How To Get More Business

how to get more business

How To Get More Business

Wondering how to get more business and how to get new clients? Read on to learn everything!

Local business owners understand that no matter how good business is, it can change instantly. Keeping yourself and your business relevant in your industry is the only way to command customers’ loyalty year after year. Businesses just starting out know they must get new clients. This is also true for companies who have been in business for years and have established clientele. If they do not develop and maintain a marketing plan, they will eventually grow stale, their customers will move on, and they will find no new customers purchasing their products and services. 

Let’s discuss what companies must do in this modern age, to keep their current clients and get more business. 

how to get new clients
how to get new clients

Keeping Your Current Clients

The idea of how to get more business and how to get free leads cannot be addressed without first taking into account keeping your current customers. Some companies put so much effort into finding new business; they negate their current ones’ effect on their bottom line. A repeat customer who is happy with your products or services is worth much more than a one-time purchase first customer. Here is how to keep current clients: 

  • Email & Text Marketing: Having email addresses and phone numbers of your current clients is an excellent way to stay in touch with them. It also helps to keep your business in their minds, so they do not forget you are there. Start a campaign to occasionally send deals and information on new products and services you offer. 
  • Offer Customer Rewards: Programs such as discounts for current customers will create loyalty. People want to feel that you care for their patronage. There doesn’t have to be large discounts. A small showing of your appreciation in the form of a deal will go a long way. 
  • Interaction: Besides wanting to be appreciated, customers want to be part of the businesses they use. If you already have customers following your company on social media, use it to ask questions and gain responses from them. This keeps your social pages in front of them and keeps their attention on your company. 

Now that we have taken a few steps to keep our current clients, it makes it worthwhile to spend time gaining new ones. 

How to Get New Clients

Next, let’s move into the strategies that most marketing campaigns are made for. Gaining new clients through traditional print means is still relevant today. However, they are not as effective at the return on investment as digital marketing. In fact, the best marketing plans are a combination of the two. Let’s now look at several of the most effective digital marketing strategies to help you get new clients. 

6 Amazing Ways To Get More Business Right Now

Here are 6 amazing ways to get more business right now!

Smart Web Design

Websites and web design agencies have been common for over 20 years. For much of this time, webpages were built as a type of traditional phonebook with pictures. When visiting websites in the past, it was to see a list of products or services, read some frequently asked questions, and maybe obtain a phone number and directions. 

This has changed, as websites are now as interactive as if customers are stepping into a traditional store. Designing a website with interactive 360-degree views of products, videos, and real-time chat or video interaction with employees has created a space to draw in customers. If your competitors are still running the same old static pages, their customers will be yours with a modern and smart web design. 

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With smart web design, here’s how businesses can get new customers:

  • Key in on people’s desire for convenience
  • Provide information that customers may need
  • Create pages that are user friendly and represent the brand
  • Have visible CTA’s that entice users to take an action and choose your business
  • Track valuable data that will help companies continually improve on the way they do business
SEO is worth it and will make you money!
Smart Web Design and SEO will make you money!

Local SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO has been an ongoing marketing strategy for businesses for a few years. You might be wondering, “is SEO worth it?“. And let me tell you. Yes. It is.

You can get free leads with SEO

Over time, SEO has proven to help local businesses even in years past. The reason for this is the mobile phone revolution. Smartphones have created a world where your customers can access the internet 24/7. Did you know that most people with smartphones will search for your business online even if someone else recommends it in person? They also will use a search engine to find companies whose products or services they are interested in. 

Since SEO uses keywords and phrases built into your site to rank your business at the top of search pages, it is essential to have. If your company is not using SEO, you will not have an online presence when potential customers search for what you sell. People are more comfortable with companies with a prominent presence online, which helps build trust between businesses and new clients.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is a combination of technical, on-page SEO and off page strategy used to build a company’s online presence.  With organic SEO and through hiring an SEO agency, the purpose is to show up in what’s known as the organic search results. You can try to learn SEO too on your own too if you’d like. But it isn’t easy and hiring business SEO services (such as NJ Bizmap LLC) is highly recommended.

While local SEO places emphasis on a business appearing in the Google Maps Snack Pack or Google Maps 3 Pack, organic SEO is better for companies that rely on traffic that is “information based” and answers a user’s questions.

Both forms of SEO help a company show up online and establish a better online presence. The result is that a company can get more business and get new clients through the use of organic SEO.

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC or pay-per-click ads are probably the closest to traditional print ads, although they are different in many ways. The most obvious difference is that you only pay when someone interacts with your ad online, as the name implies. This allows for your ad campaign to cost much less, as you only pay when someone is interested in what your ad says. This interaction also means that whoever clicks on your ad is interested in what you are selling. As you can see, your return on investment is much more effective with PPC ads than with traditional print ones.

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online marketing

Active Social Media

As with keeping customers, social media is also essential for getting new ones. The key to using social media is to make sure the accounts you use are regularly active and interact with your potential new clients. This means you must do much more than setting up an account and forget about it. Posting photos, videos, questions to the public, and more is an excellent way to get people involved with your social media accounts. Seeing your account active on their tablets and phones each day is a great form of free advertising for your business. 

Blog Article Writing And Guest Posting

Two of the best ways to create new clients is:

  • To help them with their needs.
  • To become the authority in your field.

Blog articles and guest posting (off-page SEO) are a good solution to making both of these come true. Articles are used to give potential customers free information that is beneficial to their lives and establish your company as an authority they come back to for information. Guest posts strategically place your link in content on other sites which automatically extends your reach and increases SEO.

These two types of content also tends to be shared by those who read them, which creates an organic advertising campaign for your business. Using the two in conjunction creates a winning campaign that will ultimately get you more business and get you new clients too.