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Bizmap is a New Jersey based web marketing agency. We specialize in providing comprehensive “full stack”  marketing solutions to businesses all over the world.  We at Bizmap stay well-informed in the digital world so that our clients don’t have to!  We provide clients with ongoing service in four key areas: Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Branding, SEO, and Online Reputation Management.  We pride ourselves on expertly handling all the intricacies and complexities of digital marketing so that our clients can “get back to business”…their business!

Bizmap LLC is New Jersey's Top Web Marketing Agency!


Bizmap will do a comprehensive analysis of your business to design and develop a strategy that gets you results.  Claim your Free Business Analysis to start the process!
Boost Ranking

Bizmap can get your business ranked quickly so you can get more leads.  We do keyword research and implement a variety of SEO tactics that get you results.

improve your Look

Bizmap will implement a plan of action to get your business on the map. The bottom line is that Bizmap will help you make more money.  How does that sound?

Manage Reputation

Bizmap helps businesses develop and manage their online reputation. We analyze, establish, protect, and restore your brand’s online image.


Bizmap will implement a plan of action to your online marketing strategy to drive your business and increase revenue

Improved Ranking

When Bizmap corrects SEO issues, your ranking will improve.  The result will be that you will get more leads and make more sales.

Enhanced image

With your new look, your business will get noticed.  Our talented designers will create a custom logo for your business.  We will strategically improve your brand identity and website too!

restored reputation

With a properly developed online image, you will attract new clients.  You will not need to worry about negative reviews.  No one will notice them!


Bizmap will analyze your business and your online presence to create a plan and get you results.


Bizmap will improve your ranking to get you more leads and make you money.  We use a variety of SEO strategies to get you results.


Bizmap helps businesses develop a unique brand identity.  From logo and web design to rebranding a business, we do it all!

Crisis Control

We correct any issues that are damaging your online reputation quickly and efficiently using a variety of methods that get results.

Liz Roncevic

Founder and CEO, Bizmap LLC
Liz Roncevic, Founder and CEO

Liz Roncevic founded Bizmap, a web marketing agency located in Northern New Jersey, in 2016.  While working a full time job in a department store, Liz began offering digital and web marketing services to several small business clients.  Because she always knew she was meant to be a business owner, Liz built upon her digital marketing work and education and realized she was onto something.

With the business growing very quickly, Liz was inspired to create a “full stack” web marketing agency.  Beginning with just a few services and limited experience, Bizmap has grown into a solution based agency that helps “put your business on the map” in a variety of ways.  In August 2017 she was able to leave her full time job, and the rest is history.

Liz founded Bizmap as a web marketing service provider that comprehensively meets small business clients’ needs.  Currently, Liz has over two dozen regular clients in the United States and Europe (in addition to the short term jobs she completes regularly).  She draws upon her background in sales, customer service, small business administration, graphic design and writing for publication.  

Liz holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  She has also obtained several certifications in graphic design and entrepreneurship.  Liz resides in Northern New Jersey with her partner Brian and her cat Chloe.