How To Find New Customers

how to find new customers and increase sales
How to find new customers and increase sales! The #1 thing that works!

How To Find New Customers And Increase Sales

If you are wondering how to find new customers and increase sales, you are certainly not alone. Every business in the world wants new customers and to increase profitability. However, most businesses do not know exactly how to do it.

In this post we will explore the ways you can find new clients and increase the revenue of your business. So let’s get started!

You Must Work To Grow Your Business

Every company, even ones that start out strong, must work to grow their business. Ones who do not find themselves struggling a few short years later. The failure to grow causes stagnation and allows competitors to take over market share. Let’s ponder how to find new customers and increase sales to keep your business relevant for years to come.       

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Finding New Clients Isn’t Super Hard

Gaining new clients haunt some business owners. In their minds, it is a daunting task. Fear is debilitating to some who think they must pound the pavement and make dreaded cold calls to potential customers. These thoughts are what most amateurs to digital marketing think is the only way. It’s not, and there is a better and more rewarding path. 

The keys to finding new clients are:

  • Have a plan
  • Use a tried and true system
  • Stay consistent within that system
  • Outperform your competitors in getting noticed

Notice from the list, we didn’t say spend thousands of dollars in advertising. Paid advertising is important, but following the four points above is a long-term general strategy that pays off for your business,. 

Benefits Of New Customers To Your Business

Before getting into the different ways to find new customers and increase sales, we need to examine the benefits of new customers to your business. 

  • Existing customers tend to fall off through normal attrition.
  • New customers increase sales exponentially.
  • Customer base extension increases your company’s brand.

Counting on customer retention is essential to a successful business. New customers, however, tend to become excited with discoveries. New clients will pass along finding your business to others in their enthusiasm. By sharing the good news of your company, your brand will grow. 

As You Attain New Clients You Increase Profit

The idea that obtaining new customers will increase profit is a simple concept. Most people find this intuitive, but there is a practical reason behind the practice. 

For product sales, increasing a company’s client base saves the business money. For example, a large department store will pay less for products from a wholesaler or manufacturer if they buy in bulk. This strategy is only possible because they know they will have the customer base to sell products to. By purchasing at a lower rate, they increase their revenue and profit at the same time. 

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Your Complete Action Plan To Find New Customers

A proven plan is the best way to find new customers. Highly successful business owners are not all superstar marketers. There is nothing magical about promotion. It does require following a system that has proven itself to succeed. 

By following a step-by-step process, your customer base will grow. This isn’t to say you cannot place your personal touch on a marketing plan. Combining tried and true methods with your vision of the company are essential. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the complete action plan to find new customers. 

STEP 1: Make Sure You Have A Positive Online Presence

A positive online presence is critical for the success of your company. Whether a small local business or a large corporation, businesses cannot continue without it. 

Did you know that with instant access to the internet, most people complete a search of your business before visiting? This explains the need to have and the power of a positive footprint online. 

When searching your business name online, you should see:

  • Your website ranked higher than your main competitors.
  • Reviews of your business that are positive
  • A profile set up for “Google My Business.”
  • Listings for your company of the most popular social media sites
  • A complete website for customer interaction
  • Content to help your clients
  • A brand that stands out

If you find anything less than these elements of a positive online presence, it’s time to start working in that direction. 

STEP 2: Assess Your Website

Our next step is to have a professional assessment of your website or to hire a web design agency to build a site for you. There was a time when companies only needed a site to display a phone number, an about page, and a description of products or services. Those days are over. In today’s market, websites need a multitude of attributes to succeed. You can read more about that in this post here.

  • Is the website fast?: The attention span of most people is short. A website that takes more than three seconds to load will have an unacceptable bounce rate.  Check your website page speed here.
  • Does the site’s brand stand out?: A business that stands apart from others is a must when it comes to branding. A professional assessment will let you know if your brand is unique or just another cookie-cutter website. 
  • Are internal and external links used effectively?: Linking is essential to help rank your website. An assessment will tell if you have used them in the right way. 
  • Does the website project authority?: New customers will always be attracted to companies who are the authority in the products or services they offer. Your website should show that authority during an assessment.
  • Are calls to action used appropriately?: CTAs are important as they are strategically placed within the site to invite potential new customers to take action. 
  • Is SEO being used effectively?: SEO is excellent if utilized correctly. It takes a large amount of work and expertise to create effective SEO. Some companies fall short when implementing it. You can read more about how web design affects SEO here.

PRO TIP: Want to know where your website stands? Request a free website analysis here to learn how your website’s performing! New customers will only find you and what they need only when your site is optimized to perform well. 

STEP 3: Think About How To Target New Customers

So what is the best way to find new customers and increase sales? 

  • Purchasing Google Ads?
  • Using SEO?
  • Helping potential customers find your business? 
  • Is social media important?
  • What keywords do people use to find your business online?
  • PPC advertising
  • Traditional promotions

All of these are a part of your business’s online marketing plan. At one point or another, you will use all of them and more. That doesn’t mean they are all equal. What helps bring in customers in the short term does not always work as well as long term solutions. Compared to your return on investment, the cost may not be as you originally intended it to be. 

PRO TIP: Do you wanna know how to get free leads? Read this post here to learn everything!

STEP 4: Consider SEO Services

Wrapping up our action plan to find new customers and increase sales is SEO services. Without search engine optimization, websites would not be much different than traditional media. Building organic traffic is the most cost-effective way to get your site and business noticed in the long term. 

The first part of making sure you are using proper SEO techniques is to have experienced digital marketing specialists analyze your site. To make this happen, request a free SEO analysis when you find the right agency!

When an agency offers a review of your site’s SEO, you should receive at a minimum:

  • A step by step video audit of your site’s SEO explaining in detail any weaknesses in optimization, including; URLs, H1-H3 tags, images, and more 
  • An analysis of keywords and an examination for thin content 
  • A complete analysis of current traffic landing on your site
  • An examination of your competitor’s website
  • A complete overview report
  • A complete backlink analysis for proper usage and broken links

Website analysis is a powerful tool in recognizing issues with your site. When done correctly, SEO gives you the opportunity to correct problems that do not allow your company to succeed in recruiting new customers. 

SEO Is the easiest way to attract new business! 

There are many options for you to market to new customers. SEO (otherwise known as search engine optimization) is the most credible long term solution. Search engine optimization is all about ranking your site within search engines. With most people and companies relying on online searches, this is the most effective way to keep your company relevant over the years.  Read more about SEO services in our blog post here!

It’s Easy To Attract New Clients And Make More Money With SEO!

Paid advertisements work well in the short term, but the return on investment is much smaller over time. Social media keeps your business fresh in the minds of current customers and finds new ones for sure. It requires, however, much of your time. 

Posting to social media requires constant and fresh ideas at almost a daily rate. Once SEO is written into your website’s content, it only requires occasional updates to keep it relevant. 

Each time someone searches keywords and phrases related to your business into a search engine, it gives you the opportunity for free advertising. This is a huge money saver over time. Even pay per view ads can become expensive when the person clicking on it only does so because of limited interest. With SEO, you know whoever is searching already has an interest in the topic. 

Once searchers see your business on the front page, they perceive you as the authority on the subject of their search. This leads to business engagement, giving you a new customer and more sales. 

Hiring an excellent web design or SEO agency is the first step to getting new business and customers. Bizmap LLC is a New Jersey based agency that offers comprehensive digital and online marketing solutions. Contact them today for a free audit or consult on services.

We hope we have answered your questions on how to find new customers and increase sales and wish you luck with your business.