Can Digital Marketing Save My Business?

can digital marketing save my business

Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

Why Digital Marketing is Essential in a Competitive Economy

If you’re wondering can digital marketing save my business, you’re not the only one!  In this post, I’ll explain everything you need to know about digital marketing (and whether or not it can REALLY save your business)!

You’ve spent months, possibly years developing your business, but now, you find yourself facing slow customer acquisition and negligible company visibility. What are you doing wrong? This article will show you why digital marketing is essential for your business to grow, as well as take you through a step-by-step digital marketing checklist that will ensure your digital marketing is viable in the current competitive economy.


You Need Digital Marketing

The Rise of Online Consumers

The way that businesses used to expand their customer bases and increase their visibility to the public centered primarily around advertising. Placing ads in newspapers, on television, and plastering your company’s name across as many billboards as possible was seen as essential to get your customer’s attention. While it would be foolish to think that traditional advertising doesn’t still have utility today, the explosive shift of modern consumers to online interaction with businesses must be taken into account.

When your potential customer decides they need a product or service, often the first thing they will do is input a search into a search engine like Google. The first ten things that come up after they click that little magnifying glass are usually the only things that even get a chance at capturing their attention, and therefore, their business. If your company has not adequately managed its digital marketing, the chances are that it will not show up in the first ten pages of results, let alone the first ten! Without appropriate digital marketing to get your company into your customers’ view, you drastically limit the scope and span of customers that would otherwise be yours.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

Utilizing Actual Customer Habits


Reaching Customers Where They Are.

By increasing your company’s presence online, you can speak to customers before they even leave their home. The average amount of time spent online is a whopping 6 hours and 43 minutes every day, according to a 2020 article on  This means that the most likely place for customers to come into contact with your products and services is during the quarter of their day that they aren’t sleeping, working, or in transit.


Relatively Low Costs.

Setting up shop, maintaining an inventory, and staffing skilled employees may have left you expecting everything to cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, when it comes to creating and maintaining your company’s digital marketing, the expenses are often several times lower than the actual increase in profits to be had.


Huge Increase in Profits.

 A stable rise in profits is surely the goal for all businesses, and implementing proper digital marketing is simply the best way to achieve this. BizmapLLC of New Jersey breaks this down and explains exactly how it happens in a wonderful article here. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to achieve a higher level of success for your business.


Drawbacks of Traditional Marketing

The Rules of the Game Have Changed


The old way of building a customer base through traditional advertising methods have fallen far behind the intrinsic power and utility of digital marketing. Below is a list of just a few reasons that traditional marketing is no longer the competitive edge it once was.


Change in Media

Gone are the days of sitting around the television, watching movie marathons broken only by commercial breaks. The radio has been relegated to the insufferable waiting of traffic, and hardly anyone can remember the last time they read a newspaper. The fact is, an enormous percentage of people use exclusively online forms of media for entertainment, education, and information-gathering. Those who don’t use it exclusively are still overwhelming apt to use online media above any other medium. Don’t let your business slip into obscurity! Get your business online for the world to see!


Decreasing Effectiveness of Traditional Marketing

While it is true that many businesses still use traditional marketing, there are very few who use it primarily. People generally read their mail over the trash can, and anything that they deem “not important”, such as sale fliers and ads go straight in the bin. With the ability to simply skip past televised ads with smart tv’s, wait five seconds to skip an ad on YouTube, or just watch Netflix and avoid ads altogether, it’s no mystery that commercials are quickly becoming less and less relevant. Finally, in a social climate of diminishing person to person interaction (besides what occurs on social media sites) word of mouth customer acquisition is almost non-existent. Why waste your time, money, and energy on advertising methods that are falling by the wayside?


The Little Things Add Up

Besides the diminishing power of traditional advertising, there are also a slew of costs associated with it. You pay for paper, ink, writers, cameras, editing, ad space, actors, and licensing rights. Not to mention the growing cultural backlash against what is perceived as a waste of paper and the creation of garbage associated with printed ads. All in all, it may be the case that traditional marketing will soon cost a company more than it could ever produce in revenue.


The World Is Online

Get Your Business Out There


As we’ve seen, the old world of traditional marketing is passing before the emergence of the digital age. More and more people are taking to the internet every year, their business with them. If you want your business to have a chance at competing, you must realize that the shift from traditional to digital marketing is not simply a shift in how you advertise, it is a shift in the way that people engage the marketplace, as well as a relocation of the primary marketplace itself. Nowadays, a business that doesn’t have a website isn’t even taken seriously if, by some miracle, a customer even hears of it at all.


