How To Get More Web Traffic

How To Get More Web Traffic


So, you want to know how to get more web traffic?  Let me tell you something.  You’re certainly not the only person who wants to boost traffic to their website!  This is a common thing many website owners want!


AND THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS: I’m going to teach you some simple ways to boost your web traffic.  The things I’m going to show you in this post can be applied immediately-  even if you are not a digital marketer!  How cool is that?


how to get more web traffic 

Why Getting More Web Traffic Is Crucial

So let’s begin with some simple concepts so you understand why so many people want web traffic. 


THE TRUTH IS THIS: To the average business owner, web traffic is a highly cherished commodity that many owners of online websites never experience.


MOST PEOPLE DO THIS: Most people willingly fork over thousands of dollars to have a website designed by a reputable web design agency.  But guess what happens? NOTHING!


That’s right.  Just because you have someone design a website for you, doesn’t mean anyone will see it.


A Website Does Not Guarantee Traffic


Now, I know this is confusing.  But a website doesn’t guarantee traffic.

I’m telling you the absolute truth.  In order for people to see your website, you need search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO) is a process that helps the search engines understand what your website is about.  SEO is done so that the search engines (Google) can (hopefully) feed your website to people who might be searching for something that is answered by your website.


TAKE THIS EXAMPLE: If you went online to find a craft beer bar in Morris County, you would expect to be given results related to craft beer bars in Morris County. 

If Google delivered results that were related to ice cream parlors instead of craft beer bars, then clearly you would be confused.  You would probably realize that the results you were fed by Google were not relevant.  Additionally, you would not stay on any of the ice cream related websites for very long.


This example is essentially the crux of what SEO is about in very simplified terms.  SEO is the process of gaining valuable web traffic to a website which, in turn, will improve the website’s rank.

To learn more about what is SEO visit this link here.  There’s a great video in the post that might help you out a bit.



What Is Website Traffic?


So now to the subject of what is website traffic.  Easy peasy!  Let me explain!


Website traffic is the number of people who visit your website.  This is usually measured monthly or daily.  There are many tools that analyze website traffic.


Website traffic can be analyzed in many different ways.  In today’s world, we understand more than simply who stumbles upon your website.

Here’s what you can learn about website traffic using some of the website analysis tools that are available:


  • How long did a website visitor stay on your website?
  • What is the bounce rate of your web page?
  • Conversion rate data (what percentage of users make a purchase).
  • What is the cost to bring in visitors to your website?
  • What keywords and search queries bring people to your website?
  • What actions do visitors of your website take?



These are just a few of the website metrics you can study using some of the common tools on the market.  Now let’s discuss some of the popular tools you can use to analyze data.



Below are some of the tools commonly used to analyze and understand website traffic:




Google Search Console

Google Analytics


Screaming Frog





Google Search Console:  This is my preferred “free tool” for website traffic analysis.  You can do so much with it once you have verified ownership of the website you are analyzing.  You can learn how to do that here.


Google Search Console offers monitoring of server errors, performance monitoring tools, indexing tools, Google search traffic data and more.


Google Search Console is a great tool for web traffic!Google Search Console is a great tool to analyze web traffic



Google Analytics: Google Analytics works hand in hand with Search Console.  Once you have verified ownership of the site you are analyzing, there is so much you can do. With Google Analytics, you can analyze top performing content, identify content that doesn’t perform, understand web visitors, analyze campaigns and more.


Bitly: Although Bitly is most commonly known as a free URL shortener, it offers website traffic analysis features to help improve your understanding of content performance.


With Bitly, you can create custom links, analyze data, and integrate seamlessly with other third party tools.  Learn more about Bitly’s offerings here.


Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog SEO Spider has a free version which offers tons of value.  With the free version you can crawl up to 500 URL’s.


Screaming Frog is basically an application that crawls your URL’s and shows you what site crawlers may see when they visit your website.


This is great for analyzing what’s going on in a website.  You can quickly identify site issues, broken links, optimization problems and more.  Ultimately, fixing all of the on-page issues will lead to better, more controlled website traffic.


Although Screaming Frog isn’t directly analyzing website traffic, it’s an important tool for understanding what’s going on with your website.





Additionally, there are numerous paid-for tools that are well worth the money.  The tools below are all in one SEO tools that accurately analyze website traffic and offer lots of valuable information.



Moz Keyword Explorer



Crazy Egg


Every tool offers something a little different.


TIP FOR SEO AGENCIES: If you are an SEO agency starting out, try using an all-in-one paid SEO tool in conjunction with Google Search Console and Analytics.  Additionally, you can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool for free alongside Ubersuggest.  This is a great way to start off and get the most benefit without having to spring as much on paid tools.


