Can My Website Make Money

can my website make money

How Can My Website Be A Money Making Machine?

The question “can my website make money” is asked by many business owners with new websites and good intentions to generate revenue.  However, not all websites can make money organically.  So let me try to answer your question as simply as possible.

What Causes A Website To Generate Revenue?

If you have a website there is only ONE THING that will cause it to generate revenue.  TRAFFIC!!!!

And interestingly enough, traffic is not very easy to come by.


Traffic To A Website Is From 1 Or 2 Things (Or Both!)


  1. Advertising (a direct attempt to drive people to your website which can be done through paid ads and other means)
  2. SEO – (SEO involves setting up a business website in such a way that Google and other search engines understand what the site is for and what it is about)


Today we will answer “can my website make money” by just focusing on getting traffic through SEO.  We are only focusing on SEO since it is cumulative (it get’s better the more you do it) and it is the only reliable way to get consistent, high quality traffic.


What Is SEO

If you’re wondering what is SEO, you should take a look at this page here.  It explains it very well.

The purpose of SEO is to rank a website in search engines.  (Now the only way I can explain this is by showing you some examples).

You will see in the image below, the searcher is performing the search query “paramus roofing contractors”.  This phrase is entered into the search bar and the results that appear under the ads are the local search results and the organic results.

search queryscreenshot of search query and results


With SEO, an agency, such as NJ SEO Bizmap LLC, would essentially reverse engineer the search process.  In doing so, they would consider a few things:

  • which keywords users might be using to find websites such as yours
  • how competitive the keywords are
  • what it would take to get your website on page 1 of Google for a given query
  • what the estimated monthly traffic would be in doing so


The Good News

When done correctly, this is the way YOUR website can  begin to make money!!

THINK ABOUT IT: If customers find your website by conducting searches (such as in the above example with “Paramus roofing contractors”), guess what?  You will begin to get phone calls and leads organically.


Even Better News

The more you do SEO, the more traffic and better results you will get!  This is why investing in the right business SEO services is a fundamental part of any legitimate business.  Without SEO, your website will essentially be lost on Google.


NOW I KNOW: Understanding SEO isn’t really a walk in the park.  It’s complicated, hard to explain and a little confusing too!  But, when you choose the right agency, they will have ways of explaining to you what is essentially the inexplicable.  Over time, you will see results and begin to understand a little about what is being done.



What this will tell you is this:

  • where your website is on the internet (if it’s currently ranking and getting traffic for any keywords)
  • how much traffic your getting
  • what people are searching for when they find your business
  • what keywords your competitors are ranking for
  • how difficult it would be to rank for those keywords and others


Bizmap LLC offers a FREE Video SEO Audit.

WHY THIS IS AWESOME: In your FREE video SEO analysis, you are walked through the full audit of your website through webcam and display capture.  What happens is that Bizmap explains everything to you which makes understanding the process and what needs to be done much better!


In Conclusion:

Now, we know you are wondering how you can monetize your website.

LET’S BE HONEST: It’s EVERY business owners dream for customers to just find them online and call them.  That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?

And the ONLY WAY to make money from any website is for people to visit it and know that it exists.  Finding the proper web design such as NJ Web Design is key to beginning this process correctly.    Many web designers have extensive knowledge of SEO and will set up your website properly in a way that makes it easily found on Google.

We truly hope you’ve gained knowledge from this post and that we’ve answered your question about can I be found on Google!