graphic design and branding

NJ Custom Logo Design and Branding Services

  • design pre-assessment including a complete visual and branding analysis
  • development of unique and successful brand concept
  • professional corporate logo design
  • complete customization of logo by top designers
  • professional company logo or personal logo designs
  • smart design intended to drive business
  • samples and revisions as requested
  • all files included

Creating the Right Company Logo

Creating a company logo is a job that is not to be taken lightly! Choosing a logo for your business is probably one of the most important things you can do as a business owner.  By implementing the right pre-design strategies into your logo design process, you are sure to find success.  You will correctly design a logo that represents your brand as well as appealing to your customers.

There are numerous factors which play into whether or not your company logo is a success or not.  Typography, the shapes used in a design, and color all play an important role.  Colors such as blue and navy may be more associated with corporate and professional establishments, while your company logo may be designed using brighter shades such as yellow or orange if you are looking to attract the masses and are providing a more generic service.

Bizmap’s designers go through a long process to create a logo best suited for your business.  If you need a logo quickly- we can of course do that as well.  But we prefer to take the time to thoroughly assess your business and your market so we can create a branding strategy that will attract your clients rather than drive them to your competitors.