How Online Marketing Is Done

how online marketing is done

How Online Marketing Is Done

Are you wondering how online marketing is done? This post will clarify everything for you.

DIGITAL MARKETING IS HUGE! In today’s day and age, most business savvy individuals know a little bit about digital marketing

We have all heard of marketing. For most, it conjures up the image of men and women sitting around an ad agency and coming up with wonderful images and slogans for a debut commercial or online ad. There is a bit more to marketing than that, and sometimes it isn’t quite so exciting. In this article, we will discuss how online marketing is done and the nuts and bolts of methods used to grow a business. 

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Why Online Marketing Is Important

Before we get into how online marketing is done, let’s take a look as to why it is important. People start businesses and websites all the time with one goal in mind, to make money. The mistake many make is they create a site and realize having a product or service to sell is not enough. With all of the online and brick and mortar businesses out there, yours might as well be a needle in the proverbial haystack. 

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PRO TIP: Read this great post on online marketing; where to start. We know you’ll get some great pointers!

Online marketing is used by many businesses to create the following drivers: 

  • Draw Customers
  • Create a Brand
  • Stand Out Amongst the Hoards of Businesses Out There
  • Get the Word Out About Products & Services
  • Accomplish Goals
  • Help Others
  • Grow a Business
  • Create Wealth

These are a few of the reasons marketing is important and what it strives to do when using it in the right way. Now that we know the importance of marketing, let’s discuss how online marketing is done. 

Creation of a Website

The creation of a website or other online platform for your business is an important step in online marketing. By establishing yourself with an online presence, you are putting your business out into the world and offering others products or services you want them to have. 

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It is important to remember when creating your platform that you keep it as simple to navigate as possible. Some have a tendency to overdo it on the design side. Unless you are in the business of selling beautiful websites, keep the artwork and flashiness down. The purpose of a website or other online platform is to showcase the products or services you think your potential customer wants and needs. If the website itself becomes the product, you are overshadowing what is important. 

It’s also important to hire the best web design agency. If you’re not sure how to find a company to design your website, this post here will tell you how to do it.

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Social Media

One way to think is websites are the platform where sales and services take place. Social media then is the platform you use to drive potential customers to your site. With so many social platforms out there, which ones do you use. To be honest, all of them. Social media is designed for you to gather followers. Many people do not understand this concept when it comes to having as many followers as possible, but it makes all of the sense in the world when it comes to businesses. 

Depending on your audience of potential customers means how much effort you place into each platform. Facebook, for example, has a large following of older adults, while platforms such as Instagram are geared towards a younger crowd.  This doesn’t mean you don’t use both to showcase your business, only know your audience and use the right platform to get the message out. 

how online marketing is done

Email & Message Marketing

Both email and message marketing are descendants of direct marketing when you would receive an advertisement in your mailbox from the post office. Of course, both are much more precise since they usually require you to have a customer’s email or phone number to send them information on your business. 

Have you ever wondered why most online sites ask for a phone number or email address to see information you are interested in viewing? Email and message marketing is a way to keep you informed of sales discounts, company news, and other ways of keeping you engaged in someone’s business. 

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Display Advertising

Another way to participate in online marketing is to create display ads. This is when you create your own ads and run them on other popular sites that your potential customers may visit. Creating and running your ads benefit from being specific to your products and services while helping you create your brand as a business. 

To use display ads, you will need to find other sites that let you place a banner on their site for a fee or use a service that will find websites for you. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market your website for your business. This strategy uses keywords and phrases in your web pages and blog posts that potential customers are searching for with a search engine like Google. The better the SEO is embedded in your website, the better you will rank on a search engine.  Hiring a professional SEO company is key to doing it right. You can read more about that in this post here.

The practice is relatively cheap, as it only costs the time it takes to optimize your pages or pay someone to do it for you. One of the most important benefits of having your website optimized for keywords and phrases is that you only need to update it occasionally going forward once completed. SEO works in the background to advertise your business on search engines and actively give you a chance of being discovered.  Choose the best company and get started to boost your online presence.


Paid Advertisement Placement

Another way to market your business is to use paid advertisements on platforms like Google and Bing search engines. These ads appear in the search area at the top of each search page and are tagged with the word “ad”. Each time someone clicks onto the link in the search engine, you pay a small fee for each click. This type of advertisement is suited when you need to bring a lot of potential customers to your website quickly in the short term. 

Paid Advertisement placement is usually used in conjunction with SEO to gain as many customers for the short and long term as possible. 

Wrapping Up

While each of the marketing strategies above is important for your business, using all of them in conjunction with one another is the most effective way. It’s also important to be engaged in ongoing marketing. For example, email marketing is great once you have customers, but without a well planned out SEO strategy, emailing will be much less effective. Whatever your plans for marketing, make sure you include several if not all of the strategies listed above. 

We hope this post answered your questions about how online marketing is done and wish you the best!