How Web Design Affects SEO

how web design affects SEO

How Web Design Affects SEO


If you were wondering how web design affects SEO, this post will answer all of your questions.  Here, you will learn the importance of a properly designed business website and how having one will positively impact your bottom line.


Web Design Is Really Important


If you weren’t aware of it, web design is really (REALLY!) important.  It’s a form of ongoing marketing that promotes your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In addition to this, your website is the first impression most people have of your business or brand.  Focus on making a good first and lasting impression is crucial when considering building a website.


A website has the ability to draw new customers in if it is structured and designed correctly.  A bad website can negatively impact your business and cause customers to run for the hills.


But besides just being important for aesthetic reasons, your website has the ability to do so much more than simply look good and provide great branding cohesiveness for your company.  In this post we will go through all of the ways your site can impact the way you show up in search engine results (SERPS).


The Structure Of Your Site


The structure of your site can do wonders for your SEO.  NJ SEO company, Bizmap LLC emphasizes website structure over everything else.  But most web design agencies do not do this, unfortunately.


The result of a poorly designed site is that your business will literally be lost online. If your website doesn’t show up on Google it’s a dire situation.  However, it happens more often than you think.


If your site is properly structured with good on-page SEO, search engines will easily interpret what your website is about.  The result is that your business site will be properly presented to people online searching for your services.


Conversely, a poorly developed site will confuse search engines (and web users).  When people conduct a search for your services you won’t get the natural boost from good engineering.


Things To Ask Regarding Structure


There are a few things you should ask yourself regarding the structuring of your site, and whether or not it properly satisfies user intent and provides a good user experience (UX).  Here are some questions to contemplate:


  • Does my website make clear its purpose?
  • Is my site easy to navigate?
  • Is information about my business clearly stated on my site?
  • Are there headings and subheadings (H1-H3 headings) in the content?
  • Are the titles of each page SEO optimized?
  • Is the content over 350 words on each page?
  • What is the load time of my website?
  • Are there clear calls to action on pages?


The Content On Your Site


The content on your site impacts SEO tremendously.  If content is well written and SEO optimized, chances are your website will perform much better.


Content should be professionally written and make clear an idea you are trying to present.  Whatever your site is about, the content should be carefully curated to provide information to website users.


Here are some content guidelines to keep in mind:


  • Long-form content performs better in search engine results
  • Duplicate content is a big no-no
  • Each page on your website should be 100% unique
  • Keywords should be used but not overused (no keyword stuffing)
  • Content should be easy to read and provide relevant information to website users



Other Aspects Of Your Website Also Affect SEO


In addition to the structure and content on your site, there are other things that also affect your website’s SEO.  Ask any business SEO services company, and they will certainly agree!  Below we will go over some of the other factors that impact search engine optimization.


Appropriate Linking Structure


Internal and external linking is extremely important.  In essence, you want webpages to be appropriately linked to other pages on your website.  In addition, navigation and linking should be properly siloed to follow a hierarchy of content flow within your website.


Internal links and external links should provide a better user experience to web visitors.  In addition, they should make navigating your website an easy and seamless experience.


Each page should have approximate 6 or more hyperlinks manually added to it. This provides for better user experience and flow of traffic.


Images And Media


Images and other forms of media can directly and indirectly improve your SEO.  Embedding a YouTube video into a page of your site (properly optimized, of course), you will create a better user experience and boost to your online presence if handled correctly.


In addition, visuals provide a better user experience and increase dwell time on your site.  So adding media is a big plus in that it helps to stimulate user-ship and boost your SEO.


A few notes on images and media:


  • Make sure images are properly sized so that the file doesn’t cause page speed problems
  • Your first image alt text should be keyword optimized with the main SEO keyword for that page
  • All images should have alternative text
  • Properly optimize your videos with a keyword optimized description and link to your site
  • Embed videos into your site



Visual Appeal And Cohesiveness


The visual appeal and cohesiveness of your website can improve or hinder search engine optimization.  If a site is visually pleasing, a user might stay on it longer.  In contrast, if your site is a hot mess, users might immediately feel distrust and leave your website.  This will cause bounce rate to increase and your search engine rankings could drop and be affected.


Making sure your site is a positive representation of your company is a great way to indirectly improve your SEO.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Keep your target audience in mind when designing your site
  • Try to make your site organized and structured
  • Hire a good corporate web design company to properly develop your website
  • Branding is important so do it right the first time




We hope this article has been truly informative.  You should know the importance of keeping this all in mind when choosing a web design company for your next project.


You should now be well aware of how web design affects SEO and we wish you all the best!