How To Be Found On Google

how to be found on Google

Easy Tips To Be Found On Google

If you’re wondering how to be found on Google, you are not alone.  Many people invest in a website for their business, but the sad truth is that they never get any phone calls.  They wonder why this happens, and they certainly are justified for their confusion!   As far as they can tell, their website is lost online in the world wide web.



Without taking the proper steps, your website is….

a star in the sky, floating around the universe

a tiny fish in the ocean

a needle in a haystack




What are you supposed to do so people can find your website?  Well the answer is simple…. kind of-


SEO Will Make Your Website Visible On Google!

SEO is how to be found on Google.  If you want to know what is SEO, i’m going to do my best to explain!

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization.  You can read a little bit about it here.


Basically, the point of SEO is making your site’s purpose clear to the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, etc).  This is done so that search engines understand what your website is about and can feed the right information to users performing a search query.

google search bar to find website results screenshot

The ways to make this happen are by doing the following things to a website:


  1.  Research Keywords For Your Industry

Researching keywords (keyword analysis) is done so that the technical website optimization can be done properly.  Basically, you reverse engineer your website by considering the following things:

  • who will be searching for my website
  • what will my website visitors be searching for
  • what would a website visitor type into the search bar of Google in order to find my website

Once you have answered these questions and created a keyword list, you can begin looking at different analytics to understand the terms to try to rank for.


If you live in Parsippany, NJ and you were looking for a dentist, you might type in the google search bar “dentist Parsippany NJ”

Google Search Query


You will notice that the results that appear at the top of the screen are local search results.  The results directly below the local search results are organic search results . Those are not pictured in the screenshot above, but you should have an idea about what I’m referring to.


Choosing the proper keywords to use on your website and properly mapping them out is one of the ways for your website to be found by searchers on Google.

This process of course requires the help of  business SEO services of a skilled agency but it’s important for you to also understand the process.


2.  Structure Your Website Correctly

Structuring your website so that the search engines crawl the site smoothly and understand the site’s purpose is also crucial.  This process is call on-page SEO.  You can read this blog post on important on-page SEO elements here.  Brian Dean also does a great job explaining it here.

You’ll want to be sure your page titles, H1-H3 headings, content, images, meta description and other elements have your keywords in them in a very specific way.  It’s important not to “keyword stuff” however it’s also important to put emphasis on really great content that is optimized.

This process also needs to be done by an SEO expert.  Bizmap LLC is a NJ SEO agency that is very familiar with on-page SEO and can do it all for you.

3. Do Local SEO

Local SEO is done to make your website show up in Google’s local search results.  These results are over the organic results and they populate as a result of the vicinity to the searcher and your business.

Local SEO is improved with directory listings and citations, consistent name, address and phone number, a google my business listing, among other things.


4. Do Off-Page SEO

The last step on how to be found on Google is by doing off-page SEO.  Off-page SEO is all related to things that happen off of a website but indicated the authority your website has.  The focus of off-page SEO is to create links that flow from other website back to your website.  Doing this shows Google that your website is important.

I often think about off-page SEO like a popularity content.  It’s other websites and people mentioning your website in one way or another.  And these signals are very powerful in Google’s eyes so creating the proper link building strategy is key.  But again, this needs to be done by a professional.



Now I sure hope I didn’t confuse you more.


Having your website show up in the Google search results doesn’t just happen by chance, unfortunately.  Well, actually fortunately (for me) because I make a shit-ton of money optimizing websites!  Showing up on Google is a very valuable thing, you know.

The truth is, you don’t really need to understand every little thing.   If you hire a trusted agency, you’re set!

ALSO– you can get a FREE Audit of your website so you know where it is right now and how close you are to being visible to searchers!  This is the easy way to start the process of how to get your website on Google!