How To Get Business Leads

how to get business leads

Wanna Know How To Get Business Leads?


So, you want to know how to get business leads?  Great.  I’m going to teach you how to do just that!


In this article, you will learn all about the best way to get business leads.  We will touch on some methods that work and some that do not.  And you will find out that it’s actually much easier than you think!



How To Get Leads For Your Business


There are many different ways to get leads for your business.  Today we will talk about a few.  You can get leads through your digital marketing efforts (such as SEO and social media marketing), through soliciting prospects or you can buy leads from a third party.


Of the ways we just mentioned, the most effective and smartest way to get leads is through digital marketing.  Whether you’re using social media or optimizing your web pages, focusing on digital marketing is the best way to get more leads for the long term.


Below we will discuss some different ways you can get leads using search engine optimization.


Do SEO For Lead Generation


SEO is a great way to produce leads.  The best part is, the results get better over time.


While you won’t see results for a few months, with SEO, you won’t ever need to worry about “getting leads” again.  This form of digital marketing puts you in front of your customers.  The results? Leads find you naturally (or “organically”)!


SEO is a long term strategy that increases a brand’s online presence and visibility.  It does so in such a way that customers can find you online.  If you’re in business for the long-haul, SEO might be the best choice for you.


TRY THIS: Go to the google search bar.  Type in a keyword or phrases your customers would likely type to find your business or service.  Hit enter.


google search query image

If you refer to the image above, you can see the keyword phrase “dentists Parsippany NJ” was typed into the Google search bar.  Below that, circled, you may notice the number of results.  There are close to 8 million results for that keyword phrase.


That number that’s circled are all of the different sites that are competing to be on that valuable first page of Google for that keyword phrase.  And doing SEO is what gets you to the front of the line of results.  You can learn more about what is SEO here.  Additionally, you can learn how to choose the best SEO company.



Which SEO Strategies Generate Leads?


There are many different SEO services and strategies which help a business get more leads.  Combined, these SEO strategies make for a powerful method of constant organic lead generation.


Here we will discuss different strategies to naturally attract business with SEO.



Properly Optimize Your Website


You can start the process of getting more business leads by structuring and optimizing your website properly.  If this is not done, the search engines will not understand what the site is about.  The effect will be that they won’t deliver your site to those searching for your business, service or products.


Hiring a web design agency that also sets up your website with on-page SEO is key to properly optimizing your website.  Not all corporate web design companies know how to do search engine optimization.

Here are some questions you can ask a prospective web designer:


  1. Will you set up my website with on-page SEO
  2. Will you connect my site to Google Analytics and Search Console?
  3. What SEO services are included with the web design package


Proper on-page optimization involves many different things.  It’s setting up your site properly that allows the search engines to understand it and give relevant results to online searchers.



On-page optimization includes:


  1. Proper URL structure
  2. Meta description optimization
  3. Title and heading (H1-H3) optimization
  4. Image optimization
  5. SEO content with proper keyword density
  6. Page speed



The infographic below shows some of the on-page website optimizations necessary for a website to rank properly.


optimize your website for more business leads


On-page SEO is the first step for getting business leads.  You get the leads through the visitors to your website which almost only happens due to on-page SEO.  Be sure to hire the right business SEO service for your on-page optimization.


REMEMBER: It’s only with a properly optimized website that anyone will find it online, of course.


If your website is not optimized properly, it will be lost online and you won’t be able to find it on google.  Additionally, you will never get phone calls.


Start the process of getting business leads through SEO by requesting a FREE website audit to find out the condition of your website.



Begin Guest Posting


Guest posting on other blogs is an effective SEO strategy because it will increase the authority of your website.   It will also make you an authority in you industry and expand the online presence of your company.

Additionally, guest posting will build links to your site which will:

  1. Generate traffic
  2. Strengthen your site
  3. Give you exposure
  4. Improve your rank


GUEST POSTING WORKS LIKE THIS: You reach out to a blog or website within the niche of your business.  For instance, you might ell them that you are interested in submitting a blog post to their website if they are interested.


This is a template I use for my guest posting outreach:

guest post outreach template

If you use it, make sure to customize it properly so that it fits to the people you are reaching out to.  I also customize certain things and see great results with my guest posting outreach.


Many websites would welcome the opportunity to have someone submit great content to their website for free.  Additionally, they usually won’t mind if you add one or two links back to your website in the submitted blog post.  However, you should definitely clarify this and make sure they will because adding the links is what will boost your rank.


Be aware, many websites will charge you to add links to your website and to submit a guest post.

WHAT I DO IS THIS: I assess the authority of the website prior to agreeing on any type of payment.  Additionally, I always bargain a little as a rule of thumb.

I’M GONNA BE HONEST: I usually offer half of what they ask if the number makes sense.  You will see that most people asking for money for guest post submissions ask for at least 50% more than what they are willing to take.  This isn’t always the case but don’t be afraid to negotiate.  And most importantly, don’t be afraid to turn down an offer either!




