Cheap SEO Is A Scam

cheap seo is a scam

Cheap SEO Is A Scam


Cheap SEO is a scam.  I know that sounds super dramatic.  But I’m not B.S.’ing you.  It’s literally the 100% truth.


If you’re looking for cheap SEO services, I’m going to tell you one thing.  They literally don’t exist!  Well, actually they kind of do.  But they’re not going to help you out.  That’s for certain!


In this post I’m going to try to explain to you exactly why dirt-cheap SEO is nonexistent.  I’ll also tell you how you can afford the business SEO services you deserve to rank your company website.


The Truth About Cheap SEO Services


There are a few things I feel very strongly about.  One of them is island vacations.  The other is margaritas and sangria during the summer months when the weather is nice.  The other is that cheap SEO services are a money making scam!


The reason why I feel that this is the truth?


I have a highly regarded SEO agency and know what it takes to rank websites.  Whether you are doing local SEO or organic SEO for your business, it’s a huge process!  And the process requires two simple things:

  1. Money
  2. Time

Unless you are in the very rare situation that you have found an SEO agency that has no intention of growth, who can live on cheap SEO services, and only has your project to manage, cheap SEO just doesn’t exist.

The process of search engine optimization takes both money and time.  You need money to make the process smoother and more streamlined.  Most SEO agencies won’t do every single SEO activity and will outsource things here and there.  And because there are so many factors to ranking a website, it takes a huge amount of time.

Google Ranks Websites Based On 200 Ranking Factors


There are 200 known ranking factors that Google uses in order to decide which websites rank and which one get lost in the SERPS.  Did you hear me? 200 RANKING FACTORS!


ASK YOURSELF THIS: If Google uses 200 ranking factors to decide whether or not to display a business in search engine results (SERPS), then how in the good lord’s name is it possible to do all of these 200 things for only $100 or $200 bucks?  IT’S NOT!




If you want to know what it takes to rank a website, take a look at this comprehensive list of the ranking factors that Google takes into consideration.  These ranking factors are essentially a bunch of things that determine your business website’s authority.


PRO TIP: When hiring a web design agency, most don’t take this into consideration.  (However NJ SEO and web design agency Bizamp LLC does and you can contact them on this page here.)  Ask your agency of choice if they will SEO optimize your website to ensure you get the added benefit!


Cheap SEO Services Are Actually Possible…


There is a catch here.  If you want cheap SEO services, you can actually get them.  It is possible to find a cheap SEO service provider.  However, there’s a catch.

Some of the ways an agency can offer dirt-cheap SEO to customers:


  • They can use automated backlink tools that literally create spammy backlinks to fool Google
  • Many agencies outsource everything overseas and don’t have a good handle on what is actually going on
  • Many agencies take advantage of business owners’ ignorance regarding SEO
  • Many companies do the bare minimum
  • Some companies duplicate pages rather than manually creating new ones that are well optimized


These Methods Hurt Your Website – They Don’t Rank It!


Let’s go over the ways in which SEOs might perform services at lower costs and why you shouldn’t buy them!


Using Automated Backlink Tools


Using link building software and automated backlink tools is generally a very bad idea.  Doing so can cause a whole host of problems down the line that are a pain to deal with.


In addition, SEO automation tools generally create links that will eventually hurt your website.  As Google’s algorithm is constantly improving, such low quality links eventually get detected.


The sad result is that your site will see penalties and falls in its ranking.  And this all will happen just because you’ve chosen to hire a company based on the fact that they provide inexpensive SEO services!  What a shame!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the horrible effects of using software for SEO automation.  The bottom line is that it’s breaking Google’s terms of service and use and will eventually be detected.


Outsourcing Everything 

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t outsource your main SEO services to people you aren’t quite sure about who you may not actually have any direct contact with.  Although we love our friends in other parts of the world, outsourcing main services is a bad idea (unless you know who you’re hiring and can maintain good quality standards for service.).


Hiring local is a great way to ensure quality services.  You won’t have to deal with any barriers in language and problems not knowing things a local company might know.  In addition, you will know who has your information rather than just handing it over to a person behind a computer.


The unfortunate thing is that many companies that offer cheap search engine optimization hire overseas.  They don’t do this because the services are better.  They do it because it is cheaper and enables them to keep prices low.


There are four reasons we do not recommend this:


  1. Lower quality services if not managed properly
  2. Less security if you don’t know who you’re outsourcing to
  3. Spammy automation tools are often used and you can’t regulate it
  4. Language (and general information) can be a barrier



Some Companies Take Advantage Of Business Owners


This happens more often than not, it’s sad to say.  And I hate to see business owners get completely taken advantage of.  But it happens and quite a lot.


What happens is that the SEO agencies don’t really have anyone to be accountable to. So if they’re promising these cheap SEO services, who’s to say whether or not they’re actually doing anything.