TIP FOR BUSINESSES AND WEBSITE OWNERS: If you are a business owner looking to increase web traffic, ask your business SEO service which tools they are using.


Here are a few questions you might want to ask:


  1. Will you integrate my website with Google Search Console and Analytics?
  2. Could you explain to me how to understand these tools so I can keep an eye on data?
  3. What other tools do you use to analyze my website traffic?
  4. How is reporting done?
  5. How much 1 on 1 time are you able to offer me to go over these important metrics every month?


Be aware that SEO isn’t always simple to understand.  Hiring the right agency that will explain traffic patterns and customer acquisition is crucial.


Companies such as Bizmap LLC are excellent with their commitment to explaining everything to their customers.  They do this through free video audits that are done as part of the reporting process.


Additionally, you can use this helpful web traffic guide as a resource to make sure your agency knows exactly what they are doing!



Why Do I Need More Web Traffic?


Now that we have touched upon tools for analyzing website traffic, let’s discuss why you need website traffic.


In today’s day and age, businesses need to be online.  Having an online presence as a business is important for several reasons:


  1. Reduces the need for other means of marketing
  2. Puts your business in front of consumers
  3. Increases the credibility of your business
  4. Offers opportunity for passive income
  5. Generates business
  6. Gets your message out to potential customers


Statistics about the importance of having an online presence are startling:


Google averages 40,000 searches every second. (WP forms)

55% of people conduct an online search for prior to purchasing an item. (KPMG)

47% of people will visit a business website prior to making a purchase. (KPMG)


What the above statistics show is that more and more, people consult online by doing a web search to aid in feeling confident about making a purchase.


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: If you are a business that doesn’t have a website or an online presence, you will be irrelevant over time.  This is a frightening reality for any business owner in today’s day and age.


Gaining  Valuable Website Traffic

 The most important factor for gaining valuable website traffic is quality and relevance.  Let’s dive deep into quality traffic below.


Quality Traffic


There are many different types of website traffic.  But quality traffic is what every business owner truly wants.


Quality traffic equates to having a web visitor who finds relevant information on your website.  Your traffic should clearly indicate that your website is servicing the internet searcher in the proper way.


Driving low quality traffic to your website will lead to nothing.  You won’t make any sales from it and users won’t derive any type of value from your site.  The effect of this is that your website could be penalized by losing some of its authority and rank.


Quality traffic meets these criteria:


  • Provides helpful, relevant information to an internet searcher
  • Answers a specific question
  • Points a searcher to the right resource that they are looking for
  • Adds value

Top 3 Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Business Website


There are many different ways you can drive traffic to your business website.  However, I’m going to tell you the top 3 ways to do so.

Some of the methods used to boost traffic to a business website are better than others. But the three methods below, when done correctly, can yield excellent results.


google SEO tablet image



SEO is the most effective, long term strategy for increasing web traffic and ultimately making more money.  You can read how SEO works here for information on everything related to this process.


SEO is basically the process of reverse engineering web traffic.   An SEO agency will analyze what people might search in order to find a business such as yours.  After this, they alter website and off-page signals so that the search engines understand that your website should appear to users searching for specific key phrases.


There are different parts of SEO:


On-Page SEO


On-page SEO deals with the structuring and setup of a website.  A business’s website is properly optimized so that the search engines can understand what it’s about.  This is done by creating SEO content with proper keyword density, adjusting and optimizing URL’s, optimizing the page titles and heading elements, and much more.


Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO is the stuff that’s done off of a website to signal to the search engines prominence and authority.  By creating backlinks that are high quality, SEO’s can drive traffic to a website and boost rank.


Local SEO


Local SEO deals with directory listings, citations, Google My Business, and location relevant pages.  These signals indicate to the search engines the areas that your business operates. This in turn effects your website traffic in that your website will appear to customers within your location.


Local SEO includes:


  • Directory listings
  • Citations
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Reviews
  • Location- specific web pages


Using Paid Advertising


Paid advertising is one of the ways to get more traffic.  In my opinion, using paid ads can be hit or miss. Paid ads can be run through social media or Google Ads.


Different platforms benefit businesses differently.  Google Ads can help businesses and websites get in front of customers searching for services and products on both Google search and maps.  Paid advertising on social media platforms is done differently and can benefit businesses in an equally effective way.


It’s important to understand your potential customers and to know where they might be looking for your services.  This is crucial when using paid advertising to increase web traffic.


Social Media

Social media is a great way to get in front of people who are using social media.  You may post something on social media and then funnel people to your website to make a purchase.

With social media, it’s important to fully understand the platforms you are using to drive traffic.  It’s also essential to be aware of your customer base, what they are looking for, and what entices them to engage with your business.


