Do You Really Need SEO

do you really need SEO

Do You Really Need SEO For Your Business?

If you are wondering, “Do I really need SEO for my business?” take a few moments to read through this post.  In our comprehensive post on the Bizmap blog, we will go over some common misconceptions about search engine optimization (and whether or not you REALLY need to do it).

What Is SEO

Before we can go over the facts and understanding whether or not you truly require optimization of your website, we need to understand what exactly search engine optimization is.  Many people don’t really get it.  The key here is that if you actually understand what it is, then you’ll see its importance and whether or not it could help your business.

You can begin by reading the suggested articles below. (Don’t worry- they will open on another page and you won’t lose your place on this post!)

SEO is the process of making a website show up online.

If you think about it in those terms, it’s really quite simple.  However, if you try to understand exactly what is done in order to make a website show up online, that’s where it can get complicated….

How Is SEO Done?

In this section of the blog post we’re going to explain exactly how SEO is done.  So read on to learn whether you truly should do SEO or not!

3 Parts To Search Engine Optimization

There are 3 different parts to search engine optimization you should be aware of.  Below we will go over them so you know what they are.

On-Page SEO

On page SEO is part of the process that tackles critical issues on a website that may lead to it being penalized by search engines (and ultimately not show up in search results).

On Page SEO includes many different things.  Dealing with content, website structure, page speed, headings and other important factors signal to Google (or any other search engine) what your website is about.

Take a look at the example to view a perfectly optimized website:

web page with on-page SEO

With on-page optimizations you are signaling to the search engines what your website is about. So the content on the site, headings, title, images and other factors should all convey the meaning of the website.  This is so that your site will show up online with appropriate searches.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you are a construction company, your website should make that clear to visitors.  This is so that when someone in your area searches for the term “construction company near me” your website will appear in search results.

Check out the image below to see what I mean:

google search results SEO

Now let’s move on to local SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO is important for location oriented businesses.  The purpose of locally optimizing a business is to help it show up in the Google Maps “Snack Pack” or “3 Pack”. This would be following a search for a local business.

how to get a business on Google maps

If you are a dentist in NJ, you would not want to show up in search results for a dentist across the country. This is why it’s crucial for local businesses to have websites and Google listings that are optimized for their location.

If you want to see an example of a well optimized Google My Business listing, take a look at the example below.

NJ Bizmap LLC GMB listing optimized

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is all about getting backlinks.  It’s a process that signals to the search engines that other websites are talking about your business.  When your business information shows up in online directories and listings and other blogs and websites, this signals to Google that your website is important. 

There are ways to initiate the accumulation of backlinks on other websites and thus boost your online presence.  Below we will go over a few of them.

Here are some of the ways to get backlinks:

How To Determine Whether Or Not You Really Need Search Engine Optimization

There are quite a few businesses that should seriously consider using the power of digital marketing services such as this one  In doing so, they will ultimately augment their marketing efforts and results.  However, not every business is a fit for this process.  Search engine optimization can be costly, so weighing out the cost of services and whether or not it makes sense is crucial.

Ask yourself these questions to determine whether or not SEO should be used:

  • How many monthly searches are there for my top key words?
  • What’s the level of need/demand in the market for my business or services?
  • Are others in my industry using these or similar services?
  • What is the average cost of a sale and does it make sense to pay x amount of money to optimize my business?
  • How many leads can I expect to get from digital marketing?
  • Is my business a necessary business that people need?

Asking yourself these questions with honesty will help you devise the appropriate marketing plan for your company.  Be aware that not every single company will benefit from long term, monthly marketing.  However, every business can benefit from a short term plan so understanding goals and budgeting is very important.

Below are a few of the businesses and industries that most commonly use SEO as part of a long term marketing strategy.

List Of Businesses That Should Use SEO

Law Firms: SEO for law firms is super effective. The amount of money a lawyer can get from a single lead is high and very lucrative.  If you have a law firm, you should consider search engine optimization.

Cleaning Companies: Commercial and residential cleaning companies can benefit hugely from search engine optimization.  Showing up in the local maps snack pack will lead to tons of phone calls and clients.  If you’re in a large metro area, it can be incredibly profitable and should be considered.

Construction And Renovation: SEO for construction, renovation and demolition services is recommended.  Other services, such as PPC, can be used to boost marketing efforts tenfold.

HVAC: This is an industry that often utilizes the help of such digital marketing providers.

Medical: Medical offices of all types can seriously benefit from SEO.  This is especially true since many medical practice see clients regularly.  So the value of a lead is much more than the initial sale.

Waste Management: Businesses in the waste management sector, such as junk removal, dumpster rentals, and more, can truly benefit from search engine optimization.  However, the area of the business is important to note as certain areas tend to be highly competitive.

Real Estate And Finance: Developers, real estate investment firms and financial institutions could certainly benefit from SEO due to the high value of the clients they acquire.  Marketing for real estate is crucial and search engine optimization is advised.

Moving Companies: Moving companies and movers SEO is highly advised.  While moving tends to be somewhat seasonal, PPC can be used during the off season to boost sales.

Hospitality: In certain metro areas where hotels and resorts are everywhere, SEO can be a hugely beneficial service.  This is because it’s ideal to show up within the Google Maps Snack pack.  If there are other competitors that show up ahead of you, you will likely lose out on valued clientele.  So hospitality is huge for utilizing SEO services.

SEO is worth it and will make you money!
seo will make you money!

Some Common SEO Myths

There are quite a few search engine optimization myths.  Below we will go over a few of them to better prepare you if you choose to invest in services.

MYTH #1: SEO should work quickly

SEO takes time.  Depending on the budget of the business investing in services, SEO can happen a little more quickly.  But the average amount of time for SEO to “kick-in” is a few months.

Every business has a different methodology for doing SEO.  So asking your SEO agency how long it should take to see results is crucial.  Some agencies have a more aggressive approach with SEO.  Asking them about their approach can also shed light on what you can expect.

MYTH # 2: If I have a website, it should show up online

Myth #2 is also a big one.  Many people hire web designers and web design agencies however they fail to ask if they will set up the website in an SEO-friendly way.  The sad truth is that most of the time, these businesses will not show up in search results and that web design companies do not necessarily have any affiliation with or knowledge of SEO.

MYTH #3: SEO will hurt my website

This is another myth that needs to be clarified.  When done correctly, SEO should never hurt your website. Having said that, there are tactics that can damage your site when done incorrectly. Choosing an agency that does professional, good work is key for keeping your site out of harm’s way.

MYTH #4: SEO Should Be Cheaper

A lot of people believe that SEO should be cheaper.  However, the process of SEO is super expensive.  Content needs to be written.  Your website needs further tailoring and development.  Backlinks need to be paid for and sourced (most of the time) in a white-hat and very manual way.  The process is pricey and if it’s too pricey for your company, that’s fine.  However, SEO may not be a fit for you.

Understanding If SEO Is Right For Your Business

This post should have given you a better understanding of SEO.  If you want to work with a reputable agency that offers SEO services, Bizmap LLC is a great choice. Bizmap offers free SEO analysis. You can find that on this page here.

We hope that we have answered your question and explained everything you were wondering. If you’re still wondering, do you really need SEO please call us so we may assess your site.