our customers truly love us, and we know you’ll love us too! Choose New Jersey’s premier agency, Bizmap LLC!

Which Services Do You Need?


FREE Custom reports

Start here and get a FREE analysis of up to $350!


Choose a FREE report:

Business Analysis

Crisis Management Quote

SEO Audit

Online Reputation Quiz

Design Analysis

Bizmap will email you results and a full report within 48 hrs.



Custom logos and other branding projects


If you need a logo, Bizmap's design team would love to help!  

We begin with a FREE analysis of your current logo or brand concept.  We are eager to help with your corporate logo or band logos project!  (And you can find out more about creating a brand identity here!!!) 


Influencer Marketing

Marketing by top influencers


Bizmap offers influencer marketing from top social media influencers.  We also offer social media management to get your business the exposure it deserves!

Websites & Landing Pages

Websites for ANY business


Bizmap is a top web design NJ company.  We have many options for your business's website needs.

*For startups, we recommend checking out our affordable web design options 

*Established businesses with deeper pockets and a larger budget should consider Bizmap's custom web design or corporate web design packages.  

BE AWARE: Whichever package you choose, you can rest assured that your website will be responsive, professional and exactly what you want!


Bizmap's budget-friendly options are professional and responsive.  Our affordable site design packages would be best suited for new business owners or owners on a budget.  

Our custom websites are more than just functional and sleek.  They are designed for the established business owner looking to make an impact by showcasing his or her brand to the world.  Our custom built sites are carefully strategized sites that are structured to generate leads and convert.  These sites  include stock photos, videos, content, on-page SEO and more!

Local & Organic SEO

SEO services for local and national clients 


For NJ SEO services, Bizmap can help!  We offer business SEO services to get your company ranked and are very popular for real estate SEO too!

We offer local SEO services to local business.  Please check the links below for more information:

SEO Parsippany

SEO Hoboken 

You can also learn what is SEO if you aren't quite sure you understand the process.

Social Media

Development of your online presence


Bizmap offers many different services to enhance your online social media presence.  Some of these services include social media development and marketing, influencer marketing and reputation management services.

Reach out to the Bizmap marketing team and we can direct you to the appropriate business solutions.

Quality Marketing For Your Business Or Brand

If you are seeking a reliable digital marketing service, look no further. Parsippany-based Bizmap is all that (and so much more)!

Bizmap is a New Jersey agency offering a range of online marketing, design and SEO services. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in improving their businesses.  We look forward to helping you with yours!

Our unique approach to internet marketing has been working for us for a few years now.  We are a team of experts in all things digital.  If you choose to work with Bizmap, you can expect thoroughness, 

expertise, and a spirit of wanting to assist our customers.  That’s right, we want to improve your businesses!

Bizmap’s services range from search engine optimization, to website design and branding to reputation management and much, much more.  Our NJ digital agency always has the end in mind.  With every project we search for the right strategy for our clients.  The answer is different for everyone, but we love figuring it out!

We truly look forward to putting your business on the map and know you will love our services!

Our Projects

web design by online marketing company
moving company website
author custom site
health coach website
web design by online marketing company

About Our Web Design Services

Bizmap’s all-inclusive web design packages will get your business up and running. Our New Jersey agency will do it all!  And without the hassle or cost of going to multiple vendors for services.  We are the best website designers for small business, and that’s the truth!

Bizmap’s professional services are carefully customized to meet your company’s needs.  We are your one-stop-shop for web design!  Now, I know you were set on learning tips for how to design a website, but why don’t you just hire a pro?


Our custom-built websites include site design, stock photos, and graphic design services.  We include photo editing and logo design with your web design package.  Furthermore, SEO set-up will be implemented on your custom-built site.

Bizmap is NJ’s leader in website design.  We look forward to building your custom site! If you are a startup needing more affordable options, visit here.


Bizmap has many different services.  We offer professional web design and web redesign packages, SEO services, social media marketing, and corporate logo and design packages.  If you are looking for a quality web marketing agency, contact Bizmap.  Our internet marketing service packages are the best!

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