In addition to all of this, a lot of these blogs and websites already have pages with guest posting guidelines.  Such guidelines web pages might be called “submit a guest post” or “write for us” and should be found on a blog page or within the navigation.


However, if you cannot find such a page, it still doesn’t hurt to ask to do this.


Some other questions you might want to ask:


  • Would it be ok to add relevant links in the text of my blog post?
  • Can I add an author bio with a link back to my site at the end of the post?
  • How many words do you require?
  • What format should I submit my guest post to your site?
  • Should I include images in my post?


Submitting guest posts as part of your online marketing strategy is a great way to get business leads for free.


Submit Your Business To Online Directories


Submitting your business to online directories is a great way to get more business leads.  Doing so improves your company’s local SEO and will make your business more relevant in your location.


Get Google My Business. Now.

If you don’t already have one, you should start by getting a Google My Business listing.  Google my business (GMB) is essential for local businesses in many ways.  You can read more about that here.  Additionally, Google My Business is the number one most effective tool for getting business leads.  So sign up today right here.


The great thing about having a GMB listing is that it’s completely free to use and sign up.  All you need to do is request to create your business listing on Google My Business.

From there, Google will send a postcard to your business office for you to verify.  Don’t have a business office?  No sweat!  You can use your home address to verify!



If you use your home address to verify your business listing, make sure you set service areas for your business.  It will be a little bit harder to see the benefit right away, but eventually you will!


Once you have done that, you can optimize you listing on Google by doing the following things:

  • Optimizing the business title
  • Adding relevant categories
  • Uploading images of your business and your logo
  • Blogging and adding posts
  • Including your NAP
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews


Some things to keep in mind when creating directory listings:


  1. Make sure they are SEO optimized with your keywords
  2. Be sure that listings are complete and accurate
  3. Double check that listings reflect the same information (including NAP)
  4. Be sure to upload pictures
  5. Optimize your listings with customer reviews when possible
  6. Respond to reviews in a positive way (and use a keyword!)


Using these local optimization strategies is a big key to your business success.  And I can assure you, if you do all of this, your phone literally won’t stop ringing!




Use Social Media



Using social media to augment the effects of SEO and to generate more leads is a great idea.  Keep in mind, different social media channels and good for different types of businesses.


Be sure to automate posting by creating an IFTTT network.  That way, every time you post something on your blog, it can be automatically posted across your social media channels.  Easy peasy!


Make Posts Interesting

Additionally, be sure to use hashtags, interesting content, videos, and images to make social media posts more effective.  If you do all of this, you are sure to see your business get more leads and with very little effort.


Reach Out Through Social Media

It’s also a great thing to reach out to potential customers through your social media accounts.  Even if you don’t get them to purchase a service, you can connect with them online.


By connecting to people through your social media channels, you will see a huge result over time.  In doing so, you can remarket to them through your social media channels.


Consider doing the following:


  • Post relevant content that shows your experience and know-how in your niche
  • Show off case studies
  • Re-post customer reviews to show your success
  • Make use of video marketing

Doing all of these things and more you will see that some of the people you’re connected with will reach out to you for services.  Remember the old saying – “out of sight, out of mind”?  Staying in the minds of potential customers always equals more leads and revenue.


Create Interesting Long-Form Content


By creating interesting, long-form content, you will generate hype and build website authority.  Additionally, you will generate traffic to your site which will ultimately boost your rank.


TIP: Always post content that is at least 700 words with SEO keywords in mind.  Doing so will help your website gain the visibility it needs to attract more customers.


Some tips for content creation:


  • Try to post 1,000+ word blog posts weekly
  • Make sure content is interesting, relevant and engaging
  • Use catchy headings and subheadings
  • Use images and infographics
  • Answer important questions
  • Embed videos in your blog posts
  • Link internally throughout content


Doing the above, you will see boosts to your ranking.  Additionally, you will begin to get phone calls inquiring about your services as a result.  Bam!  Another way to get business leads!


You can add interesting elements to your content such as video that compliments your post.  In addition, you can interview an authority in your niche or an influencer and see your post views soar.  Especially when they share your post on their social media channels.





Above all, we hope this post has been informative and enlightening.  Although getting business leads can be hard, it doesn’t have to be when you focus on SEO.


By hiring an SEO agency, your site will improve consistently over time.  Hooking up with the right agency is of great importance, of course.  Bizmap LLC is a great agency to connect with because they how to get business’s leads.  Contact them for more info!


To sum it up, if you focus on your SEO strategy diligently, you will see your website visibility improve.  Additionally, you will get more phone calls, more emails, and more work (which is what we all want, isn’t it?)!


We hope we answered your question on how to get business leads and wish you all the best!