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We Design To Give You A Competitive Edge – And Nothing Less!

Corporate web design by Parsippany’s Bizmap helps businesses engage with their diverse audiences. We do this by resonating the company’s philosophies and brands’ attributes with that of the prospects using every possible design element. That’s what we do!

But we do not stop there. With Bizmap’s corporate website development, we take it a notch further by integrating technology, design, and SEO in your company’s website. Hold on! You will get to understand how we do this in a bit.

Technically, we become your strategic partner in corporate marketing execution because we double as a digital marketing agency. What’s the use of a website that is not positioned to attract your audience? Useless, I guess.

Now, how do we help you achieve all this?

Our Web Design Team

Many corporate site projects are done by the company’s IT department or programmers.  These people will often design with template based CMS.  The outcome is that the much-needed considerations for users’ experience, conceptual designs, and marketing goals suffers.

Bizmap’s new jersey-based web design team is experienced.  We are pros in usability, marketing, AND conceptual designs.  We are not just a team of front-end developers and template based designers.  Every graphic, content, and media has a conceptual design message that communicates the overall image and philosophy of the organization.

Sites That Communicate Your Corporate Vision

Would you like us to help build a website that communicates your company’s philosophy?

Websites That Put Your Business In Front Of Consumers

Custom WebSites

Bizmap’s custom sites are built with our client in mind.  Choose custom options for a professional corporate site!

Affordable webSites

Affordable web design solutions are perfect for startups.  Ask about our startup packages!

Professional Web Design

Bizmap LLC is a New Jersey based web design agency.  We Put Your Business on the Map!

6 Steps For Corporate Web Development

1. Analyze

First, we consult with you to understand your business goals and needs. This is an important step of the process and we have you complete a comprehensive web design pre-assessment.  You can take a look at that document here.  We understand that your business is unique and has custom needs. So, we take time to speak with you and start planning a unique website solution for your business.

Although a large part of the building of your business website is making your vision into a reality, there is certainly more than just that.  In addition to picking your brain to get it right, the Bizmap LLC design team also does a thorough analysis of your top competitors.  We do this in order to really understand how to effectively differentiate you in your industry.

Finally, a large part of analysis is considering user intent.  It’s important we are able to target users who are visiting your website or looking for your business.   Our ability to transmit a cohesive and fulfilling user experience will determine our success with your web project.  Analysis is properly done and completed when we understand everything about the prospective website: client, competitor, and user!

2. Plan

At Parsippany’s Bizmap LLC, we understand that you know your business well and we’re the pro in web design.  So, we involve you in the strategy making that brings out the best your company has to offer. It’s the perfect mix!  Prior to beginning the design process, we connect as a team and develop a strategy for your web design project.  

What we discuss:

In our team meeting, we discuss many things.  In order to effectively create a corporate website that differentiates your from your competitors, it is crucial that we understand who your competitors are (and what we’re up against)!  Following competitor analysis, we put together a plan of action with pen and paper and present it to you.  This will include a design plan as well as content strategy to achieve your website goals.

Following a team conference, we create a website blueprint that will outline all aspects of your corporate site. 

3. Design

We design the website structurally based on our understanding of your business needs and the strategy developed with your input.  The design of your website will take many things into consideration, such as your industry, your wants, your competitors, and your target market.  Of course, you get to approve the full site design and request modifications as required at any stage.

The design of your corporate website is crucial and should be taken lightly.  We consider other factors, such as anticipated web traffic, site performance, as well as many other things.  While one business site might require a certain level of creativity, another might be better off taking a more simple and practical route.  This is all discussed in depth before any site structuring implementation.

4. Develop

At this stage, our web marketing oriented front-end developers and designers do the programming and set-up your website or your web store. At this point, contents are added to your pages and products to your online store wherever necessary.  Every phase of the web development process for your business website is as crucially important as the next.  And you will be able to request any changes you may need as we continue to conclude the development of your website.

5. Test

Your website is now ready and our design team will look for any potential problems that may hinder your website from performing optimally.  Things such as speed, forms, links and social media will be checked to make sure integration is correction and everything runs smooth.

