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Your complimentary website audit is a unique offering by Bizmap LLC.  We will review your website and prepare a written report as well as a video audit.  The video audit will explain our findings in a detailed 15-30 minute video.


We know that most people don’t understand how a website SHOULD work to collect leads.  We also know that most people don’t understand SEO.  This is why we include a webcam and screen capture device that walks you through the entire audit process and breaks everything down.


Your FREE Video Website Audit And Report Includes:

Online Presence

We will analyze your website’s online presence on Google and other platforms in your FREE video website audit.

Website Performance

We will analyze your website’s performance online.  Bizmap will go over your monthly traffic and keywords you are ranking for.

Website Structure

In your website audit, we will walk you through the structure and setup of your website.  We’ll analyze what’s working and what’s not.


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We provide 1 FREE video website audit and written report valued at $350.  Whether you work with us or not, you will get a full report and breakdown of everything via webcam and display capture.

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