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Your band logo is a crucial aspect of your branding strategy!  Unfortunately, many bands don’t take creatively branding of their logo design as seriously as they should.

However, Bizmap LLC is popular in the world of custom band logos and branding design services to get your music group noticed.  Our design services will help you leave your mark even before anyone hears your music!

Find out more about our branding options for your group and let us begin creating a brand identity for your band!

Logo Design Services Include

Our custom band logos are designed by top designers who will give your business a competitive edge!

Our branding packages begin with a branding analysis. We give your band a look that is cohesive with your brand identity.

Your custom logo design will be professionally created following a comprehensive FREE design analysis.


A Logo Should Make Your Band Stand Out!

What’s in a band logo?  Actually, let me rephrase that.  What’s in ANY type of logo design, whether it be for a band, artist, company or your brand?  The fact is this- many people aren’t aware of the impact of a logo’s design.  Today you will learn why logo is important and much more!


Your choice in the design of your logo is the first thing consumers will notice and associate with you and your music group.  So you better make sure it leaves the right impression and attracts people!


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Below are all of the steps that Bizmap LLC takes to produce a unique and edgy logo for your music group.  As I’m sure you can tell, logo design is not an easy undertaking when done correctly.  However, you will absolutely love the results when we present our design to you!

THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH: your band logo, no matter what music group it represents, should immediately grab viewers by the (eye)balls.  Yes, you read that correctly!

Check out our steps below to see how we do it!

We begin with a FREE design analysis to begin understanding your niche and generating ideas.

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Here, we dig a little deeper and research your industry and competitors to formulate a design.

Custom Design Logo

We begin designing your corporate logo once we understand your niche and what you want.


You get unlimited revisions until your happy with your logo. And don't worry, it doesn't take long!



Creating the right logo is a vital part of your business or band’s longterm success.  You can learn more here.

IN FACT: Your band logo design is one of the most important things you can do as a professional musician or performing artist.  Here’s why you must take branding your group very seriously.

First Impression

It only takes 3 seconds to make a first impression.  Since this fact has been proven time and time again, why not design a unique, custom logo to make your group stand out?

Positive Association

Your logo will help people remember you, your band and other group members. In fact, most people remember a logo’s design more than the company name itself!  

Brand Loyalty

Logos enable people to associate a business’s branding with their product or an industry.  A logo establishes brand loyalty and credibility.  That’s why you need one!


Appropriately branding your band is vital for trust.  You want people to take you seriously.  That’s what a logo can do for your band!

Are You Ready To Let Bizmap Design Your Group's Logo?