Ways To Boost Traffic On Google (For Free!!!)

Whether you know it or not, there are really effective ways you can boost your web traffic today without having to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Below we will discuss the top ways you can do this and boost your web traffic today!

google my business listing screenshot


Google My Business

Google my business is an extremely valuable tool for people looking to establish an online presence for their business.  The best part of this is that Google My Business (GMB) is free.

Setting up a Google my business account isn’t that difficult either.  Read more on why use Google My Business here.  Additionally, you can read more on how to get a business online to learn about setting up your business correctly.


How To Get A Business On Google Maps


Most SEO agencies will handle and set up your GMB listing.  However, if you don’t have the funds to hire someone, it is perfectly fine to do it yourself.  Read more about listing your website with Google here.

Tips For Your GMB Listing:

  • Make sure you fill out NAP
  • Update your listing by creating posts
  • Optimize your GMB listing with reviews (read more about why reviews are important here)
  • Include images such as your logo, team members, and location
  • Include a description that is keyword optimized


These are just a few tips to get your business up and running on Google.  If you follow these you should be in really good shape!

Visit this page here if you want Bizmap LLC to setup and optimize your Google My Business Listing!


Guest Post

Guest posting is another great way to generate web traffic for free.  Basically, you reach out to websites and blogs in your niche. From there, you let them know that you’re interested and willing to submit content by writing a free blog post.

Most people in today’s day and age would be happy to take your offer.  However, many of these sites are set up specifically to target businesses such as yours that want to boost their online visibility.  So don’t feel surprised when your offer is met with a payment requirement in order to submit your guest post.

Many websites will ask for money to cover posting, processing and the boost to your online presence you will receive.  Some things you may want to ask:

  • How many words should my guest post be?
  • Do you allow relevant, dofollow links within the article body?
  • Are you open to negotiations on the price of the guest post?
  • Do you have a guidelines page for submitting guest posts?


Other Ways To Boost Online Visibility To Your Website


Use Yelp

Although Yelp may seem to be the enemy for many businesses, it really is not.  You should try to look at Yelp for what it truly is- a great tool for promoting your business and increasing its credibility.


yelp to increase website traffic


Use yelp to your advantage.  Ask customers to review you on Yelp if they are happy with your service.  We assure you, you will see the results ten-fold.

So before you delete your Yelp account, focus on making the most of it!


Off-Page SEO

We went over off-page SEO a little bit earlier, but focusing on building backlinks through guest posting, social media, and other organic ways is a great way to boost traffic to your website.

Off-page SEO includes:

  • Content
  • Blogs
  • Bookmarking
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Links


Long-Form Content

Creating powerful, long-form content is another great way to get web traffic.  Dig a little deeper when you create content.  Seek to answer specific questions and go really in depth.

More than simply creating an article that has a higher word count, long form content should provide value to the reader.


Keyword Analysis

Analyzing keywords and topics properly is a great way to drive web traffic.  There are many tools you can use to do this.  Some of the ones I like are the following:

Creating content based on what you find using keyword and topic analysis tools is a great way to increase your web visits that will benefit you in the long term.


Engage With People Online

You can engage with people online to increase traffic to your website.  You can engage people on different platforms, through comments, and through your content, too.

By engaging with people online, your website will see many positive effects.  In addition to generating traffic, the authority of your website will also increase as people visit it more often.


Things To Avoid That Are Supposed To Increase Web Traffic

You may have heard about easy fixes to bringing in more web traffic.  Well, the truth is this.

With billions of websites online, the competition to get people to visit your website is high.  If there really was an easy AND risk-free way to get web traffic, everyone would do it.  So you should avoid anything that sounds too good to be true or too easy to be true.


Here are a few things to avoid:


  • Automated link-building tools
  • Using PBN’s
  • Low quality links
  • Paying for likes, followers, and reviews

In the long run, taking the easy way out will end up hurting your company.  Additionally, you could be penalized and ruin your reputation.  And if that happens, you will need to hire an agency for reputation management.

I REALLY don’t want to see that happen to you!!!!


SEO Is The Best Way To Get Web Traffic!!!


You have likely learned a lot about how to generate traffic to your business website.

Furthermore, you may know that if you want continuous traffic to your website, SEO is your best option.  Additionally, some of the local SEO techniques we discussed are free for you to begin doing immediately to your business website and listings.


However, gaining valuable traffic is an investment that will lead to long-term benefits.  It’s not easy to get web traffic, but hiring the right business for enterprise SEO or agency SEO will pay off a million times more than what you invest.



In addition, we look forward to hearing about your success with increasing your online presence and gaining valuable web traffic.  We hope that you have learned a lot about how to get web traffic and wish you the best of luck in your journey with your business.