How To Create A Brand Identity


Creating A Brand Identity For Your Business


Creating a brand identity is crucial. In essence, your brand identity will help your business become successful. For this reason, putting time into creating the right online image is very important.

When you think of a company or product you love, what do you think of?  Do you envision their logo? Do you think of the colors associated with the brand? Do you think of people commonly in their online advertisements or of their social media presence? Or do you think of a phrase, such as Nike’s “Just Do It!” campaign?



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What ever it is you associate with the product you envisioned is part of that company’s brand concept. And none of it is by accident.

Now consider this. What if this company you just recalled didn’t have any branding strategy? What if they didn’t have a logo or any other visual elements to represent the make of their products? What if they didn’t have a social media presence.  How would you feel if there was no visual representation of the brand you loved.

You probably wouldn’t be able to recall them and you wouldn’t be as interested in them.  This is why creating a brand identity is so important.  You can read more on why logo is important here as well.

Without properly conceiving of your brand identity, your products would have no form of visual or sensory identification. There would be nothing consistent to represent your product or business.

Consumers love consistency. Without consistency, there is nothing to connect to.

Creating a professional identity for your brand is a vital part of your marketing strategy. However, a lot of planning and research is needed to ensure your company delivers the right message!

What is a Brand Identity?

When you develop a brand identity, you apply the values and concepts of your brand into visual elements. These visual assets are then used to promote your business.



Your brand identity is made up of may different things that visually speak to consumers the language of your brand.  Below are the most vital elements of a brand identity.  If you are building a business, you won’t want to neglect these things!


Corporate Web Design

Corporate Logo

Color Schemes


Print Materials 

Social Media



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Corporate Website

Your company’s website is a crucial element to drive brand recognition and awareness.  It should flow with the rest of our company’s brand identity and should be carefully designed with your core values in mind.

Corporate Logo Design

No matter what your company is, your logo is a vital element to begin establishing your brand identity.  People will often envision your logo before they remember your company name.   Your logo should fit with the rest of your brand and your company’s core values.  Choosing a great designer to design your logo would be a very smart thing to do.

Color Schemes

Your color choices should make sense and work well with the industry you are in as well as your company’s personality.  For example, a funeral home would probably not use bright pink color palette for their web design.


Typography is a branding element that isn’t often talked about but is very important.  Certain typography’s work well in certain industries.  This should be taken into consideration when formulating a brand identity.

Print Materials

All print materials should use the same color schemes, typography and should display your logo. Other common elements may be  certain images, a certain style of design among other things which will contribute to your brand identity.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important aspects in establishing your brand’s personality and identity.  Facebook is a great platform for establishing your brand identity through Facebook advertising and creating an online persona.

You can learn more about advertising on Facebook by taking facebook ads courses.  With the importance of social media for businesses, you should invest in learning how to create a suitable brand identity on the important social media channels.

Why Focus On Branding Your Business

Putting some time and effort into effectively branding your business is important for several reasons.  Although branding is one of the last things people think about, it should be one of the first things.  Here are some reasons you should work at formulating your brand identity before anything else!



Creating a brand identity lets you develop your brand’s message. It should be consistent on all marketing materials. Every piece will consist of the same design element and style. This creates a unified branding package.


A brand identity is the visual representation of your brand’s personality and values.  The design of your identity will set your brand’s tone.  It can be used to evoke unique feelings from potential consumers. Your brand identity should transfer the overall message of your company and enhance the goals of your business.


The right brand identity can build customer trust and loyalty. This is because customers will establish a link between a company and a product.  Creating customer loyalty is important.  Therefore, creating a brand identity that is consistent and well thought out is essential.


Developing a brand identity ensures that your brand is leading all marketing materials. This aids in enhancing brand recognition. The more locations you feature your brand, the more the contact it will establish with customers. And the customers will be sure to remember it.


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It’s important that you begin thinking about the image you want to present to your customers.  You should also think about your logo and the graphics you want the world to associate with your brand.  This is a vital step any successful business must follow.  Contact Bizmap and get started creating a brand identity today!