How To Get Junk Removal Contracts

how to get junk removal contracts

How To Get Junk Removal Contracts

Companies in the junk removal business must compete with others for business. Marketing strategies are essential to make sure the company stays relevant in a field that grows each day. Traditional marketing has been around for many years and still serves a purpose. In today’s world, digital marketing has added a layer of promotion that is just as essential. In this article, we will discuss how to get junk removal contracts using marketing techniques and how digital marketing is key to your business. 

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5 Easy Tips To Get Junk Removal Contracts

Traditional Marketing

Marketing in the past, or as we call traditional marketing, involved several different ways to get the word out about a business and its products and services. Below are a few examples of traditional marketing methods. 

  • Print Ads: Ads placed in magazines and local newspapers were and still are a way to get business for a company. Although not in use as much as in the years past, this type of marketing can still have a niche for the right demographics. 
  • Direct Mailing: The printing and direct mailing of ads to mailboxes is still a proper way to market. As long as people have mailboxes that receive correspondence, this type of advertising will be around and can be effective. 
  • Signage: Signs displaying a company’s services and products along busy roadways are still an important part of an effective marketing campaign, especially with the advent of digital signs making the price more cost-effective. 
  • Radio and TV Ads: This type of advertisement, although expensive, still provides a good return on investment for junk removal companies. For this to be true, ads are more effective when run locally. 

Although traditional marketing can be expensive, it is a viable option in a well-rounded campaign that includes digital marketing strategies for junk removal companies. 

Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing has developed and been refined over the past few years to give businesses better returns on their advertising investments. There was a time when marketing on the internet was more in line with large national businesses. However, improvements over the years have developed strategies just as important to local businesses. Since junk removal services are almost all local entities, they can now take advantage of these practices. Let’s take a look at the different digital marketing strategies available. 

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SEO Strategy

In the past, many companies thought of websites as a static page with a phone number displayed. Not much interest was invested as they did not see how websites could be used to drive business and contracts to them. With the advent of search engines, like Google, SEO, or search engine optimization was born. 

SEO uses keywords and key phrases on a website to trigger search engines to rank a website higher in its search results. With local SEO established, if someone searches for the best junk removal company in the area, you want to be the first on the list to pup up in a search. One of the best ways to use SEO is to constantly update content within the website and through blog posts that keep the information relevant to SEO. 

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising or PPC is another way to help businesses market online. PPC ads are placed online, and algorithms are used to make sure those ads are shown to people interested in the service you offer. If someone has shown interest in junk removal online through a search, the algorithms will soon find them and display your ads. 

The way PPC charges for advertising is just as the name implies. You are charged only, and each time someone clicks on your ad. This is helpful to a marketing budget because those who do click on the ads are already interested in junk removal. This makes sure you are not paying for advertising to people not interested in the service. 

Social Media

We are all familiar with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, for personal use, but many do not understand these platforms’ power for marketing. As people spend more and more time on these mediums and less on TV and printed items, social media has become the place to market to them. 

Having a social media platform that interacts with current and potential customers is a good way to promote your junk removal business and gain contracts for your business. 

SEO is worth it and will make you money!
seo will make you money!

Summing Up

Although traditional media is still used and necessary in today’s world, digital marketing can take your business to the next level. By being the number one ranked company in your area online, you can make sure you have an advantage over any competitors. Not only will you be considered the authority on junk removal services, but you will see your business contracts increase over traditional advertisers. Developing a digital marketing plan with an experienced online marketing company will help your business grow at much less cost than traditional marketing alone.

Hiring a company like NJ’s Bizmap LLC is a great investment towards your junk removal business and your future. They are located in Northern NJ but help businesses like yours near and far. You can contact them and request a free SEO audit of a free analysis of your website. It’s all done by video and very enlightening and explaining how you can get more business and website traffic.

We truly how you have learned how to get more junk removal contracts and wish you luck with your business.