Without Digital Marketing, Your Business Can’t Grow

The Simple Truth


There is no way to overemphasize how important it is for a business to employ a digital marketing strategy. I won’t sugar-coat it; If your business doesn’t have digital marketing, it won’t succeed. There’s no way around it. All market trends across the board are favoring online business models, and have been doing so for years now. The internet is such a powerful and well-established tool for the modern consumer, that to ignore it is to alienate yourself from the vast majority of customers. Your business deserves to have a fair shot at competing, and for that, digital marketing is an absolute must.

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing digital marketing services, such as BizmapLLC, that can help to get your business at the front of the pack with the rest of your competition. They’ll take you through a series of steps that are proven to increase your company’s visibility, profit, and potential customer base.


Your 5-Step Digital Marketing Plan

Transition into Success with Ease


Get a Website

A website is the basic component of a digital presence for your company. It may seem daunting to create a website, especially if computers are basically alien witchcraft to you, but relax! There are plenty of tech wizards available to help you, such as web design NJ agency, BizmapLLC. Their article ‘How to Get a Business Online in 3 Steps’ can guide you through the initial process in simple, easy to follow terms.


Set Up Google My Business

No one can deny that Google is the beating heart of the internet, offering users an almost unthinkable number of results for almost any search in split seconds. On top of that, Google has developed a smorgasbord of apps that are used everyday by basically everyone, for basically everything. It may not be totally surprising, then, that they have a system to help out business owners like you as well.

Google My Business is a service that Google offers to help businesses rank higher in search results, as well as providing customers with easy to get info on your business.  Some of the information GMB provides include hours, location, services, and reviews from other customers.

If you don’t want to set up a GMB listing yourself, you can hire someone for Google My Business setup services.  In addition we recommend you do a little research on the subject.  Google My Business is a really important part of local SEO you need not avoid.  Additionally, you can check out this article on Google My Business.


Optimize Your Google My Business

Getting on ‘Google My Business’ isn’t enough, though. To really reap the benefits of GMB, your account must be fine-tuned to operate with Google’s difficult to follow and sneaky search algorithms. It’s at this point that most business owners throw up their hands and give up digital marketing, but this is exactly where all of the increasing profits kicks off!

You don’t need to get a programming degree or learn binary to get the most out of your digital marketing. Just hire someone who knows what they’re doing, and has a long track record of successfully conquering the Google Search Algorithm. Let the experts handle the geeky stuff while you prepare for the flood of calls that are about to head your way.


Optimize your Website

Next, it’s time to turn to your website itself. You need a shiny, eye-catching site that meets your customers needs, true, but an often-overlooked aspect of a successful site is how it looks to search engines. You see, people and computers see things very differently. It may be obvious to you that your site is amazing, but if it doesn’t match up with what Google thinks people are searching for, it’ll end up being the 134,882,972nd result in your customer’s search. Tragic, right?

No need to worry about it, though. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an amazing service that makes your website look like the Holy Grail to Google, by essentially “hacking” its own search criteria for your advantage! On-Page SEO, as it’s called, streamlines your site for Google to drool over. This service is just one of many offered by many reputable SEO agencies.  You can read this article to learn how to choose the best SEO company, too!


Off-Page SEO and Traffic Boosting

In the physical world, traffic is a prime evil. Online, it’s a blessing. The more people that see your website, the higher the chance is that they will become your customer. Whereas On-Page SEO calibrated your site for Search Engine Optimization, Off-Page SEO is basically everything else that can be done to increase your website’s visibility that isn’t on your website itself. This includes a whole host of sneaky ninja tricks that take place all around your website and in the online niche you compete in. Surprise, surprise, BizmapLLC offers Off-Page SEO as a part of their SEO package, which you can get a quote for here.


Digital Marketing Can Save Your Business

And Make It Better Than Ever Before!

To sum it up, digital marketing is the best thing you could possibly do for your business. By increasing your pool of potential customers, making your business look and operate better, and utilizing the same tools that your customers do, you can gain a competitive edge no matter what niche of business you run. Give yourself all the help you can get, and start to make more money today!

We hope you have learned  a lot from this post and would love to hear from you if you have questions.  You should now have the answer to can digital marketing save my business and you should be running to the phone to get a quote!