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A Band Logo Should Be Edgy And Unique!!!  money-mouth  cool

Your band logo is a crucial aspect of your branding strategy!  Unfortunately, many bands don’t take creatively branding of their logo design as seriously as they should.  However, Bizmap LLC is popular in the world of custom band logos and branding design services to get your music group noticed.  Our design services will help you leave your mark even before anyone hears your music!

Find out more about our branding options for your group below.

The Logo For Your Group is Vital To Your Band’s Success

What’s in a band logo?  Actually, let me rephrase that.  What’s in ANY type of logo design, whether it be for a band, artist, company or brand?  The fact is this- many people aren’t aware of the impact of a logo’s design.  However, your choice in the design of your logo is the first thing consumers will notice and associate with you and your music group.  So you better make sure it leaves the right impression and attracts people!

First Impression

It only takes 3 seconds to make a first impression.  Since this fact has been proven time and time again, why not design a unique, custom logo to make your group stand out?

Your logo will help people remember you, your band and other group members.   In fact, most people remember a logo’s design more than the company name itself!  

Appropriate Branding

Logos enable people to associate a business’s branding with their product or an industry.  Think about a company and picture it in your mind.  What do you see?  Probably, it’s logo.  

Appropriately branding your band is vital for this reason.  You want people to be able to see you in their mind’s eye.  That’s what a logo can do for your band’s success!

Now how is this helpful?  Below we will go over all of Bizmap LLC’s logo design services.  We know you’ll be happy with our work and look forward to working with you and your brand!

Choose A Level For Your Logo Design Artist:



Talented newbies who are still building their design portfolio


Get more bang for your buck when you hire a newbie designer to do your corporate or branding project!  Prices start at $105.

FYI- Our “up-and-coming designers” are eventually transitioned to “seasoned design pro” level status.  So don’t feel you’re compromising quality for a better price.  Bizmap only hires talented designers to assist in branding projects!

Now that’s a steal!

Seasoned Pro

Talented designers with impressive resumes and credentials


Seasoned design pros have impressive corporate resumes and have done hundreds of logos for businesses, bands, artists and brands.  Pricing starts at $405 but it’s well worth the cost!

You can expect only the best when you hire Bizmap for logo design!

Branding To Grab Them By The (Eye)Balls!  surprised surprised surprised

What Type Of Logo Do You Want?

Business Logo

Professional company logo design

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Bizmap provides corporate branding packages to our business clients.  We begin with a FREE design analysis and move forward to create the perfect company logo.

Our branding packages include all files for print, web and social media.  Business cards, stationary and flyers are included with branding service purchases on request.


Logo Re-Design

Re-design of an existing logo

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As you see, creating a logo is not an easy task.  But Bizmap’s design team has the skill and experience to do it with success!

For a free design analysis, including an evaluation of your current logo and brand identity, call us today!  We are eager to help you with your corporate logo re-design!


Company Logo

Professional business logo design

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Bizmap can create a logo best suited for your business and professional needs.  If you need a logo quickly, we can do that as well.  Just let us know when you purchase your logo service.

Even for logos with a strict deadline, we will take the time to thoroughly assess your company and brand’s values.  We will research your industry, target market and many other things to ensure your logo is a success.  

Bizmap’s corporate logos are modern, professional and distinctive.  We study your business from top to bottom to come up with the smartest design.  Our logos are effective ways of communicating your brand’s values to the world. 

We look forward to helping you create your company logo!

Band Logo

Edgy and unique designs for your band

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If you’re looking for band logos, you have come to the right place!  Begin with our FREE design assessment, and let’s get your logo project started!

Artist Logo

Creative designs to showcase your style

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For your complimentary design analysis, visit this link here.  Bizmap will conduct a full, FREE branding analysis for your corporate logo project.

Custom Designs

Custom logo designs for your brand

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Creating the right corporate logo is a job that is not to be taken lightly. Choosing a logo may be one of the most important things you can do as a business owner trying to establish a brand identity.  By implementing the right pre-design strategies into your design process, you are sure to find success.  By considering important factors, you will have a logo that represents your brand and is appealing to your customer base.

There are numerous factors which play into whether or not your personal or company logo is a success or not.  Typography, the shapes used in a design, and color all play an important role.  Colors such as blue and navy may be more associated with corporate logo design and professional establishments, while a personal logo of a lighter nature may be designed using brighter shades and more creative images.

Examples of such branding technique can be seen in businesses all over.  The importance of creating a brand identity is very apparent. Walk down the street in a town and you will see examples of  different logo designs on streets and buildings. 

Bright colors such as pink or fluorescents might be great for some companies but not appropriate for another corporate logo concept. But these are matters which Bizmap’s design team can easily assess and discuss with you.

Yes, The logo for your band should be appealing, Edgy & unique!  But Wait! – There’s More!!!!  surprised  money-mouth

A logo, no matter what it’s for, is like a shop’s window.  Through it, your customer should gain insight into what you stand for as a business.

Here’s the thing though. We don’t just jump on our Macbooks and start designing your logo.  No way!  The way we start is by listening to our clients and THEN we put pen to paper. Before embarking on ANY logo project, we need to fully understand your brand’s voice.  From here, we can then transform your unique vision into an edgy design that correctly symbolizes your brand.

If you need a kick-butt logo for your band, Bizmap LLC should be your first choice!

Get A Custom Logo Design

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 Get an eye-catching logo that

resonates with your brand’s identity!

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What You Get:

When you order a band logo with Bizmap LLC, you get more than just a beautiful logo to correctly illustrate your group.  To start, begin with a FREE Design Analysis. Just click the button below!

All packages include:

  • FREE Design Analysis

  • Completed Logo For Your Group

  • Branding Development

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • All Files Included

What You Will Get From The FREE Design Analysis

We will find the unique tone in your story and harmonize it with your customer’s voice through:


Complete analysis of your branding strategy

Analysis of target audience

Competitors research

Colour psychology, style and font

Consideration of design trends

A well designed mock logo

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