How To Show Up In Google Maps

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How To Show Up In Google Maps

Do you want to know how to show up in Google Maps? Well, you are not the only person wondering how to do so. Many service area businesses want to know how to show up in Google Maps or simply just get their business on Google Maps. And guess what? The truth is that it’s easy to do if you follow a few simple steps and do a few important things to improve your local SEO.

If you’re here to learn how to show up in Google Maps, I’m going to tell you some tips and tricks that will help your business do just that. So read along to learn everything you need to know on how to improve your business’s local SEO.

google maps local SEO

What Is Google Maps

So if you want to show up in Google Maps you are probably also wondering what Google Maps actually is. The top 3 listings in Google Maps (also know as the Google Maps Snack Pack or 3 Pack) is a cherished part of Google Maps. It’s an area that people searching for local businesses are acutely aware of and focus on when searching for a business in their location for a service.

Google Maps is essentially the largest online directory of local businesses. If you are a local business, you’d be a fool to not utilize this free platform for your business listing.

Many wonder why their website doesn’t show on Google. Many also wonder why their business doesn’t show in Google Maps. Well, to show up on Google, your website needs to be SEO optimized. To show up in maps, your business needs to be manually added to Google My Business. To show up at the top of Google Maps (in the Google Maps Snack Pack), your business website and GMB listing needs proper local optimizations.

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How Do Businesses Actually Get On Google Maps

So how do businesses actually get on Google Maps? They get on google maps by adding their business listing. Here are step by step instructions to list your business on Google Maps and finally show up!

STEP 1: Go to Google My Business

STEP 2: Click the blue button on the upper righthand side of your screen. This button says “Manage Now”.

STEP 3: If you already have other listings on Google My Business, make sure you are logged into your Gmail account used to manage them. You will choose “Add Business” to add your business to Google Maps. If you do not have listings on Google, you will want to be logged in to a gmail account you would like to use to manage your GMB listing. From here, once you click “Manage Now” you will be prompted to add your listing manually.

STEP 4: Once you go through all the prompts, you will be asked to verify your GMB listing. At this point, you listing is on Google Maps but it will not show on Google Maps until the listing is verified.

STEP 5: Optimize your listing properly so that you show up in the Google Maps 3 Pack. In order to do this, you’re going to need to hire an agency to help you such as Bizmap LLC.

Some Tips For Adding A Business To Google Maps

Here are some final tips to show up in Google Maps and add your business properly so that customers can find you!

TIP 1: Be Consistent.

Make sure all of your information is consistent across Google Maps, your website and on other platforms too. This will help you to show up in maps and higher up too! Consistency pertains to your physical address, hours of operation, link to your website, business category and more. Having an inconsistent listing can lead to not showing up in Google Maps.

TIP 2: Add Photos.

Adding photos to your GMB listing (including images of your business exterior and interior, a logo, team photos and more) is something that will receive engagement and that Google will consider when choosing a business to rank higher in Google Maps. Adding photos is a great way to have a complete profile and show up in Google Maps.

TIP 3: Add Name, Address and Phone Number.

Add your name, address and phone number to Google Maps in order to have a complete listing and rank higher in the local search engines.

TIP 4: Get Reviews And Respond To Them, Too.

Make sure to get reviews from your customers. In addition to this, respond to reviews in by using some of your SEO keywords in your response.

TIP 5: SEO Optimize Your Business Description.

You’ll want to SEO optimize your business description properly. It should be 750 characters and have your SEO kw’s in it. Refrain from keyword stuffing though to avoid any type of penality.

TIP 5: Add The Right Categories.

Adding the right categories is super important. You can use GMBspy to see what categories your competitors use and choose the same categories for your own business. Be sure to use as few categories as possible to avoid any penalties. You don’t want to category stuff as GMB might keep you out of the Google Maps Snack Pack.

TIP 6: Do GMB Posting.

GMB posting is an effective thing you can do to increase your online presence in Google Maps. There are many tools you can use for GMB posting, or you can do it on your own manually.

TIP 7: Hire An SEO Agency To Help You Show Up In Google Maps

You’ll want to hire an SEO agency to help you show up in Google Maps. SEO is an investment, but it’s one that can change your business tenfold.

why use Google My Business?
why use Google my business

Conclusion: How To Show Up In Google Maps

In conclusion, getting your business listed in Google Maps is easy. However, showing up at the top of Google Maps (on page one) is a little more difficult. Hiring the right SEO agency such as Bizmap LLC is the first step in doing so. And we hope you make the decision to do so.

You now should know how to show up in Google Maps and we wish you all the best.