Full List Of Free Web 2.0 Sites!

full list of FREE web 2.0 sites

Full List Of Free Web 2.0 Sites 


Are you interested in our full list of FREE web 2.0 sites?  This post will tell you everything!

Backlinks are still the best way to drive traffic to a quality product or service site. Along with SEO, backlinks are foreign to most new website owners. Some think as long as they have something to sell online, their new website will be loaded with customer visits. 


The truth is, without these two necessary site drivers, websites will linger within a desolate place that no one can find. In this article, we will not only explain what backlinks are and why they are essential. We will offer you a way to create some of the best backlinks to your site for free, and a list of the site links to utilize.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are a huge part of the SEO process.  You can learn more about SEO here to start.

The idea behind backlinks is that the more links of your site on other platforms, the more chances of Google rating your site higher in its searches. If you wish, we can compare it to becoming popular. The more popular you are, the more popular you will become. By having your web link across the internet, you will become the popular place everyone is talking about, or that is the way search engine algorithms see it anyway. This is a huge part of increasing your online presence and getting your business online for the world to see!

Creating Backlinks Organically

There are a couple of ways to create backlinks. One is to develop backlinks naturally over time, also known as organically. How this works is, others online will run across your site, like the information, and link to it so that others can find it. Another way is to ask others, usually sites that are similar to yours, to trade links to each other. This way of creating backlinks can be a strong influencer for your site, as most people who see your link in another location, are already invested. 


The easiest way to get someone to help you create backlinks is to ask. All they can do is say no. You never know, you may be the niche site they have been looking for to jumpstart their own. Everyone started somewhere, and many platforms are willing to help others if your site has quality material. Here are a few examples of media to try and create backlink agreements with: 


  • Other websites, especially those in your niche
  • Social media platforms, hopefully from those who are considered influencers
  • Bloggers who have a robust following


Web 2.0 Backlinks

Organic links can be a great way to grow your site. The downside is that growing organically takes time. Most people who start a business site or blog they want to make popular, do not want to wait several years to build backlinks. When it comes to love, war, and business, all strategies are fair as long they are in reason. 


The good news is we can give our site a kickstart. While you wait on organic growth for your site, there is something you can be doing. Use Web 2.0 sites to create the backlinks you need now for search engines to start noticing you. The best thing about Web 2.0 backlinks is that you control all of your own links and do not have to count on others. 


What is Web 2.0?

To understand web 2.0 sites, we must first understand what preceded them. There was a time when websites were static places where people would go to observe or read. With the advent of Web 2.0 sites became places for people to interact and to contribute. Whether it be sharing on a site through social media, creating videos on Youtube, commenting on a blog post, or working on a project such as Wikipedia, all of these places allow people to share content. This is the genius behind using web 2.0 sites to create backlinks. 


How To Utilize Web 2.0

Now let’s get down to the business of the several different ways to create backlinks with web 2.0. To keep it simple, we will assume you have a single money making website to start, although you may have dozens in the end. From here, we need to find the platforms to create backlinks. 


Create Multiple Free Sites 

There are hundreds of free website choices out there in the world. One way to use many of these is by starting creating websites for free to give potential customers the information they need. The beauty of this technique is you can use several sites for reviews of products and services. By installing backlinks to your paid site through reviews, you have given your original website legitimacy to others. 

Create a Blog

A blog is another form of Web 2.0 and is similar to a website. In fact, the only difference most people see between a blog and website is that a blog can be more personable to its readers. Platforms like WordPress.com and others like it allow you to have a mixture of blogs and static information. 


Here is the great thing about a blog. Blogs are used to engage readers and attract them to come back for more information. Blogs can take on many personas and styles, but in effect, they are more like a digital conversation to readers than doling out stale information. The engagement that blogs create is one reason they are known to grow huge followings.


Whether you create a single popular blog or several lesser ones, the idea is to use them for a vehicle to backlink your money site. 


Social Media

Do you ever wonder why some people join so many social media platforms? It may not be narcissism. Social media platforms are some of the best ways to create backlinks to your paid site if you use a little imagination. Funny videos on TikTok or sharing engaging memes are not only a way to gather a following on your social media platform. It is also the perfect place to place your backlinks. 


The list of social media sites is growing every day, and their popularity is not going anywhere. We all know some of the biggest sites like;


There are, however, hundreds of others. We will soon share a long list of social media you may have never heard of to join. 


Discussion and Question Websites

One of the best ways to get free backlinks is to join discussion and question answering websites. They are similar to social media in the sense that they are user platforms but different in that their role is to drive engagement in conversations and answers. Some of the most popular types of this platform are Reddit and Quora. Most of these systems reward for activity and experience on the platform by giving people higher gradings for participation. The bigger status you have, the more people are subject to listen to you. This is a perfect opportunity to use your new status as an expert to guide people through backlinks to your original site. 



Most of the platforms discussed above have one thing in common. They allow for comments from the outside. Whether a blog, social media site, a discussion or answer group, these platforms are looking for feedback. For most, the feedback does not even have to be positive as long as it is given. 


By commenting on these mediums, you can create backlinks to your own site. The key is not to be an obvious site dropper. The way to properly place backlinks while commenting is to answer what someone is seeking to know. For example, if you own a website and get paid to teach people how to become digital nomads, sign up for a social media group about the same. Once someone asks a question in the group, share a link to your website if it provides the answer. 


Collaborative Sites 

Other sites are available that allow the content to be written by users. The most famous of this type of site is the WIKI brand of sites. There are certainly alternatives, and most of these sites count on others to provide the information within them. These are perfect platforms to create backlinks if you can show expertise in any certain field. 


While writing content about your expertise adds in some backlinks to either your money site or even one of your other platforms. In the end, you are creating a road back to the original site. 


The List Of Free Web 2.0 Sites

So, how do you get your hands on some of the best web 2.0 sites and our full list of web 2.0 sites to create backlinks and boost your SEO strategy? You stay right here is the answer.

You now know why it is important to do more than just create a website to sell your products or services. We have discussed that by having quality content and information to provide, you can organically create backlinks back to you. 


You also know that by using web 2.0 sites, you can speed up the process of creating backlinks and get your site known the world. Your expertise in what types of platforms to use to place backlinks is far superior to when we first began. 

PRO TIP: Get a website first if you don’t already have one!  What’s the point of getting your business on one of these Web 2.0 sites if you can’t embed a website in the profile?!  Consider hiring Bizmap LLC for web design before you start!

Below we have gathered several free web 2.0 sites to get you started. Good luck!
































































































































Creating backlinks is a big part of SEO and boosting your online presence.  Creating accounts and a presence using Web 2.0 blogs is a great way to do so and begin the process of getting more exposure online.  Web Design and SEO agency Bizmap LLC is a great company to choose if you want to increase your reach.  You can contact us on this page here and begin the process!

We hope you have learned a lot from our full list of Web 2.0 sites and wish you the best!