6. Launch

Your website is live!  We have different options for your website launch depending on your company budget.  Additional marketing might continue at this point in order to ensure your brand receives the attention it deserves with your new website up and running.

Corporate web design

Business Websites Starting at $1125!!!

Our company sites are built from the ground up!  We work with you to create the perfect design for your business.  If you need content, a logo, on-page SEO and more, you will be happy with what Bizmap has to offer. With your coporate package, you get:


  • Website Structuring

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Graphics, Logo, Stock Photos

  • SEO Optimized Content

  • Social Media Set Up 

Our Guarantee For Your Corporate Project:


Modern Design and Mobile Compatibility

We build responsive websites that are compatible with all mobile and desktop devices. Image optimization is also ensured to enhance loading speed.

Data Security

With our advanced security which is embedded in the build codes and host servers. The security of your personal and users’ information is guaranteed.

Easy-to-use Content Management System

The CMS that will be used for your website is one that you will be able to easily update contents and make changes to without assistant. Pretty easy to use!

SEO/ Web Marketing

Right from the development stage, your website will be built with the intent of making it rank topmost in SERP with content meta-tagging and on-page SEO

3rd Party Integration

Email Marketing System, Sales, and Analytical systems (if required) will be integrated into your website to ensure easy tracking and follow-up of the site visitors for conversion.

e-commerce Functionality

If required, a cart and complete checkout with payment processing capability will be integrated into your website

Advanced Hosting

We host your website on host servers with modern technology to ensure that there’s no downtime as well as ensure maximum security

Of course, we have different options for ALL businesses.

We’ve got the Custom Web Design package. If you’re a startup or small business, this package might be your best bet. Check here to learn more about our Custom Web Design package.

Also, we don’t really sell cheap website design but we offer affordable options from Basic, Standard to Premium packages.  Our affordable options are a great value at your budget. Check here to learn more.

Your Website Is In Good Hands

When you hire Parsippany’s Bizmap LLC, your companyt website is in good hands.  Following a full design analysis, we begin the process of building a website for your business.  With custom WordPress site design, our NJ agency will take care of everything!

Bizmap will plan site architecture, content, graphics, logo and on-page SEO. Following the initial planning of your site, we will make sure we are on the same page.  Furthermore, Bizmap will work with you through the entire process.  If you aren’t happy with the finished site, we will refund your money!

There are many phases in the process of designing a corporate site. Each site is unique and requires different things and extensive planning.  Following a full analysis and phone consultation, Bizmap submits visuals for clients to review.  We consider site architecture, navigation, graphics, overall appearance and content.  

At this point, Bizmap will strategically begin the design process for our corporate clients.  We will design and revise your site until it is perfect.  It’s important that we get it right and that you are happy.  Whatever you need, NJ’s Bizmap should be your top choice for your business’s web design.  We are known for exceptional service with every custom design experience!

What To Expect With Business Design Packages


Bizmap’s corporate packages are professional.  The are designed to meet your business needs. Our New Jersey agency is skilled and adaptive.  We have the tools and expertise to design your company site.

We Take Care Of Everything

Breathe a sigh of relief!  When you work with Bizmap, we build your site from start to finish.  You can count on us to do a great job! We are the best website designers for small business.

The great thing about this is that Bizmap will take care of everything.  You won’t have to run around to multiple vendors for your website.

Our corporate design packages include site design and architecture, custom graphics, hi-resolution images, logo design, content and website optimization.



Modern, Responsive Design

Bizmap’s design team will create a modern design for your business website.  Our professional sites dominate corporate America.  Your site will beautifully created and intelligently structured.  All work is done with your target market in mind!

Your new business website will be responsive as well.  Bizmap knows the importance of a responsive web design.  Our sites are intelligently structured to look just as good on a smartphone and tablet as on a desktop computer.  You can trust that Bizmap will create a quality product for your company.

Our New Jersey design agency is a leader in creating strong company websites. We do this all the time.  It’s what we love to do and what we are good at!  We look forward to helping you with your project.


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web design by online marketing company
web design by online marketing company

Choose Bizmap for a sleek, responsive and professional website for your brand or company.  Our talented designers will work with you until you’re completely satisfied!   Bizmap is a leader in corporate web design, so call us today!

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