Companies such as Bizmap LLC offer transparent pricing and access to daily, weekly and monthly reporting.  In addition, business owners contact Bizmap LLC through text, phone calls and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


PRO TIP: If you want to start out and learn more about SEO you can read this article on what is SEO or this one on how SEO is done. We know it’s going to help!


Many Cheap SEO Services Are Cheap Because They Don’t Do Anything!


Another common reason why SEO agencies offer cheap SEO services is simple. They’re able to do this because they don’t do anything other than update a blog once in a blue moon. How crazy is that?!


The reality is that there is so much work to be done there’s no way anyone can rank a high competition website on $199 a month.  That is unless you just literally don’t rank them!


Unfortunately, there are a ton of companies that operate like this. It’s a revolving door of going from one business to the next, selling their services hard but doing literally nothing.


Duplicating Pages Rather Than Properly Optimizing


One of the tasks of SEO is creating pages that are properly optimized.  This is just one of the many strategies for increasing a company’s online presence that agencies do.


However, when a company is offering such inexpensive services, they often simply duplicate pages.  This presents a problem as duplicate content and poorly optimized pages do not rank websites.  In fact, they could get penalized.


The Long Term Effects Of Cheap SEO Is Site Penalties


The long term effects of using cheap SEO services are paying the piper in penalties up the whazoo!


THINK OF IT LIKE THIS: Let’s just imagine this scenario.  You’re a company selling CBD oils and you hire someone for cheap SEO services.  They bombard your business with spammy backlinks that go right to the pages you are ranking for.  Guess what happens?  Those product pages get penalized, people can’t find them and you lose tons and tons of money!



If You Buy Cheap SEO, You’ll Pay In The Long Run!


Buying any cheap SEO money-making scam is a serious mistake.  You’re going to end up paying in the long run.  However, we do know your dilemma and we’re here to offer a solution!


Business owners such as yourself purchase “cheap SEO services” for one reason.  They aren’t really sure how to measure the results of SEO and don’t want to make an investment into something they are purchasing blindly.




The only solution to this problem is to hire an SEO company that explains what they do, shows you results and offers transparent pricing.  Read this great article on how to choose the best SEO company.  We really think it will help.


Bizmap LLC offers affordable rates for SEO services.  The return on investment will be much higher than anything you spend on SEO!



SEO Is An Investment


Once you realize that SEO is an investment and that the key is to finding the right company, you won’t be so concerned with the price.  You’re basically renting real estate from Google.  If it was easy to rank more businesses would be ranking.  But they are not.


Business’s that rank and dominate SERP’s are in a highly valued and coveted place online.  This doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.  Being realistic about that and understanding what it takes is the first step to understanding what SEO companies do and how it all works.


Good SEO Services Are Not Always Affordable


Good SEO services are not always the most affordable services.  However, most companies are open to some form of negotiation on price depending on a business’s individual needs.  Every business is different.  There is no one clear cut method for ranking businesses.  This is one of the many reasons that cheap SEO is a scam.  It is built on the idea that ranking is easy and that it can be the same way for every business. This just simply is not the case.


SEO requires a company to look at their customer’s individual needs and situations.  Each niche requires a different set of strategies.  You wouldn’t do the same thing to rank a dentist’s office that you would do to rank an e-commerce shop selling hair extensions would you?


That’s the bottom line.  SEO is extremely individualized and priced based on the activities that are done and the business.  Choosing the right company is key and quite often they are not the cheapest option.


ROI Is Very High When You Hook Up With An Awesome Agency!


When you hire the right company for SEO services, you can expect to see great results.  Here are a few of the KPI’s you should look for when an agency works with your business:


  • More phone calls
  • Increase in leads through emails and contact forms
  • Proof of more web traffic
  • People will say they found you on Google
  • SEO company will be transparent about the way they work and easy to get in touch with


The Results Are Worth The Price Tag!



The bottom line is this.  The results you get from SEO is worth the price tag.   And companies will generally price their services with consideration to your industry and how difficult it will be to rank your business.


Generally speaking, industries that make more money per transaction are more competitive.  For example, a personal injury lawyer might make 50k for one new lead or client.  The price of doing SEO for a business such as that will be much higher than for a company that has a rate of a $25 average customer spend.


Acknowledging these facts are an important part of not getting tricked into thinking there is a cookie cutter amount that can be spent on every business for SEO.  It just doesn’t work that way.


In Summary


We hope you have learned a lot that will help you in your journey to finding the right SEO company for you and your business.  In summary, finding a company that does a good job is much more important than finding the cheapest SEO company.  It’s more about finding a company with the ability to pinpoint what needs to be done in order for you to make more money online.


The reality is that if anyone tells you that you will get results for literally nothing, they are lying.  This is why cheap SEO is a scam and we hope you don’t get sucked into this trap!