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Your corporate logo will truly make an impact, and it should!  Your business branding is one of the first things your clients will see.  And it’s what they’ll remember.  Working on creating a brand identity should be a top priority!

Read more about logo design services below.  We cater to all types of businesses, brands, bands and people looking to brand (or rebrand) themselves.  We look forward to speaking to you! -Bizmap Team

Start With A FREE Design Analysis

Your corporate logo design begins with a FREE design analysis.

Here’s what you get:


    • full branding analysis
    • industry analysis
    • style recommendations
    • color psychology
    • competitor analysis


Your FREE design analysis is simple.  The end results is that you will get a ton of valuable information in regards to your logo.

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Below are the steps Bizmap LLC takes to produce a unique, custom logo.  As you may notice, designing a logo is not an easy task.  But when it is done correctly, you will see a positive response immediately.

The truth is this: your logo, no matter what company it’s representing, should grab viewers by the (eye)balls.  That’s right!  Now here’s how we do it!

We begin with a FREE design analysis to begin understanding your niche and generating ideas.

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Here, we dig a little deeper and research your industry and competitors to formulate a design.

Custom Design Logo

We begin designing your corporate logo once we understand your niche and what you want.


You get unlimited revisions until your happy with your logo. And don't worry, it doesn't take long!



Creating the right corporate logo is vital.  Read more about that hereIN FACT: Your logo may be one of the most important things you can do as a business owner.  Here’s why you need to take branding seriously.

First Impression

It only takes a few seconds to make a good impression, so why not design a stand-out logo for your business?

Positive Association

Your logo will help people remember you.   In fact, most people remember a logo just as much as a company name.

Brand Loyalty

Properly branding a business creates credibility and loyalty.


Your corporate logo will increase your brand’s trust and credibility.

Our Logo Design Services

Bizmap LLC creates beautiful, eye catching logos for businesses and brands of all types.  See some of our specialities below!

Our custom band logos are designed by top designers who will give your business a competitive edge!

Our business logos and branding packages will give your company a look that is cohesive with your brand.

Your custom logo design will be professionally created following a comprehensive FREE design analysis.

Do You Need A Logo For Your Business?

If you a need corporate logo design, choose Bizmap LLC.  We are top-rated in business, branding and design services!  Remember: your business logo design is a crucial aspect of your business! Find out more about why your logo is important here!


Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take branding as seriously as they should.  And Bizmap LLC is here to help!  As you may know, we are well known for custom business logos and branding services.  Our design services are sure to put your business on the map!

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